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Chapter 58


Mmm . . .” 


Groaning, Evangeline opened her eyes and saw blurs of white before her vision focused on the face of Eric, who was staring at her with a fondness in his eyes.


Good morning,” he said.


Mm . . . what time is it? she gruffly answered. Moving her limbs, she let out a sharp cry. She was jolted awake by the soreness of her muscles and searing pain of her swollen vagina.


Eric was quickly by her side, assisting her to sit on the bed. His arms braced her shoulder while his other hand landed on her abdomen, rubbing her belly. The warmth of his hand and the pressure brought by his massages released some of the tensions of her sore muscles.


Its past the hour of lunch. Are you hungry? he asked, sitting next to her, worry on his face.


She smiled and closed her eyes, weakly resting her back against the headboard. She was weak and aching. Plus, the growling of her stomach the moment she woke up wasnt adding to her current predicament.


Im famished,” she said through exasperated breath. She faced him, smiling playfully. Youre a beast.”


Eric blinked, couldnt react for a period of time before heat crept to his face. He leaned and kissed her on the forehead, lingering there for seconds, murmuring, Rest first. Ill get you something to eat.”


Evangeline watched Eric left and only now notice he was already in clothes and that she was inside the RVs bedroom with a loose shirt on her. 


Frowning, she glanced at her pets, who were resting on their bed with a protruding belly. They were so full they didnt even bother to come to her the moment she woke up.


I guess Eric already fed them. 


Looking them in the eyes, she questioned, Since when did Eric put me here? I dont remember him carrying me here last night.”


Her pets, of course, just stared at her and wagged their tails before they yawned and got back to sleep.


Pouting, she tried to move her legs. It was hard. She could only move a little bit a time from her weakened aching state. She checked under the quilt covering half her body and found she was not wearing anything besides his shirt.


Naughty . . . naughty . . .


Repressing a giggle, she forced her arms to check her vagina. Upon contact, she twitched from the sudden pain. Shit! It was still hurting and swollen. She bet if not for the balm Eric kept applying for her last night, her pussy must have hurt more.


Hes really . . . a beast.


She smiled, resting her head against the bedrest once more just in time that Eric came and laid a tray full of food and fruits in front of her.


Eat first, then rest. Ill ready the bath for you later.”


Eric really knew her. She was feeling sticky and uncomfortable even though the temperature was cold. Nevertheless, she wanted to eat first, so nothing would disturb her later when she bathed in the bathtub.


How about you? Did you already eat? she asked first before she chewed the food he fed her.


Yeah. Dont worry about me.” Cutting the food, Eric sometimes peeked at her. Are you . . . aright?


“. . .” Evangelines head swayed to the side when she answered, It still hurts. And Im sore all over,” she complained. 


Leaning sideward, she rested her head against his shoulder while her eyes peeked through her lashes, looking like she wanted to be spoilt.


You have to take care of me until I can move again.”


Eric helplessly smiled. He fed her before answering, Un . . . leave it to me.”


Evangelines hand swept Erics arms and gently squeezed his bicep with her meager strength, which cause Eric to paused what he was doing and look her way.


Yeah? he asked when Evangeline just stared at him.


The softness in her eyes and the gentle smile on her lips rendered him immobile, and he couldnt pull away from those amazing sets of lilac irises. And he thought . . . the universe couldnt even compare with the beauty, which was her eyes.


Leaning close, his eyelids drop, capturing her lips with his. He swept his tongue on her lips before he gently bit it. She did the same to him before they tenderly kissed, which they didnt know possible. Their feelings were overflowing that they didnt have to speak it. The kiss was enough.


Pulling away, Evangeline gaze at Erics eyes, their breaths intertwined in between their parted lips.


Merry Christmas.”

Swaying her head side to side, Evangeline enjoyed the attention Eric was giving her. She was happily humming inside the bathtub while Eric was sitting on a small chair beside her, washing her hair. 


The hot water and relaxing aroma of the bath relaxed her tired muscles. The sense of time completely forgotten when she spent it with Eric. 


Looking at him by the side who was so engrossed in massaging her scalp with a serious face, she beamed. Did you already take a bath?


Yeah,” Eric answered, a little distracted in thought. Evangeline had nothing on at the moment, and he was washing her head. After the hair, should he wash her body too? This thought got him excited, and the bulge in his pants was becoming prominent by the seconds.


Evangelines eyes twinkled, a mischievous idea popped in her head. And before Eric knew what she was up to, he was already wet from the sudden splashing sounds of water while Evangeline giggled like a little girl.


Im afraid you have to retake a bath,” she chortled.


Wiping the water from his face, Eric ran his fingers through his wet hair before he smiled at her. He stood and casually removed his shirt.


Evangelines smirking lips faltered when Eric strip right before her eyes. There was something . . . erotic from the way his muscles flexed when he removed his shirt.


Feeling eyes on him, Eric looked at Evangeline, who was so focused on watching him strip. He was about to remove his pants and boxers but was now embarrassed since she was looking at him. It was a little shameful to have a hard-on the moment he took his pants and boxers off.


Whats the matter? Dont tell me youre embarrassed to be naked in front of me after what you did last night? Evangeline teased, eyes sparkled in amusement.


Eric couldnt help the heat emanating from his groin up to his head. He released a low grunt when the image of what they did last night jumped inside his head. No better way to go at it than to get it done and over with. Swallowing his embarrassment and shame, he quickly removed his pants and boxers and casually joined her inside the tub.


The bathtub was wide that even four people were enough to submerge inside. He then sat opposite her, being careful not to stray on her face, which was sporting a happy smile for whatever reason.


Crawling towards Eric, Evangeline contentedly laid her back against his chest while Eric opened her arms and legs to welcome her. She liked the feeling of his body cocooning hers. She felt small against him. Perfect and warm. It was so right.


Resting her head against the crook of his neck, she closed her eyes. Trying not to think about his cock poking her back.


This is nice . . . just sitting like this . . . with you . . . ,” she murmured.


Erics arms embraced her, and his head lowered to the crook of her neck. His nose grazed up and down against the flesh of her neck, inhaling her scent before he trailed wet kisses over it. Yeah . . .”


Mmm . . . Its ticklish . . .” She giggled. Yet, her head flung to the side to give him more leverage.


Do you want me to stop? he whispered in a low, sexy voice, but he didnt stop. He even bit and sucked her flesh.


Tightening her lips, Evangeline didnt answer. Instead, her hand reached for Erics cock and was dumbfounded to know how hard he was.


Aghh . . .” 


Eric let out a low grunt and held her hand to stop her. We cant . . . Youre still sore . . .”


It was you who started it.” Evangeline puffed her cheeks, her fingers still wrapping at Erics penis. Clearly, she had no intention to stop.


Sorry . . . sorry . . .” Eric laughed at himself. Ill behave and wash you now.”


Its already too late, dont you think? Evangeline glance at him, and Eric wanted to groan when her droopy eyes were hazy. Her parted lips were moist and was panting hot streaming breaths. She was aroused, no doubt about that. And the grip of her little fingers around his cock tightened even more, and his pre-cum leaked out.


Biting back a growl, his nose brushed the length of her neck. She shivered when his hot breath fanned her skin, and the sound of their sensual breaths echoed in the silent room.


Youre still sore . . .” He gently bit her earlobe before licking it. His breath hot against her skin like needles pricking her spine. Her toes curled, arms stretched to his neck when his palm massage her pussy.


Agh . . . ,” she moaned with a hissing sound. It was still hurting, and the pressure from his fingers against her slit lessened.


We wont be doing it,” he said.

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