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Chapter 59


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By the time Eric was finished, they were on the bed together in the treehouse, face to face. He was wearing a simple shirt and pants while Evangeline was wearing her usual styled oversize shirt with nothing underneath but her panties.


All the time, Eric took care of her, and Evangeline let him do everything for her like a spoiled human being she was. He let her sponge her body, dry it with a towel, put clothes on her, blow-dry, and brush her hair.


After which they were on the bed, staring at each other for who knows how long. She snuggled close to him, her palms feeling her chest while the back of his hand caressed her face, drawing it down to her lips, up and down.


It was quiet and peaceful that they even heard the sounds of the animals and insects coming from the outside.


But Erics body was not cooperating with him, especially his cock, which was turning hard, knowing Evangeline had nothing on but a panty. With few buttons open, her cleavage was in view and her nipples were pressed against the fabric. Not to mention, he still couldnt forget the stimulating things they did in the bathroom.


And now, he was lying on the bed with the woman he loves semi-naked next to him. No one could blame him.


His dirty thoughts were interrupted when Evangeline spoke.


By the way, before I forget.” Evangeline smiled, her eyes twinkling. I want those red spots on the mattress.”


“. . . You mean . . .”


Yes.” Her smile widened, thinking of the exact same thing as him. The evidence of our first time. I want it as a remembrance, so kindly cut it and give it to me.”


She then poked Erics nose and slurred, K?


“. . .” Eric didnt know how to react, to be honest. Or what feeling he should be feeling. But he still nodded. Okay . . .”


Evangeline smiled brightly and snuggled closer to him. They both like the feeling of this position. Evangeline felt safe and little against Erics arms while Eric liked the feeling of her little body close to his.


He repressed a groan when her hand moved from his chest to his abs and trailing back up again before her supple fingers slowly move to the line of muscles on his arm.


Eric has to give it his all not to attack her. He was not over yet to what happened to them last night and a while ago, and her little fingers werent helping, not one bit.


Evangeline laughed when she saw Erics agonizing face. What the matter? she innocently asked.


Eric avoided Evangelines teasing eyes, thinking to himself he would definitely get back at her the soonest possible. And he would make sure his caress was lustful than the way her fingers were moving right now. It would be fun to teased her as he ran his fingers all over her smooth skin. At the thought, his cock throbbed so hard, and a low painful groan rumbled in his throat.


Are you thinking naughty things right now? she asked.


Its just . . . your imagination.”


Hm . . . Really? she cuddled closer.


Eric felt her soft skin pressing against his, her comfortable weight on him. Especially her full breasts pressing against his chest. They were wonderfully soft, and they changed shapes every time she pressed them against him, and he wished she wouldnt move so much. Or was she teasing him again?


If this continued, his cock would be hard and spitting pre-cum in no time.


Hmmm . . . ? Whats that? 


Eric closed his eyes tight. It was already too late. His cock was already poking her stomach.


Do you want to cum?


To his surprised, Evangeline wasnt repulsed nor disgusted about it. He opened his eyes and stared at her questioning ones. She was looking at him with so much innocence and pureness he was having a hard time forcing out the words.


No . . . its fine . . . Right now . . . I just want to hug you.” 


The feeling of making love was nice and all, but for now, he really just wanted to cuddle with her. And he believed she was feeling the same when she smiled at him.


Leaning her face on his chest, her sweet after shower smell tickled his nose, and his arm wrapped around her back, massaging her muscles in a soothing rhythm.


Mmnn . . .”


She made cute happy sounds, and this encouraged him to continue rubbing his hand. Sometimes, brushing his fingers across her hair and not before long, her peaceful breathing filled the room.


Looking down, he saw her sleeping face with a small smile on her lips.


The lust in his crotch quickly subside, and he leaned closer, softly kissing her forehead.


Good night, Eve . . .”

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