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Chapter 67




Both their eyes moved to their side at the sound of a woman pretending to clear her throat. Meters across them, they saw a beautiful woman with a tall man in tow holding the leach of a bunch of pets.


E . . . Eva . . . ,” Asher muttered. He was stunned at the sudden appearance of her haughty face, but when his eyes went to her side, it narrowed to slit.


He let go of Satele and stood to his feet. The softness in him was nowhere to be seen, and he was back to his overbearing self. His whole body radiating aggressiveness.


What are you doing together with him?! Where have you been all this time? Asher questioned but paused when his gaze landed at Evangeline and Erics intertwined fingers.


It was like the whole world crumbled before his eyes, and his knees almost gave out. Not even the appearance of Summer oinking his way to him could alleviate the devastation at the realization.


You . . . youre dating.” It was not a question. He knew they were dating, and he was having difficulty accepting this.


Evangeline smirked while Eric remained impassive though sweat tickled his back from the promise of murder in Ashers lifeless eyes.


Well, yes. Eric and I . . .” Evangeline raised their intertwined fingers and beamed. “. . . are dating. And answering your previous question, I was together with him these past days in Everland having our vacation.”


The fact their arms were intertwined was enough to knock Asher out, but coming from his cousins mouth was like the death blow. And knowing they were together in Everland for almost two months doing God knew what, it was enough to land a double kill –– overkill!


Anyway, dont mind us. Were just strolling along when we happened to spot you two.” Evangeline smirked, eyeing Satele on the side whose face couldnt be decipher at the moment. But one thing she knew, it was not a happy face.


Continue along with what youre doing. Come, Eric. Lets continue our stroll,” Evangeline said, gripping Erics arm tightly, squishing her body to his which land another killing blow on Asher.


Eric briefly nodded his head on Sateles direction as a form of greeting before he briefly glanced at Ashers pale face. He had to admit that he was shocked to know that Asher like Satele because . . . honestly, he didnt even know they knew each other. What a small word.


Evangeline and Eric then left.


Asher was standing there dumbfounded. His soul was twirling above his head, refusing to return to his body while Sateles face continued to darken by the second.


Are you playing with me? Satele asked, breaking the silence.


Asher returned to his senses upon hearing the weird hissing tone from Sateles mouth. Turning to her, he was attacked by a bad feeling when she saw her serious face.


So am I a replacement for her? Because she doesnt like you? Is that it?


What are you . . .”


Satele stood, and before Asher could digest what was going on, a jaw-breaking slap hit his cheek.


You use me . . . How dare you use me,” Satele choked in her sob, fighting not to let a single tear escaped her eyes as she stomped away from the man.


Regaining his senses, Asher moved his mouth for the slap must have dislocated his jaw. It fucking hurt, and he was pissed! Really pissed, for he didnt deserve that out of the blue slap!


Hey! Where do you think youre going?! Why did you slap me?! Asher ran to Satele and grabbed her wrist, causing Satele to face him.


Asher was stunned for a moment when he saw her red eyes and angry face. All the words he wanted to say was swallowed back.


You disgust me. Youre clearly in love with her, and yet youre saying those words to me. Im not your toy! Im not your replacement! Im not a thing you can use! Dont you ever appear in front of me again! Satele snatched her hand back from Ashers grip and stormed away but was held again by his arm on her shoulder.


What are you talking about? Evangeline is my . . . Shes my . . .” Asher stopped.


For a moment, he didnt know how to explain himself. His inner self was arguing to tell the truth, but part of him also didnt want because if his family found out about it, he was afraid of what they would do to her.


While Satele didnt know why she was so affected by this. She didnt even like him. She was just attracted to him. She dismissed it that it was only reasonable to be fuming mad if someone was using another for their selfish reasons.


And his silence and conflicting expression on his face were enough for her anger to boil. She swatted his arm from her shoulder and resumed walking away.


Wiping her tears from her eyes, Satele held herself as she walked in the dimly lit trail while Asher watched her shadow disappeared in the night.


Asher wanted to chase after her, explain everything, but he felt that it was not the time. She was angry at the moment. For now, he would step back and give her time to cool down. 


In the meantime, he ran after Evangeline and Eric.

Is it alright if we leave your cousin like that? Eric whispered on Evangelines ears when they were meters away from Asher and Satele.


Dont worry. Hes a big boy now. He could take care of himself.” Clicking her tongue, Evangeline was still bitter knowing that Asher likes that woman. Bitter, but not entirely surprised. Ashers actions in Angels birthday was enough give away that he liked the girl. 


I cant believe that cousin of mine fell for a girl like that.”


Eve . . . ,” Eric reprimanded, and Evangeline quickly explained.


Its not that Im demining her. But lets be real, Satele is pretty but not that beautiful. Shes poor and . . . and I dont know what my cousin sees in her. I mean, I dont even know that they know each other. Isnt that hilarious?


Pursing his lips, Eric could hear the jealousy in Evangelines tones. She must also be shocked to know that her cousin, who dotted on her so much, was now dotting on another girl.


Eve . . . Everyone have their good and bad side that other people found endearing. Just like you. Youre haughty and arrogant and overbearing, yet youre very adorable in my eyes.”


Evangeline almost faltered in her steps. Quickly composing herself, she proudly held her head high. Of course, I am. But I dont think adorable is the right words you should say. It makes me feel like a little girl. And what do you mean by good and bad side? I only have good qualities, okay?


Eric sniffled a laugh and kissed her cheek. Okay.”




Both of them turned and saw Asher tailing behind them, his face dark and brooding.


Lets go back,” Asher said, keeping his voice civil. He stopped right beside Evangeline and paid no mind at Eric while Summer kept bugging his leg, asking for food.


You go back. Im going back with Eric,” Evangeline replied, her arms tightened around Erics. Her eyes curved into slit, mimicking her smile. What happened to your date? Are you sure its alright to leave her? You better take her home.” She pushed, wanting Asher to go somewhere so he wouldnt disturb her and Erics alone time.


Ill go back together with you, then,” Asher said after a moment of silence, didnt want to think of Satele at the moment. His fingers slumped inside his pocket, and his face hardened, with no room for argument.


Evangelines shoulders stiffened while the smile on her face curved in a sinister smirk. But before she could shoo Asher away, Eric stepped in.


Lets go together. Its getting late, after all.” Eric pulled Evangeline along while avoiding any eye contact with Asher. They were not close and certainly not in good terms. But he was Evangelines cousin, at least he would try to close the gap between them, even a tiny bit if that was possible.


Here, let me take care of Summer.” Asher stretched his hand and took Summers leash from Evangelines grasp. He grabbed the little piglet and embraced it in his arms. Did you miss me, little pig? I brought you a lot of food from BlackPine.” Summers only response was kissing Ashers jawline with its wiggling snout.


Asher quickened his steps, hurry in his walk. He wanted to send Evangeline home so he and Eric could have a nice long chat.




Halting his step, Asher turned to Evangeline, who snatched Summer in his arms.


Well be going this way. Thanks for accompanying us, you can go now,” Evangeline said, her tone flat and insincere.


But . . .” Asher peered at the fork, confusion on his face, that path doesnt lead to our unit.” 


Im living with Eric now,” Evangeline answered simply, sauntering towards Eric and tilted her head against his shoulder.


Ashers face darkened, and his eyes snapped at Eric, who avoided eye contact with him. Gritting his teeth, his fingers curled against his palms. But he knew her. He knew Evangeline. Force ad coercion wouldnt work against her. It only made her more stubborn. 


Taking a quick breath, he said through the space of his grinding teeth, Ill go with you.” 

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