My story



Hello Everyone,

I’m Miu, and yes,  this is a pen name.

I’m supposed to tell you something about myself, but instead, I’ll tell a story.


Miu is the very first female character that I love who I consider as the most beautiful woman ever! 😆(besides my mom)

Unfortunately, only recently that I found out that I misspelled her name. 😰

Fortunately, they are pronounce the same. I don’t want to change my pen name that I have been using for as long as I can remember.

Another story is the bunny rabbit that I often use as a logo and a picture profile. It started because another female character that I like happen to have white skin, red eyes, and long ears, and yes, she represents the year of the rabbit. 🐰

And lastly, my dear readers, you all probably notice that I have special attachments to number 4 and 7. 

Number 4 for the reason the female character that represents the year of the rabbit also represents the number 4. And most often, I use number 14 because the main guy, who represents the year of the mouse, represents the number 1. 💕 Ehehehehe. Get it now?

As for number 7… well… the very first female character that I hated happened to represents the number 7…

Only to find out that she doesn’t represent number 7 but 8 instead! 😭



I felt betrayed for I treated number 8 like number 4 since 4+4=8

AND I really feel guilty for disliking the innocent number 7 for more than twenty years!  No amount of time can compensate for my ignorance!😤

Thus, the story behind number 7.

So there you have it! I hope the story gives you an idea about me!

Thank you all for the love and support! 


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