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Chapter 64


Maxine curled her lips in dislike, fingers balled on top of her dress. I . . . I will go back first in Burberry,” she said, not meeting Alvaros stare.


Leaning on the chair, Alvaro didnt say anything as he observed her. They were inside their hotel, specifically inside his room.


Did you say what happened to us to your family? he asked.


Maxine shook his head, lowering it until her chin dropped to her chest. No . . . I . . . I wanted to think things first.”


Alvaro inwardly breathed a sigh of relief knowing she didnt say anything. He was thankful that Maxine didnt entirely lose her brains. 


Running his fingers through his hair, he dropped his antagonistic air. Im thankful you didnt. Lets go back first. Ill explain everything to our family.” 


Leaning forward, he smiled at her, his tone soft like that of an older brother.


I wont hold a grudge of what you did considering our familys long history. But there wont be a next time.”


Dont . . .”


Maxine bit her lip, her tone breaking. Dont give me false hope . . . Dont be nice to me . . . It should have been better if you havent been nice to me from the start . . .”


She then broke out crying.


“. . .”


Feeling guilty, Alvaro leaned against the chair and took in a deep audible breath. He was also annoyed. If he was not nice to her, she would complain to her grandfather, earning him an earful from his grandfather. And when he was kind to her, it was giving her false hope? So how should he react, then?


I wont say sorry since it wont fix anything. What happened already happened, and I wont change my decision to marry Roz. Now . . . I just honestly wish you the best in life. You deserve someone better.”


Maxine let out a mocking laugh. Thats the most insincere words I ever heard in my life. Why not say that you cant wait to get rid of me so that you wont have anyone getting in the way? The chair scraped against the floor when she stood and stormed out from his room.


“. . .”


Alvaro brushed a hand on his face, feeling worn out. He knew Maxine was angry at the moment, and it was not the time to pushed his opinions and advice to her. 


However, if this continued, their families would fall apart, and his grandfather might not grant him the approval he needed. 


He first had to fix his relationship with Maxine before he broke the news. 


*sigh . . .


What shit did I get myself into?

Youre asking me to wait? Rozarria asked. Her face was blank as ever, yet her tone was sharp and icy. She stared into Alvaros face, with her eyes radiating animosity.


No.” Alvaro quickly explained, a little helpless, as he said, Im asking you to be patient while I sort out the problems between our families.”


Rozarria stared at his face for a second before her eyes shot to their surroundings, distracting herself from that stuffy feeling which was about to explode inside of her chest.


They were inside Frizkiels private airport were private jet owned by those in power were docked and parked. They were standing on the asphalt road leading to his plane that was just waiting prettily meters in front of them.


Alvaro held Rozarrias hand, his thumb caressing the back of her palm as he stared her straight in the eyes.


It wont take long. I promise,” he said and smiled. In the meantime, I hope this will make do for now.”


Rozarria felt something cold was inserted on her finger. She checked and found a sparkly eye-catching ring. The ring was framed with pure pink diamond enveloping a never melting ice stone. It was captivating the more she stared at it, sparkling on her ring finger.


Before she could ask how the man got hold of the rare never melting ice stone, she felt his warm lips a top of her head.


Wait for me. I promise Ill come back with good news,” he whispered, breathing hot against her skin.


Rozarrias anger was doused by the ring and the promise of Alvaros return. 


Mm . . . ,” she hummed, enjoying the soft caress of his lips against the center of her brows trailing slowly down to the tip of her nose before his face level with hers.


They look into each others eyes, and Rozarria still couldnt believe at the turn of events, which led her to accept this man. This man who she knew was full of wicked intentions from the start. 


But here they are. Staring into each others eyes, melting into each others touch. 


Loving him was totally unexpected, but it felt so right.


Closing her eyes, he leaned in for a kiss. Her arms circled his neck, pulling him closer as they intertwined their tongue in a savoring kiss.


Wait for me . . . ,” he said, panting lightly. His breath fanning her face.


Mm . . . I wont wait long, though.” 


Alvaro grinned and stole another peck on her lips before he walked towards his jet. Turning back, he waved at her one last time before boarding his plane.


The moment he averted his gaze, his gentle face turned serious and a little dejected. The plane hadnt even left yet, and he was already missing her.


He never knew love could be this troublesome. It was so powerful it even corroded his mind with all kinds of reasons to be with her.


Now I know what Aunt Emerald felt.


It even made him, a man who was nothing but calm, calculations, numbers and benefits think of abandoning all of it and his family for her.


Massaging her crumpled brows, he briefly glanced at the window and saw her looking over at him. Her face was stoic, eyes dull, and lips immovable. But the forlorn in her eyes and the downward curve of her mouth speak volumes of what she was feeling.


Ah . . . so troublesome . . .

BlackPine Country


Asher just got back from his arduous, dangerous and depressing journey of climbing Mount Everest together with D when he stumbled with Alexis on the way to his room.


What happened to you? Asher asked at seeing his little brothers bald haggard appearance, not even noticing his disheveled looks.


Alexis bloodshot eyes rolled up and saw Ashers beggar like appearance. He collected his thoughts, wanting to complain about what Alvaro did to him. I climb a four-thousand-meter high mountain. Stormed the slippery stone and tiptoed on two-hundred-centimeter-wide planks hammered against the rocks. I braved the hard winds and snow and shaved my head bald, so I can enter the monastery to find Evangeline only to be devastated by the news that there was not even a single girl there. Now I had to do everything all over so I can climb down the torturous path. I . . . He parted his lips, about to say something, but then close it shut. 


I . . . I dont want to talk about it . . .” 


Alexis sauntered passed Asher, and if it wasnt for his right-hand man helping him walk, he might have slumped on the floor like a dead person.


Ashers tired eyes followed his little brother before he shook his head and went to his room while D didnt even make it to his. He fell on the floor, dead asleep while the men guarding the halls carried him. 


Alvaro got them this time and got them good he did.

After a good full days rest, Asher was back to his feet. Looking at himself in front of the mirror after a bath, he let out barraged of curses directed mostly at Alvaro.


I dont know why the heavens gave me that kind of brother.


Asher lamented while he sauntered back to his bed and grabbed his phone. He wrote down a number to his memo pad on how many times Alvaro had pranked him, promising he would double those amount though the numbers werent promising. A zero still marks his revenge while Alvaros prank on him was more than fifty pages long.


I wont forget this, you ***!


He promised himself after a thousand or so before this promise. He casually flung his phone and got dressed. He was hurrying to go back to Burberry to see Evangeline. According to his sources, Evangeline was already in Burberry, and he didnt waste a second longer in BlackPine. After his Christmas and new year greetings to his father and grandfather, he rode his plane with D.

Blue River city, Burberry country


It was a cold afternoon, and the people were wrapping up and getting their life in order after the new year. 


Satele was doing her usual business of checking inventory and helping out in the counter when a big shadow loomed over her. Looking up, he saw a tall man whose face couldnt be recognized because of his bushy beard and messy hair. Her heart raced and her body was shock stunned.


What? We didnt see each other for almost two months, and you dont recognize me anymore? 


Said an arrogant voice whose tone Satele was all too familiar with, jolting her back to reality. Nevertheless, she squinted her eyes and asked, a bit unsure. 


A-Asher . . . ?

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