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Chapter 73


As per plan, during lunchtime, Evangeline and Eric went back to his apartment to cook for their food. While waiting, Eric pulled a small bottle in the cupboard and poured hot water on Evangelines cup.


What is it? Evangeline asked, eyeing the strange thing in Erics hand. It looks like a seed, a big seed.


Youll know,” Eric said and dropped the seed in her cup.


Not before long, an enticing aroma danced in the air. It was something like mixed herbs and flowers, reminding her of classic scents. And to her amazement, the seed that Eric put on her tea gradually blossomed in a full rose.


What is it? she asked, curious. Her gaze didnt move on her cup, while the murky hot water changed color to one of transparent, and the aroma only intensified when the seed fully blossomed.


Its a new type of tea. My boss in the past is a tea master, and he sends me tea sometimes as a tester,” Eric lied, making sure his voice sounded natural. And when he had the guts to look at Evangeline, he found her in a daze.


Whats wrong? he asked.


But Evangeline didnt reply, seemingly in a trance. He was about to shake her shoulders when she stared at him, face blank.


Tea master? she murmured.


There was something wrong about her when she said that, and sweat ran through Erics back. Did she know? Did she notice? Was the lie that obvious?




Upon hearing his name, Erics spine straightened, and he answered straight away, guilt in his tone.




You said your previous boss is a tea master? Evangeline asked, face a mixture of emotions Eric didnt know how to describe.


He gulped before answering. Yes.”


Evangeline bit her bottom lip before saying, Then . . . can you . . . can you ask him a favor for me?


. . .


. . .


Huh? Eric had to admit, it was totally out of his expectation. O-of course.”


It was when Evangeline smiled, but the only feeling Eric got was coldness. It was like she was back to the time when all she was, was an empty shell of a person containing nothing but ice.


Are you okay,” he asked, worried. Recalling if he said something which offended her. But his worries died when she reverted to her happy self.


Ill tell you later. For now, lets have lunch.” She beamed and sipped her tea. Mm . . . this is delicious!


Eric stared at Evangeline, feeling off all of a sudden before she reciprocated his gaze with a smiling face.


Yeah . . . Im glad you like it,” he answered without thought before sauntering towards the kitchen to fix their lunch. No matter, Ill ask about it later when shell tell me her favor.


While Eric was busy in the kitchen, Evangeline watched his back, sipping her tea in silence. Her eyes dimmed for a moment before closing entirely. A tea master . . . why havent I thought of it before?




Turning to her side, Evangeline was reminded that Lilybella was together with them, making herself comfortable, drinking a cup of tea.


Why are you here again? Evangeline glared, but Lilybellas smiling face was enough to repel her hostility.


Teacher, you, Eric, and his Highness are the only people Lilybella know in school. Its only natural Lilybella stick around you.”


Evangeline stared at Lilybella with squinting eyes before an alarming smile graced her lips. I never ask you this, but how do you feel about Daniel dating another girl?


Lilybellas smile fell off her face while her big eyes quaked, brimming with tears. Her chin crunched, and her lips trembled. Lilybella didnt like it. Teacher, Lilybella is not confident! That Sisley is so cute! No wonder his Highness likes her! W-what should Lilybella do?



Evangeline chortled, feeling good at the sight of Lilybellas pathetic face. She sipped her tea before answering, I think you should fight your rights. Go announce that Daniel is your fiancé. Problem solve.”


B-but, his highness told Lilybella not to say anything about it.” Lilybella poked her index finger against each other while her lips pointed. He might hate Lilybella if she tells everyone that Lilybella is his fiancée.”


Hate you? It should be you who should hate him. Hes the one who has a girlfriend even though he already has a fiancée! Evangelines enjoyment took a curve. What she detested the most were people who were not loyal. She hated the cheater and the victim for knowing but didnt have the guts to do anything. Just silently enduring.


It reminded her of her parents.


You should insert your rights.” Evangeline leaned, tone annoyed. You know what, the first thing you should do is develop a backbone. And no better to develop it than to confront both Daniel and Sisley. Say you are his fiancée and you will not tolerate him disrespecting you by––


Eve . . .”


