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Chapter 71


Watching Burberry country from high above the sky from his jet, Daniels heart pounded more than usual, reminding him of the reality he had to face. For almost a month, he had no communication with Sisley, and honestly, he was a little afraid to meet her.


Taking a large intake of air, he distracted himself with his phone. He was reminded about Lilybella since it was unusual that he didnt as much as received a single text nor message from her today. Though he kept his departure a secret to her since he didnt want to deal with her reaction of him returning to Burberry. Guilt tugged his heart.


Forget it. She can call me.


After landing, Daniel drove to his house, wanting to take a nap after an exhausting day of work. The moment he arrived in his home, he took a bath and was ready to hit his bed. Closing his eyes, tiredness swallowed him whole. It didnt take long for drowsiness to engulfed him.


. . .


. . .


Opening his eyes, he groaned, forcing his vision to look at the alarm clock beside his bed.


[6:00 PM]


Frowning, he rubbed his eyes before he sat and stretched his limbs. His stomach straight away growled in complain.


Grunting, he groggily walked to his closet and grabbed a shirt and pants. Afterwhich, he seized his keys and coat and stormed out of his bedroom.


At once, an enticing aroma hit his nose, and his already upset stomach growled even more. But he didnt mind. He was consumed with the thought that someone was inside his house. He had no cook and the maids only came during weekends to clean. He was supposed to be alone in his house.


His muscles flexed, eyes wide in alert while his hand twitched his bedroom knob. He wanted to grab a gun in his room before he confronted whatever was inside his home and call for the guards as well.


But before he opened his door and returned to his room, a familiar voice rang behind him.


Your Highness!


He didnt have to turn to know who it was. Rather, he didnt want to turn and face whoever was standing behind him. He wanted to go back to bed and pretend it was all a nightmare. Or maybe he was still dreaming?


Your Highness, Highness! Youre awake! Are you hungry? Youre asleep since morning, and Lilybella didnt want to disturb you. So you must be hungry.”


Closing his eyes tight, Daniels fingers clenched. Oh, God no . . . Slowly facing the beaming woman smiling from ear to ear, his eyelid twitched.


What are you doing here? he asked, irritation in his voice.


Pointing a finger on her chin, Lilybella tilted her head, causing an illusion that a flower might sprout over her head. Eh~ Your Highness, her highness didnt tell you?


Mother? Daniels frowned deepened, and Lilybella took upon herself to deduct that he didnt know based on his constipated expression.


Her Highness, your mother, she said to deepen our relationship and get to know each other. She told Lilybella to go to Burberry with you! Lilybella took her cheeks in her palms and tilted her head to the side, appearing shy to meet Daniels eyes.


And I agreed because Lilybella worried about his Highness being alone. So Lilybella arrived here yesterday and cleaned the house, so his Highness didnt have to worry when he arrived today.”


“. . .” Daniel massaged his almost knitted brows. The veins protruding on his forehead was adding to his headache. It took a whole minute for him to calm himself, and counting one to ten was not helping anymore to calm his nerves. He needed another distraction –– fast.


You . . .” His voice was strange, it was trembling, but he didnt care. You go back to Everland.”


Ehhh . . . but Lilybella already transferred to your school, and Lilybella already unpacked her things in one of the rooms,” she said, eyes going down.


“. . .” Daniels vision dimmed. He might as well black out so he wouldnt face this reality. But life was so cruel, especially when he was with the idiotic infuriating woman. The more time he spent with her, the more brain cells he lost.


It was the lost draw. He could no longer tolerate her.


Are you that desperate for my attention? he asked, tone laced in venom, looking down at her with slit eyes. Dont you have any regard to your reputation that youre even forcing yourself to live here with me. Dont you have any respect left in you?


Youre Highness . . .”


Dont you have any morals left? How could you barge in here without my permission? Barging inside my house and forcing yourself on me when I clearly have no feelings for you. Dont you understand that? Dont you see that?


Y-your High––


Am I not making myself clear? I dont want you here and in my life, so get out!


“. . .”


The next words Daniel wanted to say were stuck in his throat when Lilybella covered her eyes. Her head down to her neck was red.


Damn it! Did she cry?


His patience was enormous, and he was not easily angered. But when it came to her, his patience was oddly nonexistent.


“. . .”


“. . .”


After an awkward silence, Lilybellas meek voice rang clear.


Y-your Highness . . . ,” she stammered, still covering her face in the comfort of her hands.




Your zippers open.”


“. . .”


“. . .”


Slowly, Daniel looked at his pants and found the fabric of his boxers peeking in the gap of the zipper. His eyes closed, and embarrassment overpowered all other emotions he had. Quickly, he opened his bedroom door and slammed it shut.


Your Highness! Its fine! L-Lilybella . . . Lilybella didnt see anything!


Shut up! Daniel shouted in his mind. It was already embarrassing enough! You dont have to shout it out for the whole mansion to hear.


Your Highness. Lilybella will wait for you in the dining room. Dont be late! Chu!


Daniel didnt mind her. He was busy fixing himself in front of the mirror. When he was sure that nothing immoral was peeking out, he arranged himself and walked out of his room with a face which pretended that nothing happened though the tip of his ears was still red in embarrassment.


The anger and irritation he felt lessened since he didnt have any energy to be annoyed with her anymore. A bit helpless, he sat on the chair and ate the food laid on the table.


Maybe his anger was brought by hunger. And since he was hungry, he ignored Lilybella, who was, as usual, talking to herself. Even though he knew the food she prepared was horrendous, it had to do for now. His hunger couldnt wait for another minute!


But to his amazement, the moment the sweet and sour pork hit his tongue, a burst of flavors freeze his brain. It was sweet with the right mix of sourness to balance the taste. He never tasted anything like it. It was so delicious, his face brightened. Or maybe because he was hungry, it tasted delicious? Still, it was very different from all the food she gave him in the past. So different. The taste didnt even come close.


Peeking at Lilybella, her big eyes shone in expectation.


Did you bought this? he asked, not believing she could cook something like this after the series of disgusting food she gave him.


Of course not! Lilybella makes all Lilybellas food.” Lilybella proudly smiled, palms against her chest.


There was something wrong with what she said, but Daniel pretended he didnt hear it. Least he wanted to lose his brain cells some more.


Eat more your Highness! Here, try this egg soup I made for you. Eggs are a good source of protein and energy and very good for an upset empty stomach.” Lilybella pushed all the dishes near Daniel before propping her face between her palms, elbow resting on the table while looking at him with a wide smile.


Arent you going to eat? Daniel wanted for Lilybella to do something else since being stared by those eyes unnerved him.


Ehehehe. Watching his Highness like this already made Lilybella full in happiness and contentment.”


“. . .” It was so cheesy, and hives erupted on Daniels skin. Still, stop staring at me. Its uncomfortable, and its not nice.”




Lilybella said, but she didnt make any effort to do so. She happily lulled her head side to side with a silly grin on her face, showing her crook canines.


Forget it. Daniel resumed eating and pretended Lilybella was not beside him, looking at him with those big sparkling eyes and smiling lips. It was almost scary.


And for once, he was afraid to be alone with the crazy woman. He must call his mother, or he would go insane!

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