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Chapter 62


Days come and go while Evangeline and Eric enjoyed spending time together. They were getting to know each other in a more intimate and personal way. The past days were gone like a blur, but every second retained in their memories.


They made love every night, and if not for the frigid cold air outside, they would try to have sex outdoor. In the morning, they walked the forest together, hand in hand with their pets. In the afternoon, they cuddled in each others arms on a hammock that Eric made, hanging on a tree, talking about each other, and the silly things, or sometimes watch a movie.


In the evening, it was Evangelines favorite time, not because of the sex . . . well, half of it . . . or maybe the most part. But anyway, she loved how Eric prepared their dinner with hot Choco and marshmallows, snuggling with each other draped in a comforter under the light of the thousands stars.


After which, they bathe each other, and she slept on his chest while he ran his fingers across her back and hair while telling her stories.


It was the best day of her life!


Like the usual morning, Evangeline got up feeling in bliss upon seeing Erics groggy face. It seemed that he also just woke up.


Good morning.” He smiled, and she was blown away every time he did. Beads of hair, half-closed eyes, lazy smile, and his raspy voice.


She loved all of it!


Good morning.” She sat on the mattress and stretched her muscles. Checking the window, the morning was blurry bluish and dim.


Eric sat beside her and brought the comforter over their nakedness. He kissed her temple, murmuring, What would you like for breakfast?


Mmm . . . I want to take a bath, actually. All the sweat from last night already became a part of me and is making me uncomfortable.”


Laughing, Eric put on his robe and wrapped her in the comforts of the comforter before he carried her, princess style. What my Queen wants, this servant obeys.”


He then stole a pick on her lips before he strode down the flight of stairs and inside the RV.


Evangeline giggled. These past days, Eric was spoiling her to the extreme. She didnt know if it was a good thing or a bad thing –– but she was not going to complain, thats for sure.


Inside, they were greeted by their pets, asking for food and their morning walk. Eric navigated around them and laid Evangeline first on the bed.


Wait here a minute. Ill prepare your bath first.”


Our bath,” Evangeline clarified. Im not going in there without you. I need you to sponge my back.”


“. . .  Of course, not just your back, right? Eric leaned, face serious.


Evangeline actually was embarrassed if he did that. Speaking flirtatious words with his soothing voice with a serious face.


O-of course,” was the only words she managed.


Eric kissed her forehead once more before he went for the closet to get some clothes. He removed his robe and set it aside, naked for Evangelines eyes to feast.


Evangeline ran her teeth over her bottom lip, eyeing Erics firm round butt with those adorable dimples on each side. She made herself comfortable by slumping on her stomach with palms supporting her head as she continued to watch Eric put on his clothes. The flexing of his muscles as he put on his clothes were enough to stimulate her.


You know. I dont understand why you need to change your clothes when youll just remove it later when we bath,” she teased.


After he put on his pants, Eric grabbed a simple shirt and faced Evangeline with a boyish smile on his face, complete with tilting head.


Dont you like how I removed my clothes every time?


“. . .” Evangelines blood rushed in her head, and her fingers unconsciously covered her nose like something might come out there any moment.


It was unfair saying that kind of words with nothing but his pants complete with a naughty smile on his face! He was teasing her! He was definitely teasing her!


Avoiding his mischievous eyes, her head shifted sideward. “. . . Youre enjoying this, arent you?


Not as much as I enjoyed kissing and making love to you.”


And it was the last straw! Even without her seeing her face, she knew it was red. How could this guy say something like that with a gentle face and smiling lips? The sincerity in his voice was even worse.


She felt that Eric . . . was a changed person. He might harbor a stoic and blank face most of the time, but he is a wolf inside!


Not that she was complaining.


She loves that side of him too. Only, too much was bad for her heart.


A good thing, he didnt linger to tease her more. He went inside the bathroom, and she was left to herself, thinking of their relationship. Not that she was actually drawing one. Her mind was blank. It had nothing inside but happy, giggly romantic feelings.


Feeling bored, Evangeline got up and sauntered inside the walk-in closet with only her panties. She prepared her clothes for the day and was about to get out and joined Eric in the bathroom when she caught her reflection in the mirror.


Come to think of it. This was actually the first time again that she checked herself in front of a full-length mirror. Most of the time, she was contented in checking her face in the vanity mirrors.


Looking at herself in nude, a sense of pride overtook her countenance. Feeling proud of her beauty and figure.


Hmp. No one can resist this allure.” Her fingers interlaced with her hair and pulled it up to get a better view of her neck while her body curved in angles to check herself.


Yep.  Only a blind man can resist this. Even Eric couldnt get his hands off this body . . .”


Her inspection halted when she noticed something. It was light and unnoticeable at first glance, but her scrutinizing eyes could clearly see it.




Her scream caused the birds and animals to scatter while Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter ran far away from the source. And of course, Eric was also panicking at hearing Evangelines scream.


Eve! Whats wrong?!


He ran his fastest in his entire life to get to Evangeline and found her crying. Her little hands covered her face in front of the mirror, and she was naked, by the way.


Eric shook his naughty thoughts and grabbed her shoulders to face him.


Eve, whats wrong? Whats wrong? Why are you crying?


Evangelines shoulders trembled, and her voice sounded grudge in distress.


Eric . . . its horrible . . . its horrible . . .”


She kept muttering, and Eric was having a difficult time understanding her. He stared inside the closet to find the source of her distress. He searched for spiders, cockroach or worms, or even maybe ghost –– but there was none.


Eve, what it is? Tell me . . . why are you crying? he asked again. Her shaking shoulders and her hiccupping were enough to make him feel awful.


Evangeline looked over from Erics chest, her eyes red and her face aggrieved. Eric . . . its horrible,” she said with a strained voice.


What is? Eric asked, cupping her face and wiping away her tears with his hand.


M-my . . . my butt . . .”


“. . .” Eric glanced at Evangelines butt, but all he saw was her round and soft bottom cheeks, which was a turn on.


What about it? he asked, pushing away his stirring lust.


Evangeline tried to answer amidst the hitching of her breath.


It has . . . it has stretch marks . . . ,” she howled once more against Erics chest.


“. . .”


Eric didnt know what to say nor feel at the moment.


Eve . . . its just stretched marks,” he cooed but regretted it in an instant when Evangeline snapped at him with murderous bloodshot eyes.


Thats where youre wrong, Eric! They arent just stretched marks! Those ugly things scar my fragile heart! I could die of frustration because of it!


Evangelines little fingers rubbed her forehead. She was hyperventilating now.


This is bad. I need to go back . . . we need to go back to Burberry to have my dermatologist remove it. Now!


Without a second word, Evangelines stomped her way back in the bedroom and packed her things inside her suitcase.


“. . .” Eric was left rooted on his spot, who still didnt know what happened. When he came too, Evangeline was already running towards the bedroom. He didnt have time to collect his thoughts and went after her.


He saw her pacing here and there, even passing him as she collected all her dress and stuck it inside her luggage. He didnt know how to comfort her. He felt like it was an insignificant thing to have them ruin their vacation and abruptly go back to Burberry because of a stretch mark.


But still, he didnt move to stop her. It might not be a big deal to him, but it was certainly important to her. He was not going to laugh and brush it lightly because it was ridiculous. Even if it was.


Sighing, he was also about to pack his things when out of the blue, Evangeline bent, arranging her things on the bed. Her sexy ass was raised for him to see. She had nothing on except her black lacy panties covering her pussy, outlining every contour.


*gulp . . .

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