This is a Special Book containing Leanna, Estela, Zoe and Emery’s Winter Holiday.



Halloween Special ●

Leanna’s Winter Holiday: The Orchestrated Dance ●

Leanna’s Winter Holiday: A Steamy Night in his Car ●

Leanna’s Winter Holiday: Hide and Seek ●

Estela’s Winter Holiday: Christmas Vacation with the Kids,

but where’s Hubby? ●

Estela’s Winter Holiday: Christmas Punishment ●

Estela’s Winter Holiday: Misbehaving with the Kids ●

Zoe’s Winter Holiday: The Art of Love Making ●

Zoe’s Winter Holiday: The Art of doing Bad ●

Zoe’s Winter Holiday: The Art of Being Good at Doing Bad ●

Emery’s Winter Holiday:  Winter Garden ●

Emery’s Winter Holiday:  Hot Spring Event ●

Emery’s Winter Holiday: A Night in a Ryokan ●



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