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Chapter 78


On a Saturday morning, in sparkle entertainment, lines of new models were shooting for Sparkle magazine to promote the new faces of the company. Among them, Evangeline was sitting on the couch with Eric standing behind her, reminding her of what to do.


Remember, just do what the photographer said. Just act natural, and youll be fine.”


Evangeline chuckled. Relax, Eric. Theres nothing to be nervous about. Who do you think youre speaking to?


She then shot Eric a wink accompanied by a smile. I got this.”


Eric huffed a helpless smile. Of course, he was nervous for her. Though Evangeline was pretty and a model figure, she was clueless and a newbie. She didnt have any background about photography, poses nor angles that all the models here possessed. Her major was business, and she was barely passing.


Eric was about to encourage her, but the silence caught his attention. His eyes draw to where everyone was staring, and the veins on his forehead throbbed.


What she doing here? Evangeline sneered.


Not far from where they were, Angel Lin arrived, and what followed the silence of her arrival were loud voices of welcoming greetings.


Apparently, Mr. Richardson requested Angel on the magazine since shes also new. In a sense, shes still new to the industry except that she already has millions of fans behind her back. I guess thats the reason why the higher-ups agreed to increase the magazines sales.”


It was Rise, the stylist, who answered as she approached Evangeline and Eric.


The two looked over at Rise as the latter introduced herself.


Hi, my name is Rise, and Ill be your stylist for today, Miss Heart.”


Rise bowed slightly. Eyes never left Eric, which made Evangelines eyebrows twitched.


Evangeline shot Eric a look while the latters palm sweat.


Every model has a stylist. Rise was assigned to you to help you with your outfit and make-up,” he said.


Evangeline smiled, and Eric sensed the approaching trouble.


I dont think its necessary. I can completely do my make-up, and I know what outfit compliment me best,” Evangeline said and shot a dismissive smile on Rises way. There was no way she would let some stranger decide her fate on her first day.


But contrary to expectations, Rise just dismissed Evangelines protest with a carefree smile. Dont worry Miss Heart, Ill make sure that youll shine from the rest after Im done with you.”


Evangeline stifled a laugh. Are you deaf? Or are you impaired in the he––


Eve,” Eric interjected and held Evangelines hand before he shot Rise a look, can we talk for a moment?


Eric didnt wait for Rises reply nor for Evangelines protest as he pulled the latter away to somewhere they could talk in private.


Eve,” Eric started when he was sure nobody would hear them, can you give Rise a chance?


Evangeline looked over at Eric with her piercing eyes. Why? she asked and crossed her arms. Its seems that you have a history with that girl.”


I wouldnt exactly call it a history. Rise was the one who was responsible for my looks in Reishas shooting, remember? And I think that she has the talent for it.”


So youre saying that shes more talented than I am?


Evangelines hand shot to her tilted hips, and her narrowed eyes challenged Erics. May I remind you that I have been blessed with godly insights about these things. I know what looks best for me. The proof is the billion-dollar company behind my back.”


Eric knew her role in FROZEN. He saw her several times altering FROZENs list of clothes.


Eric smiled and poked Evangelines nose. Its not that Im doubting your capabilities. All Im asking is you give her a chance.”


Evangeline evaded Erics hand that was about to pat her head and pressed her lips in defiance.


Eric held back a smile. If he smiled now, he knew she would be even angrier.  But she was so cute even angry that he couldnt help it.


Alright, how about this? If you dont like what you see, then well go with yours,” Eric wager.


Still, Evangeline didnt respond, refusing to look at Eric as her eyes stayed glued on the ground.


There was something adorable about her angry face that Eric couldnt help but stole a quick peck on her lips.


That got Evangelines attention.


Please . . . ?


Eric pleaded, and Evangelines defiance crumbled. She dragged her eyes on the ceiling and conceded, Fi~ne.”


Then they went back to Rise while everyone was busy preparing for the shoot, not sparing them a glance.


Ill leave her in your capable hands,” Eric said, and Rise smiled her brightest.


Leave it to me! Rise exclaimed and looked at Evangeline. Miss Heart, this way, please.”


Rise led Evangeline to a rack of clothes on the side while Eric followed behind in silence.


Miss Heart, as you probably know, the theme for the shoot is four seasons. So Ive prepared different sets of clothes for you to match the seasons,” Rise explained as Evangeline inspected the clothes with a frown on her face.


And the cover for the magazine, youll be shot in groups,” Rise continued in great enthusiasm, these are the gowns I solely pick to match your physique and––


Miss Rise,” Evangeline interrupted, and faced the red-haired, freckled girl, these are all in dark and bold colors. As you know, pastel and light colors suit me best.”


Regarding that Miss Heart, the––


Hello, Evangeline, Rise.”


Evangeline and Rise looked over and saw Angel approaching in their direction with her assistance in tow. Angel stopped just meters away from them before her eyes went to Eric. Its been a while.”


Eric just nodded, and Rise greeted in return while Evangeline didnt hide her contempt.


If you dont want another slap on your face, I suggest you maintain your distance, miss Lin.”


. . .


. . .


*snicker . . .


All eyes went to Rise, and the latter cleared her throat, pretending that she didnt just laugh.


Angel just smiled. I heard that wed be in the same magazine, so Im here to offer my help. If you need anything, dont hesitate to call me.


