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Chapter 60


Alvaro woke up with a blurry vision. His hand shot to his eyes, rubbing his face along the way. When his sight regained, he saw a needle on his arm connecting to an IV. 


He then roamed his gaze in the unfamiliar environment. Spacious space, white walls, simple to none furnishings. It didnt take a genius to guess that he was in a hospital.


How do you feel?


His eyes zeroed on the face of a woman sitting on a stool right beside his bed. Her expression was bland, but the concern in her voice made him feel the world was a happy place to live in.


Roz . . . what happened? he asked. A bit disoriented and surprised in the weakness of his voice and the gruffness in his tone.


He wanted to sit, but she was quick on her toes and stopped him.


Dont move. You were unconscious for two days,” she said. Her little fingers sprawled against his chest, stopping him from any necessary movement.


Two . . . days . . . ? Alvaro was briefly in a daze. He didnt remember he was this weak to actually slept a whole two days because he passed out from just climbing a mountain. 


Well . . . that was embarrassing . . .


He actually passed out for that long? 


Clearing his throat, he regained what face he had left and smiled at Rozarria. His gentle façade on display.


What about you? Are you okay? What happened afterward? He was not one to ask many questions, but now, he wanted answers. Two days was no laughing matter. His family might turn Frizkiel upside down if they knew he was in the hospital and passed out for two days.


Rozarria stared at Alvaro for a moment before she answered in a calm manner, Im fine. After you passed out, we carried you to base camp. Luckily, Shura already called for a rescue helicopter, and we brought you here. We havent informed your family since . . . I thought you should explain it to them what happened.”


Alvaro breathed easy after hearing his family was not informed of the situation yet. He would like to keep it that way until he returned to BlackPine.


What about Maxine? he asked. He wanted to know how she was doing since all hell would lose when something happened to her.


But Rozarria misunderstood Alvaros question as worrying for his fiancée and her face darkened, while her voice was colder than usual. Shes fine. Shes in another room. Do you want to see her?


Alvaros hair rose on end. He knew she misunderstood him. His hand searched for hers. Her not avoiding his hand meant he still had the chance to explain.


Gently rubbing his thumb against her soft hand, he smiled reassuringly. Im asking about her since it would be trouble if she is in some kind of danger.”


Rozarria didnt respond. She shot him one last look before she withdrew her hand and stood, walking to the door.


Where are you going? Alvaro asked. The twitched on his brow were visible amidst his gentle exterior.


Im going to call the doctor.” And she went out.


“. . .”


Alvaro slammed his body against the mattress, collecting his thoughts. He was thankful nothing serious happened with Rozarria and Maxine. But he knew it was not over. The next step should be to convince his family, especially his grandfather, that he would not marry Maxine. But he was confident he would agree since Rozarria came from the mythical family Frizkiel. 


But he was also not entirely one hundred percent sure. After all, Maxine also came from an influential family, and what was more, their families were close, and their grandfathers were best friends.


This would surely put a strain on the two families.


*sigh . . .


If all thing fails, he could disown himself like what his Aunt Emerald did.


Chuckling, he shook his head. He couldnt believe he would go to such length for a woman. He! Who didnt believe in love had found someone his heart was willing to do anything to have.


Now, this is karma . . .

After the doctor checked him and found nothing was wrong, Alvaro could leave the hospital by tomorrow, which he secretly lamented since it meant his time to face his family was nearing. 


He also got knowledge that Maxine was okay and could also leave the hospital whenever she liked. She must be too ashamed or embarrassed at what she did. That was why she was hesitating to come to his room. She must have been waiting for him to go to hers. 


He would go, but not today . . . Now, he was enjoying his time alone with Rozarria, who was feeding him soup at the moment. Though the IV was already removed from his arm, he pretended he still couldnt put strength to it so she would feed him herself.


It was not romantic, like what he expected since the woman was all expressionless. Afterwhich, she cleaned everything and got back to her seat right beside his bed, and the room was eerily quiet once more.


What day is it? Alvaro asked, breaking the silence. Come to think of it, where are all his things? His phone and laptop?


Rozarria was quiet for a moment, and her stare rattled Alvaro for whatever reason.


“. . . Its . . . Christmas . . . ,” she said.


“. . .” 


“. . .”


Oh . . .” Alvaro got to admit, for the first time, he didnt know how to react. 


Im sorry . . . ,” he said after a while. I dont have anything to gift you.”


Rozarria shifted her eyes, a little hesitant. She pursed her lips and stood, which made Alvaro at a loss if he had done something again.


She must be disappointed I have nothing prepared for her. He was guilty and wanted to make it up to her. He was about to say that he would get what she wanted when she walked towards the door and locked it.


You have something right now which you can gift me,” she said all poker face, but the red hue splatted across her cheeks werent helping in covering her nonchalant appearance.


Alvaro was skeptical for a moment. He couldnt believe what he was hearing, and a grin replaced the stunned on his face.


Were in a hospital.” Though he was entirely not against the idea.


I solve that problem.”


By locking the door?


Are you against it?


The grin on his face spread in a full-blown smile. Not the least. Come here.”


Rozarria sauntered towards Alvaro. The softness in her eyes couldnt be hidden from her emotionless face.


Stop there.”  


Alvaro commanded, which Rozarria followed. Standing meters away from his bed, eyes not moving anywhere from his.


Tilting his head, Alvaro smiled, which narrowed his eyes.


Now, strip.”


“. . .”


Rozarria didnt say anything. A small smile tugged the corner of her lips as she began to strip.


As her clothes dropped piece by piece, Alvaros eyes turned softer and softer. The smile on his face wasnt lessening the least, marveling at the raw beauty, which was the most wonderful gift he received this year.


She had a body that was slender and even thin. But once all dress fell on the floor, the places were a woman fill out was amazingly perfectly filled out in wonderful proportions. Her breasts were the right size for his palms, and her butt was the right firm and softness he so desperately craved. She was far from the ideal stereotypical body a woman should have, but to him –– she was absolutely perfect!


Normally, she gave off that conservative stay away air. But once she took off her clothes, she had the right sexiness, charming all men. This contrast got him excited, and his cock was long ago, ready for action.


She climbed on the bed with no piece of fabric left on her. Their eyes remained glued to one another, enjoying the burning lust in each others eyes. She straddled his legs, and he had to give it his all not to grunt in pleasure when her little fingers stroked his cock beneath his hospital gown.


His dick was twitching impatiently when she teasingly caressed it, brushing her little fingers from the base of his shaft up to the tip of his swollen tip. 


The feeling was nice and all, but he was growing impatient, and she knew this too. The smile on her face was one of cheekiness, looking at him in a challenge.


Gritting his teeth, he forced a smile. But what he was feeling at the moment, weakness from bedridden for two days coupled with the sensation she was giving him –– for the first time in his life, he was helpless.


Youre enjoying this . . . arent you . . . ? Alvaro asked through the space of his gnashing teeth.


Yes. Yes, I am,” Rozarria honestly replied. Im enjoying it very much. Its not always that I see you so weak and helpless. This is indeed . . . the best Christmas gift I have received.”


Alvaros eyes darkened, promising to himself that he would teach her a lesson once he regained his strength.


Count the minutes, sweetheart. You wont have the liberty again.”


Instead of cowering, Rozarria giggled, and her grip on his cock tightened, which almost sent Alvaros head back if not for his willpower to stay on the game.


Wetting her lips with the tip of her cute tongue, she slurred . . .


Oh . . . I have my ways . . .”

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