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Chapter 74


Miss Heart, I called you today to discuss your grades,” said Mr. Champ, the head of the business department.


Evangeline pretended that she didnt hear anything, roaming around the interior of the head teachers office. Her feet bounced against the floor why she crossed her arms, fingers tapping against her skin. She couldnt wait to get out of the place and go to Eric.


Miss Heart,” Mr. champ called, trying to get Evangelines attention before he continued, Your marks are barely passing, and if this continues, Im afraid you will have trouble in your future prospect. Company nowadays only accepts interns and undergraduates with at least consistent above one point five average in a whole school year.”


Evangeline stifled a laugh. She thought the old man was a comedian in his past life. Did he think that she would actually apply to a company after she graduated? That was the funniest joke she ever heard.


Mr. Champ,” she said, smiling with a downturn mouth. I think you have me entirely misunderstood. I only took college so I can have a degree. That piece of paper. I dont care about my grades at all.”


And thats the problem.” Mr. Champ stared at Evangeline through his glasses, eyes scrutinizing. Ive seen a lot of girls like you, feeling they knew it all. Telling themselves that they dont need to study since their family is rich. That they dont need to work and just wanted that piece of paper displayed on a frame. A decoration and a trophy to brag about that they finished college. But times are changing. You dont know the next time you open your eyes, youre left with nothing.”


Mr. Champ breath in an audible intake of air when Evangeline still didnt react to what he said. Education is the only weapon you have if that time comes. And I think its time that you take it seriously and think about your future.”


A brief silence settled in the room before Evangeline smirked. If that is all, can I go now? I still have a detention to attend to.”


Mr. Champ looked up and shook his head. I cant do much if youre not willing to change yourself. All I can do is advise you and point you in the right direction. But it still depends on you if you are willing to walk in that path.”


Raising his scrawny hands, he gestured for Evangeline to go.


Evangeline beamed and sauntered to the door. Before she went out, she said a halfhearted, thank you and left.

Eric was waiting for Evangeline near his parked bicycle after he was done doing his chores and her detention punishment. Reading his notes, he heard the sound of approaching heels.


Looking over, the smile on his face disappeared when he saw who it was standing in front of him.


Eric, I have been calling and texting you since two months ago.  Why arent you answering? Where have you been? Dont you know the company almost fired you if not for me interfering? Did something happen to you?


Eric opened his mouth to say something, but Angel beat him to it.


And what is this about I heard you being transferred to another artist? Is that true? Why? Angel missed Eric to her surprised. She didnt feel it that much before but now that he was so close to her, seeing him again for almost two months . . .


She closed the distance between them, attempting to hold his hand. But as usual, the man recoiled from her, putting distance between them.


Miss Lin,” Eric said when Angel stopped on her tracks. Her face was stunned and a little hurt from his rejection, but it didnt stop him from saying what he wanted to say.


Evangeline and I are going out now. So I appreciate it if you maintain your distance.”


Angels jaw dropped in incredulity before she burst out laughing. What is this? Is she being possessive about you? Shes already treating you like an object?


Of course, Angel knew about Evangeline and Eric going out. That rumor was circulating throughout the entire campus.


But so what? Even a married man can be stolen.


Eric stepped back when Angel stepped forward. His natural poker face, which had taken a vacation when he was together with Evangeline, returned on his face.


Miss Lin,” he said, tone as flat as his face, Evangeline has trust issues, and I will agree with you that she is possessive. Thats why I think its all the more reason for me to stay away from you. I dont want to give her the slightest reason to be jealous.”


Angel wanted to laugh. Shaking her head, she stared at Eric, pity in her tone of voice as she said, Shes already limiting you of your freedom, cant you see it?


Eric briefly shook his head. Its in my own accord. Evangeline has nothing to do with it. If its another woman, then there isnt a problem. But you and I know it is different in your case.”


Angels smile dissipated. So what youre saying, youll be friendly with other women except me? she asked, face and tone serious.


