“It hurts to be rejected, but what hurts more is when you get rejected so many times, yet you are still hoping to be accepted.”


I have everything. Face. Wealth. Status. Power.

I’m every man’s dream and every woman’s envy.

But why cannot I give up on a boy who is not even interested in me?

He’s cold. He’s mean. He’s arrogant. He’s younger. He’s devilishly, deliciously, handsome.

And he rejected me so many times that I already lost count.

“You are the only thing my dreams are made off. Like hell I’ll give up on you!”

1 review for Emery

  1. Rachel Qiu

    I have one question, which is:
    Is the books a physical book or pdf book?

    • miusnovels

      It’s in pdf. Ebook. 😊

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