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Chapter 77




Inside Erics apartment, the air was tense as the silence was brutal.


Eric rubbed the back of his head as he watched the three women in his small dining area.


Evangelines expression was pinched. Her eyes were narrowed, lips pressing into white slash, arms crossing, and feet tapping. Her features were tightening by the minute.


While their unexpected guest, Satele Risova, was feigning fake interest at her surroundings. And the one who brought her along was just sitting there, munching lunch without a care in the world.


Erics forehead throbbed as he felt a headache coming. He didnt even know how Lilybella and Satele knew each other, and he didnt have the time to ask when Satele stood to her feet.


I better go,” she said.


Lilybella grabbed her hand and protested, But you just got here, and you hadnt even touch your food.”


Satele swatted her arm away. I know when Im not welcome.”


Evangeline raised an eyebrow and looked at Satele with a glazy stare. Im glad that youre not oblivious like someone else here.”


Eh. But teacher, Satele needs friends so she wouldnt be bitter,” Lilybella interjected.


Who told you that I need friends? Satele said and glared at Evangeline. I dont want one, especially not a spoiled, self-centered, Princess.”


Erics gaze flinched upward. Oh, dear . . .


Evangeline propped her head with her fist, and a smile slipped her lips. Are you talking about me, Miss Risova?


Why? Where you hit?


Not really. Its the truth anyway. Im spoiled. Im self-centered, and Im a Princess. A Queen even. Still, everybody is vying for my attention. But what about you?


Evangeline poked her tongue in her inner cheek and looked at Satele up and down. Youre depressing, bitter, annoying little girl who nobody wants. Not even your fa––


Eve,” Eric interjected and held Evangelines hand as he looked at Satele, you can stay for lunch.”


Eric! Evangelines eyes bulged. Are you really okay that theyre ruining our lunch together? Its supposed to be our alone time together.”


Eric rubbed Evangelines hand, soothing her as he leaned and whispered, Its just lunch, and I promise Ill make it up to you tonight, alright?


All protest was shut inside Evangelines flat lips as she nodded tight, holding back from speaking an insult. She then forced a smile so fake at Satele before she ignored her altogether.


Eric shook his head a little before he invited Satele once more, Eat first before you go.”


“. . .” Satele couldnt react for a moment. She wanted to oblige Erics request, but she couldnt stomach being together with Evangeline. At first, she was just annoyed at her. But recently, she found the woman irritating and an eyesore. Her mood was plummeting every second she saw her.  There can never be peace between them.


Sorry. Its best that I go,” Satele said and went for the exit.


Satele hadnt gone far when a massive physique blocked her way out of the dining area. She looked up, and her heart nearly flew out of her mouth at the sight of Asher.


Both of them were surprised and couldnt react for a while until Sateles eyes found the pack lunches in Ashers hands. Without knowing it, her eyes shot to Evangeline, who just raised an eyebrow at her.


Sateles vision dimmed before she broke her gaze and rested her eyes on the ground. Breathing became unbearable all of a sudden.


Satele hurried out without a word and slammed the door shut with a loud bang!


. . .


. . .


It took a moment for Asher to react before he cursed under his breath, Fuck.”


He didnt have the time to think what Satele was doing inside Erics apartment nor the idea of ruining Eric and Evangelines lunch nor the foreign girl chomping food without a care, as he sprinted to go after Satele.


Not long after, another SLAM echoed in the room.


. . .


. . .


Eric blinked, didnt know what happened while Evangeline rolled her eyes.


Well, at least she had her use in chasing Asher away,” Evangeline said and beamed at Eric. Lets just ignore them and have our lunch. The food is getting cold.”


Evangeline grabbed her fork and brought it down on an empty plate with a loud CLANG. She blinked several times before she digested that all the plates were spotless clean. Frowning, she looked at Lilybella, who was sipping tea.


Where are all the food? she asked.


Lilybella grinned and patted her bulging belly. Its all in Lilybellas stomach.”

Satele stomped her shoes on the sidewalk, kicking dust in her path. Five days had passed since that incident in the park, but her anger didnt lessen, it only multiplies.




She ignored Ashers call and only widened her steps. But then the man caught her and blocked her way.


Why are you ignoring me? Asher said.


Satele was appalled by the genuine confusion on Ashers face.


Youre really asking me that? she spat and tried to circle her way around with no success.


Asher grabbed Sateles shoulders to steady her and looked into her eyes.


Im asking you because I really dont know,” he said.


Satele snorted and swatted Ashers hand. Her anger was boiling, and she could barely hold it in. She wanted to slap him for forgetting what he did and slap him twice over for making her confused and angry.


The fact that you dont remember what you did only made me loathe you more,” she hissed and bumped passed him. But she hadnt taken two steps when Asher grabbed her hand.


Is this about what happened in the park? You were the one who slapped me without reason, which Ill make you pay for that. But right now, what I wanted to know is why are you so angry at me?


Satele shook, eyes brimming with tears. She didnt know she could cry from anger.


You jerk! she screamed, You said that you like me and all that, but the truth is, Im just a replacement because you cant have her! The one you like is Evangeline, right? How dare you use me! Is it because you think Im easy? Huh? You think Im just a nobody and easily discarded?


“. . .” Asher was stunned shut before a smile he couldnt repress stretched his lips.


You think, Ill just say yes and be your rebound girl? You think Ill just let you use me because Im a nobody? Do you really think that Im a pushover or I dont deserve re––


Youre jealous.”


“. . .” Satele caught her tongue, and it took her a long moment to react, which made Ashers smile turned into a full-blown grin.


Youre jealous,” Asher repeated, you think that Evangeline and I are . . .”


Asher released Sateles hand and covered his silly smile with the back of his fist.


Satele crossed her arms, for she was this close in slapping the man left and right.


Im not jealous,” she said with an edge, but her tone was shaky. I just dont want to be used.”


She was about to turn her back, but the next thing she knew, Ashers lips slammed on hers, and it nearly knocked her off her feet if not for his arms wrapped around her waist. She hardly had the time to think when his tongue pushed open her mouth and delved inside.


She pulled away and arched up from his chest.


Y-you . . .” Satele didnt know what to say as her mind was blank.


Thats for slapping me,” Asher grinned, and Sateles face blossomed red.


Satele didnt just want to slap him anymore, she wanted to punch that silly grin from his annoying face. But her hands were in the confines of his embrace at the moment. So she just wiggled like a worm, hoping to escape free from his hold.


Let me go! You jerk! You pervert! she screamed. It was a good thing that few people were passing by, and most just stared at them with dead jealous eyes.


Evangeline and I arent what you think we are,” Asher said.


Satele stopped squirming. She looked into his eyes and her frown lessened at the seriousness of his face.


 I wont tell you yet. But I promised you there was never a romance involved between the two of us.”


Satele wanted to say, liar,’ but his sincerity was too much for her to handle, and she looked away, whispering, I dont believe you.”


Asher just tilted his head with a cocky smile on his face. Thats alright. I never once considered your feelings on the matter, anyway.”


He then captured Sateles lips in a passionate kiss.

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