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Chapter 80


Sateles house

It was a weekend, so Satele was doing house chores, and Seth was out to his part-time job while their mother was in the hospital for her weekly check-up.


It was supposed to be a relaxing day for Satele of just doing house tasks, but the sudden appearance of Asher ruined it all. Apparently, the man had so much free time to criticized her house.


What a poor choice of color. That sofa is so old than my grandfathers clock. That lamp looks hideous. That vase is out of place, Asher rant on and on, pointing all over the place.


Irritation welled in Sateles heart, and if Asher didnt shut up soon, he would find the end of the broom on his face.


She took a mouthful of air and slowly breathed it out of her mouth. She wouldnt give him the satisfaction of seeing her annoyed, which somehow that was all he came to do.




Sateles attention flicked at Asher when his cries echoed in the house.


Asher rubbed the space between his brows and glared at Satele.


Look what your stupid hanging lamp did to me. This damn thing is too low, and Im surprised you dont bump your head on this ugly thing all around.”


Satele rolled her eyes and resumed wiping the table. We short people dont have that privilege.”


Satele jolted when out of the blue, large palms hit the table, trapping her with no else to go. She faced Asher and raised an eyebrow. What do you think youre doing?


I want you to kiss the pain away.”


“. . .” Satele would laugh if not for the seriousness on Ashers face.


Are you serious?


Do I look like Im kidding?


Youre not really hurt and youre asking me to kiss away the pain. Are you five?


Are you going to blow it away or not? Asher said the irritation in his voice reflected on his face.


No,” Satele said, and why should I?


Ashers expression crumpled. Woman, are you really going in that direction? He grinned and teased, I know you want to. Dont pretend that you dont. I know you like me.”


Satele held herself for shoving the wiping cloth into Ashers mouth.


Yes, Im attracted to you like probably all the women out there,” she confessed and added, But its just a silly attraction and nothing more.”


The grin on Ashers face widened. Then prove it. As you said, its just a silly attraction, so a kiss on the forehead isnt a big deal. Right?


Satele bit her bottom lip. God, this man is so annoying.




Satele rolled the words on the tip of her tongue and tiptoed to reach Ashers head. She closed her eyes tight and stood on the edge of her toes. Her face flushed warm, and her hair rose on end. Her stomach fluttered, but it wasnt unpleasant. If she opened her mouth now, her words would only fumble. This was the effect on her by this man, who she claimed she just had a silly attraction.


Straining her neck, Satele leaned closer. But no matter how she stretched her body, she could barely reach Ashers head, much less his forehead.


Satele opened her eyes and shot Asher the most murderous glare she could muster.


Youre enjoying this, arent you?


Asher repressed his grin with no such luck. Not as much as when Im teasing you.”


Get off! Satele snapped and pushed Asher away.


But Asher remained on his spot. Sturdy as a rock. He merely caught Sateles hand, and the grin fell right off his face.


Something is missing on your finger.”


Satele snatched her hand back and answered in a snapping tone, None of your business!


It is my business because I gave it to you.”


Exactly! Youve already given it to me. So what I do with it doesnt concern you anymore!


Why cant you just answer me? Wheres the ring?


Satele huffed a breath of irritation. Its in my room. I dont wear it because, as you can see, Im cleaning.”


Asher sneered. You have so many excuses. Why dont you just say that you dont want to wear the ring?


Satele looked at Asher for a moment and sighed. Youre impossible.”


She then scooted away from him and resumed cleaning, but Asher held her hand.


Im still talking to you.”


Theres nothing to talk about. Youre being unreasonable. And can you please get out? Youre interfering with my work.”


I wont leave until you wear that god damn ring, and Ill stay as long as I want.”


Are you a child? Satele whisked her hand away and faced Asher with a serious face. I am busy. I have to clean the whole house. Do the laundry and study well in school while juggling with my part-time jobs. I dont have the time to take care of you and your silly games. So could you just please pester someone else?


Satele was about to leave, but Asher held her hand again, and this time, he pulled her in his embrace.


And thats the thing. You talk too much, but your problem is simple. Come live with me and youll live like a Queen.”


. . .


. . .


Ashers hand on Sateles back tightened, bringing her closer to him as his head rested on top of her head. He didnt know why she was so stubborn. All she had to do was ask. Rely on him, and her worries would disappear.


For how long?


Sateles question pierced the silence and covered Asher in confusion. His hold on her loosened as he captured her eyes. The lack of emotion on her face unnerve him.


What do you mean? he asked.


Satele sighed, and met his eyes. Lets not play games. Theres no love between us. Only a like and for how long will that like last? A month? Two months? Three months at most?


She laughed with no humor and pushed Asher away. Im sorry, but I dont have the time to invest in an emotion that I know wouldnt last forever.”


. . .


. . .


Asher couldnt react to that nor opened his mouth to say anything. His brain even blanked out for a moment. Deny, as he might nor whatever reason he had, he knew she was right. For how long? He couldnt answer. Maybe as long as his family wouldnt find out and force him into marriage just like his older brother.


Who cares? Asher barked instead and followed Satele all around.


As long as Im enjoying and your enjoying. Who cares how long? You can even beg me, and all your problems would dissolve. Please me, and youll get an extra reward.”


Satele looked at Asher with dead eyes and said with a dead voice, Im not your whore, nor I am your mistress.”


Asher grinned and cupped Sateles cheek. No. youre my woman until I say you are.”

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