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Chapter 61

Not a free chapter.

As everyone was enjoying their Christmas, Daniel was cursing Evangeline, yet again.


He saw from his second phone, the one he lent to Evangeline, that Sisley called him and Evangeline didnt even mention it. Almost a month, he didnt notice about it, not until he checked his call logs for anyone who had contacted him. 




The one he lent to Evangeline was the phone he rarely used, and a number anyone knows. But Sisley knew both his numbers. But she rarely called his second number and usually called the main phone he was using the most where all his friends and acquaintance knew. 


But since he was in a meeting, he usually didnt answer calls from anyone with the exception of Evangeline since he felt it was life and death whenever the woman called him.


Sisley must have called his second number when he wasnt picking up.


Double shit!


Informing Sisley to only contact him on his main number slipped his mind! No wonder he hadnt receive any calls from her these past few days! Not even this Christmas.


He quickly pressed her name and was about to call her when something popped in his head.


This is perfect. It was exactly what he wanted, right? For her to stop calling him and thinking about him. And by doing so, she would totally fall out of love.


These passed days, almost a month that he didnt see her, his feelings were reduced considerably brought mostly because he was busy and didnt have the time to think about her. And that mainly because he hadnt seen and be with her. He didnt even miss her. But he still likes her.


Deciding not to call her and let things ran its course, he slumped dead tired on his chair. Closing his eyes, he was going to take a quick break for all the reading of proposals when a knock completely shattered his wish.


Come in,” he said, hiding the grumpiness in his voice.


The door opened and came in their butler. My Prince, Miss Waltz, is here to see you.”


The vein on his forehead throbbed. Tightening his lips, he got up from his seat, wanting this done and over with. He already expected she would come. She had sent hundreds of messages after all in the past hours alone.


Walking in the living area, he saw her lips stretched in a full wide smile showing her crook teeth. In her hands were mountains of gifts which he hoped, really, really hope wasnt for him.


Your Highness! Merry Christmas! Lilybella greeted in all smiles. If she didnt have anything in her arms, she could have hug Daniel in a tight embrace. A pity, why didnt I think of that before?


But it was not too late. Putting down her gifts in the nearest table, she stormed towards Daniel with open arms for a Christmas hug.


But her conquest was a failure when he stopped her with his finger against her forehead.


Your Highness, your fiancée wants a Christmas hug!


No. If that is all youre here, you can go now,” Daniel said. His face was blank with no emotion on his voice. He was tired and stressed about work and Sisley. He had no time to entertain her shenanigans at the moment.


Puffing her cheeks, Lilybella whined, and stopped her advances. But its Christmas! You have to give love to everyone!


Daniel restrained rolling his eyeballs inside his socket. Im busy, and I dont have time for you. Merry Christmas.” 


Daniel turned and took his first step back to his office when a pair of squishy arms circled his waist, and the sensation was soon followed by something soft and springy and . . . warmth enveloped his entire back.


What are you doing? he asked, frowning. His arms were already pulling hers in an attempt to let him go.


Lilybella only tightened her arms around him like a snake, not wanting its prey to escape. Ehehehehehe. His Highness has a rough day. Dont worry, Lilybella exactly knows what to do! You just need one big hug!


Daniels fingers, which were wrestling Lilybellas stopped before it dangled at his side. He had to admit, her hugs were . . . comforting. It was soft and warm, and he like the comfort it gave him. He had to admit, after a tiring day at work and personal problems, this was exactly what he needed. A feeling that someone cared for him.


Daniel blinked when his nose and eye stung at the warm sensation flooding his heart. He didnt know how much time passed that he let her hug him.


Youre . . . suffocating me . . .”


Ehehehe. How about now? Lilybella asked, adjusting her arms around his waists.


“. . . Your warm and squishy . . . its uncomfortable,” he lied.


Mmm! Lilybella get that comment quite a lot!


“. . .” Daniel didnt say anymore, and the night continued its course with a girl feeling happy, hugging the man she likes while the boy stood there, eyes half clothes with a soft smile on his lips.

On a side note, while everyone was busy feeling love and giving love this Christmas, Asher, and D were climbing mount Everest in search for Evangeline. At the same time, Alexis made a heart devastating decision to shave all his prize hair to enter the monastery to look for his darling cousin Eva.

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