“. . .”


Angels shoulders trembled, the edge of her lips rose, and fell, didnt know if she wanted to laugh or not.


Thats unfair, dont you think? she asked, voice low and helpless. Did you hate me after you get together with her?


I dont hate you, but I also think its not right for me to be friendly with you knowing that you have feelings for me, especially that I already have a girlfriend.”


Angel chortled, acting like she didnt know what Eric was saying. Me? She pointed at herself before pointing at Eric. Liking you? Are you talking about that one time?


Angel composed herself and smiled. If youre talking about that one time, then Im sorry, Eric. It was merely because I was emotional, and you happened to be there.”


Erics brows knitted. He couldnt tell if Angel was lying or not. He was in a daze when his mind battled between trusting her and not. Part of him said to not believe her. But seeing the guilt and shame on her face, and the string of emotions in her voice made him have second thoughts. And he didnt notice that Angel was approaching him.


Reaching out, Angel held Erics hand and flashed a sad smile. Im sorry about using you like that. You dont deserve it, and Im guilty since then. I wanted to make it up to you. I hope you can forgive me? And I hope we can be friends from now on.”


Eric didnt know what happened. When he realized what was happening, Angel was already holding his hand and looking at him with her big doe-like eyes. They were so close, and his hair rose on end, feeling the familiar worm like sensation crawling all over his skin.


Clap! Clap!


Both of them turned to that clapping sounds, and Erics eyes rounded when he saw Evangeline walking towards them. He pulled his hand from Angels grasped and marched to Evangelines side.


E-Eve . . .” Opening his mouth, he wanted to explain, but Evangeline ignored him and faced Angel.


Youre really good at acting. Honestly, even I was taken by your act.” Evangeline smirked before she turned to Eric.  You should never believe a word shes saying. Youre too gullible, Eric. From now on, youre forbidden to leave my side, got it?


Eric didnt know how to react. He was caught off guard that Evangeline wasnt throwing a fit right now after witnessing that . . . Wait . . .


How long have you been standing there? he asked.


Long enough to hear you speaking, I am possessive and have trust issues thats why you shouldnt give any reason to get me jealous.”


Evangeline smiled when Erics face reddened, even the tip of his ears. She giggled before facing Angel, who was staring at them with her usual angelic smile.


Youre becoming like your aunt, I see. Is it hereditary or something? Or like a disease or a curse? Stealing other peoples lovers.”


Angels smile slip. Youve got it wrong. I just explained to Eric that everything was a misunderstanding and––


Whether it is or not . . . ,” Evnalgien cut in, I dont want you to approach my boyfriend from now on.”


Youve got it wrong. Eric is about to get fired, and I dont want that to happen thats why I want him back in my crew. He is a hardworking guy, and I think its such a waste to––


You dont have to worry about that,” Evangeline cut in again. She laced her hand around Eric and smirked. Eric is going to be my assistant from now on.”


“. . .” Angel shifted her gaze at Evangeline and Eric, discerning what Evangeline was talking about.


Im going to be working at Sparkle entertainment, and Eric will be my assistant,” Evangeline chortled, enjoying how Angels face changed from one expression to another.


T-that . . . that cant be . . . ,” Angel mumbled, her vision blurred for a moment, and she thought the ground was moving before her feet.


Evangeline smiled in triumph and pulled Eric away. Lets go, Eric. Lets not disturb Miss Lin to her thoughts. Im sure she would suffer an emotional problem soon. Both you and I know what will happen if she does. She might use you again, and we dont want that now, do we?


Eric took his lip between his teeth. He was feeling bad for wanting to laugh, but he couldnt help the shaking of his shoulders.


Assisting Evangeline in her helmet, both of them rode his bicycle and left Angel alone in the parking lot.


Angels eyes bored at the disappearing silhouette of Evangeline and Eric. Her palms burned from the force of her fingernails.


Evangeline, just you wait!

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