Upon hearing Erics voice, Evangelines lips clamped tight. The boiling anger and irritation dissolved at the sight of him walking towards them, utensils in hands.


We should respect Daniel and Lilybellas decision. All we can do is give advice, but we shouldnt force our own opinions on them.”


Pouting, Evangeline avoided Erics gaze. Daniel is a jerk. He was enjoying the affection of two women at the same time. Couldnt make up his mind. I say he should take responsibility for his actions. I say that idiot should suffer,” she grumpily mumbled.


Im sure Daniel has many problems to deal with.” Eric patted Evangelines head and awkwardly smiled at Lilybella. Hell come around. Daniel is a nice guy and knows whats right from wrong,” hopefully, he reassured.


Lilybellas depressed face change to one of happiness, and the cheerfulness in her voice echoed in the room. Teachers boyfriend is knowledgeable! Throwing her fist up, she beamed. Lilybella is sure his Highness would choose the right choice and pick Lilybella! Though Lilybella is not exactly as cute as that girl, she is confident in her cooking skills and truly believed it would conquer his Highness heart once he tried Lilybellas specialty! And Lilybella has a lot of redeeming qualities.”


As she said so, her arms gestured in frantic as she spoke, mimicking the excitement of her voice. Not even a second after she finished talking, an ear-piercing crash sent the place in complete silence.


Im sorry! Im sorry! Lilybella didnt know what to do as she profusely apologized when she realized her hand accidentally bumped against her cup, yet again.


Evangeline didnt bother to hide the rolling of her eyes. The only redeeming qualities you have is your optimism. I say the rest is a disaster waiting to happen.”


Eric pursed his lips as he walked toward the storage to get the broom and dustpan. He felt ominous at having two women inside his apartment who accidentally break things. He was considering replacing all his glass and porcelains with plastics, but it was a health hazard. I guess I just have to suck it in and save money for plates and cups in the future.

Daniel . . .”


Daniel was jolted from his daze like state upon hearing his name. Looking to his right, Sisley was staring at him with unconcealed worry in her eyes.


Yes? he replied, didnt know if she had asked him. He was preoccupied with the things he should say to her, but no words actually flowed inside his brain. He glanced at the lunch box in his hand, and reality sunk in that he was in the garden with her. In their secret meet up place.



I said . . .” Sisley lowered her head, pushing a strand of her hair behind her ears. Hows your Christmas? Did you have fun? What did you do in Everland these past two months?


She was speaking in a jolly tone as usual, but Daniel sensed the sadness in her voice and the slip of loneliness on her face when she mentioned Christmas. Honestly, it would have been a lot easier if she got mad at him. Mad at him for not calling her in the past month. Questioned him why Evangeline had his phone. Or that be jealous why Lilybella was familiar with him. Angry with him from defending Evangeline.


But no.


She had to endure it all. This was causing him to feel even more guilt. It would have been a lot easier if she demanded answers. In that way, they could argue, and she has a reason to be angry. To hate him.


Sisley, I . . .” He paused, closing his eyes to collect his thoughts. Its now or never.


Lets go to the amusement park.”


Danielss word was jammed in his mouth when Sisley cut him.


What? he asked, staring at her with a blank face.


Sisley smiled, which didnt reach her eyes, looking at the delicious foods on top of a blanket over a well-manicured grass. There were so many questions. So many . . . yet she didnt want answers. She was afraid if she knew, her dream would fall apart.


This weekend, lets go to the amusement park,” she repeated. You promised that wed celebrate our late Christmas together, right?


Opening his mouth, Daniel didnt know what to say. His expression was complicated as his feelings right now.


That settles it! Sisley cheerfully clapped her hands before picking her lunch box. We should eat, the food is getting cold, and the lunch break is about to be over.”


Daniel didnt reply. Didnt know what to say. His mind was a mess! He thought that he had it all under control after the long break. He thought he had all his emotions sorted out and were ready to tell her straight the moment he got back. But all of those preparations vanish when he saw her.


He ate his food while his eyes stared at no particular spot, mind blank for the rest of the break.

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