Then her eyes flicked on the line of clothes for Evangeline.


Is this what youre going to wear? she asked.


No,” Evangeline said and met Angels gaze. Im still weighing my options. After all, in this line of work, clothes are a serious matter. I have to be very picky.”


Angels lips stretched even more as she said, tone soft and pleasing, Of course. I know that youre very good with your eyes. But the essence of being a model is to handle any kind of clothing. The clothes arent supposed to fit a particular model. Its the way you represent the clothes thats what makes you a model. No matter how beautiful you are, a model is just an accessory for the product.”


Besides Evangeline and Eric, everyone who heard what Angel said nodded their head while Eric peaked at Evangeline, who had a sarcastic smile on her face.


I agree with you completely, Miss Lin,” Evangeline said, A model should represent the product. But I think you have forgotten that today, the shoot is all about the models. We are the products and not the clothes. So I think that I have the right to be picky, dont you think so too?


. . .


. . .


Rises eyes shot up while her brows met in one line, thinking as she nodded. Theres logic to that.


Eric repressed a grin while Angels smile fell off her face.


Of course,” Angel said and cleared her throat. Im just giving you a piece of friendly advice since youre new. But I guess its not necessary as long as you know.”


And her smile was back, more blinding than before. If youll excuse me, I have to greet the photographer.”


Evangeline smirked as she watched Angel left with her entourage before she faced Rise once more.


Now, where were we before we were rudely interrupted? Ah, yes, the color of the clothes. Like I said, Miss Rise, light and pastel colors suit me best.”


Rise blinked and cleared her throat again. Everything was happening too fast. One minute they were discussing clothes, and the next Evangeline and Angel were arguing, and now they were back discussing clothes again. Thats drama for you.


Regarding that Miss Heart, the backgrounds for todays shoot are all light in colors. So I strongly suggest that we avoid any pastel nor light-colored clothes. Least, you wanted to become one with the background.”


“. . .” Evangeline couldnt react for a moment before her hand waved dismissively. I know that.”


She then looked at Eric. Im tired and thirsty. Is this photoshoot going to take too long? she wined. It was not even thirty minutes, but she was already bored as hell. She wanted to go home and have some fun with Eric or have a date with him instead.


Lets go to your dressing room, then,” Eric said. Well have Rise style you while I get your refreshments. Hows that?


Evangeline raised an eyebrow at Rise before she turned her back and went ahead. Whatever.”


Eric and Rise looked at each other before Rise went after Evangeline.


Miss Heart! Your dressing room is this way! Rise hollered.


Evangeline stopped and turned the other way.


I know that.”


At the side, Angel was looking at Evangeline, and Eric and her hold on her arms tightened. The more she looked at them, the more she had a hard time controlling her anger, and the more her patience was running thin.


Whats so good about her? Shes nothing but a pretty face, and shell make sure that everyone knows the difference between Evangeline and her.

In the dressing room, Evangeline was accommodating Rise as per Erics request. She was trying different sets of clothes for the shoot while Rise spoke on and on.


I have different sets of clothes ready for you per theme, and you should try this one on first. For the spring theme, were opting for a fresher, jolly vibe. So this dress is perfect for you,” Rise exclaimed in excitement.


Evangeline just looked at the dress in Rises hand with a raised brow and dead eyes. A ballet dress?


Rises smile widened. Its not just going to be a ballet dress when Im done with you. There are so many combinations to go from. But first, go try it on.”


Evangeline didnt budge, and Rise urged, pointing to a small changing room.


. . . It took a moment before Evangeline reacted. She sighed and snatched the dress from Rises hand and stormed her way into the changing room.


After minutes, Evangeline got out, unimpressed with what she saw in the mirror.


This looks so plain.”


Is supposed to be,” Rise answered, holding accessories in each hands, until we add this belt, jacket, hat, and boots on you.”


Evangeline huffed a disgusted laugh. Theres no way that Im going to wear that blue belt. The design is horrendous!


Rise just laughed. The color is actually cerulean, and it will complement the color of your dress, jacket, and other accessories. Just you wait.”


Evangeline rolled her eyes, but she still stood in silence as she let Rise dressed her. She would let her do her thing because, at the end of the day, she knew that dress wouldnt look good on her, and she would have a reason to fire her.


There, perfect! Rise said and pulled Evangeline in front of the mirror. Come and have a look.”


Evangeline rolled her eyes and obliged. She opened her mouth, ready to let out her criticism, but her reflection on the mirror shut her mouth tight.


She would never have guessed that the simple unappealing ballet dress would turn into something amazing with just the addition of a belt, jacket, and hat.


She never did try bold colors before because she simply didnt know what colors and accessories to go with it. She was afraid she would only look like a clown. But the peach-colored dress, cerulean belt, orange flowery jacket, and hat were an eye-opener. It brought her a new fresh look. An identity she never knew existed.


So, what do you think? Rise asked and blabbered, Ive studied your picture, and luckily I saw you beforehand in Reishas production. Everything here was handpicked by me to complement and enhance your features.”


Evangeline pursed her lips and cleared her throat. Hmp! Its just so-so.”


She then took a mental note to try the combination in her next designs. Maybe it was time to study color combinations, as well?


Rise beamed. Im glad you like it! lets try another and see what suits you best!

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