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Chapter 81


In Burberry amusement park, loud music, waves of laughter and screams boomed all around. Everyone was enjoying the rides and kicking up their feet to line at the attractions. They giggled and chomped corndogs and burgers down their throat while waiting in line.


At the top of the Ferris wheel, the music, roars, and excitement dimmed. Inside, Daniel and Sisley were awfully quiet like there was a death procession. They were supposed to celebrate late Christmas, but it seemed that they were mourning the dead.


Daniel was quiet throughout the date, and if ever he spoke, the words that came out from his mouth were counted in one hand. While Sisley was the star of the day, always had something to talk about, keeping the mood lively.


But as their date neared its end on a ride in a Ferris wheel at sunset, Sisley ran out of topic to say. And until the ride to her home they were quiet.


There was something different about Daniel. He was preoccupied with something for the rest of the day, and a smile rarely grazed his lips. This made Sisley on edge.


Is something wrong? Sisley finally asked when Daniel escorted her in front of the door of her house.


Daniel looked at her, and what left of her smile gradually disappeared. But the next words he said drained her blood from her face.


Lets break up.”


His words came out in soft whispers, but it landed on her gut like scalpels, tearing her insides. Her lips kicked up a smile that only appeared force.




She was trying to understand what was happening, but she couldnt. Her brain had stopped working.


Daniels eyes were clear as the blue sky as she remembered. Only, it was cold, and his face was grave as his voice.


Sisley . . . I-Im sorry. I shouldnt have . . . I shouldnt have courted you from the start . . . I . . .” Daniel paused. The tears spilling on Sisleys cheeks made him want to vomit.


He swallowed the bitter lump in his throat as he could only say, Im sorry.”


He then turned, shoulder slumped like there was something heavy on his back.


Before Sisley know what she was doing, she blocked Daniels path. It was the perfect distance for a kiss, but Daniel refused to look at her.


W-why? Sisley choked. This couldnt be right. They loved each other. How could it just disappear?


You and I . . . its never going to work.”


Daniel then left. He didnt dare look back, couldnt look at the pain he was causing her.


Tears blurred Sisleys vision, rapidly streaming down her face. Please . . . ,” she whimpered, but Daniel already climbed into his car. And when she thought that he was going to come back, he left, leaving her alone.


She collapsed on her knees as the pain tore her limb by limb.


Dont go . . . ,” she sobbed, and her body collapsed on the ground.

In Daniels Mansion, Lilybella was counting the stars on the balcony, waiting for Daniel to return.


The whole day, she was preparing to dress herself according to Evangelines instructions. She spent painstaking long hours putting make-up, eyeliner, and false lashes just to look good. She specifically wore a dress that showed her knees and shoulders to surprise Daniel.


She was on her toes, just imagining Daniels reaction. One look or just his words affected her mood.


She wondered if that is love?


She giggled.


She jumped on her feet when she saw Daniels car approaching the front door. She fixed herself and went downstairs just in time Daniel entered the house.


The smile on her face almost ripped her lips apart as she blocked Daniels path.


Your Highness! Welcome home!


The smile on Lilybellas face lessened when Daniel ignored her. Not even sparing her a glance as he circled his way into his room.


But Lilybellas enthusiasm only flared as she followed Daniel around.


Your Highness! Your Highness! What do you want to eat? Lilybella will cook it for you!


Your Highness! Your Highness! How about seafood? Or pasta?


Daniel was reached for his bedroom door when Lilybella blocked his way again.


Your Highness! Your Highness! Have you notice anything with Lilybella?


Lilybella smiled her brightest, showcasing her crook canines as she twirled in front of Daniel, holding the edge of her dress.


Your Highness! Your High––


Lilybellas words fell short when Daniel caught her jaw with one hand, squeezing it tight.


No I dont! Daniel snapped. I dont notice anything. Youre still that annoying, irritating girl I know. And whatever you do, youll forever be that girl! So get out of my sight before I kick you out of my house!


Daniel pushed Lilybella away, not a care that she fell on her butt. He then entered his room, slamming the door shut.


. . .


. . .


Lilybella blinked and put a finger on her chin. Maybe he didnt like the eyeliners?

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