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Chapter 55


Hands carving through his hair, Eric momentarily forgot the fluttering sensation in his stomach when he gazed at the expensive-looking RV.


It was a day before Christmas, and this was the day he anticipated the most. He and Evangeline were camping to their secret place and . . .


Turning towards the woman who was smiling nonstop, he asked, Eve . . . this is?


Beaming, Evangeline answered, excitement in her tone, An RV, Eric! Daniel lent me one. Since we are going camping until the new year, might as well make our stay comfortable! 


She then grabbed his hand and pulled him. Come on! Im excited to see whats inside.”


Letting her pulled him along, Eric smacked his lips tight. He silently added this on the list of favors he would give back to Daniel in the future.


Inside the mansion on wheels, no detail was overlooked. From the cabinets, large screen TV, three hundred sixty-degree view large windows to the Italian sofas and bed linens. The spa with a crystal rain shower and its one of a kind cyclopean cockpit. Offering only the most luxurious materials from around the globe like Italian leather and suede, Incan marble, exotic stones –– all custom made for those wanting the finer things in life.


Evangeline gave a nod of approval. Good thing that Prince has taste. The only problem now is the driver. Though Im confident in my driving skills, I havent driven this kind of car before.”


Tapping a finger on her lip, she frowned and mumbled, Maybe we should hire a driver? She was against the idea though since she wanted to be alone with Eric.


And of course, Eric guessed what Evangeline was thinking from her crumpled brows.


Dont worry. I know how to drive.”


Looking at Eric, Evangeline raised a brow. Skepticism painted all over her face.


I have a part-time job once in a trucking company.”


The arch of her brows didnt lessen as she questioned, Is there a part-time job you still havent tried?


Not answering her question, Eric changed the subject. Ill go and get our things inside first.”


He then escaped before she had the chance to question further.

The trip to their secret place wasnt hard and tiring. Quite the opposite, in fact. It was quiet and relaxing, all thanks to the autopilot function of the RV.


By the time they reached the place, it was already close to six in the evening.


Throughout the trip, the two were awfully silent. Though their faces were the epitome of calmness, their body, however, was heating. Pulse speeding, muscles quivering, and nerves tingling.


The air around them was thick, palpable, and very much warm with desire and lust.


Eric had to frequently moisten his lips while Evangeline fidgeted on her seat, legs slightly parting.


Nervousness and excitement apparent in their voice whenever they spoke and the bodily craving of being touched by each other were apparent in their intense, fevered stares.


Eric was really worried that they wouldnt make it to their secret place.


Luckily, they held on.


After taking their dinner in a concealed hurry, Eric went up the treehouse to clean and set everything while Evangeline took a bath.


This time, Eric could no longer stop the growing heat of his bodys temperature and the intense pounding of his heartbeat. His nervousness and agitation was apparent from his movements and shaking extremities as he cleaned the room and laid out the mattress, the fireplace, lamps, flowers, scented oils, and . . . what they would need during the entirety of the night.


After he set everything, he went back in the RV just in time Evangeline came out of the bathroom in robes. Her after shower face and smell assaulted his senses, and there was no stopping his cock from throbbing painfully, challenging the confines of his pants. 


There was a shyness to her. The way her face reddened, softer than usual, and she was visibly sweating. Or was it the after shower water? He didnt know nor care. All he thought was to erase the distance between them.


Eve . . .” 


The tension in his voice brought him back to reality. Feigning ignorance of his bodys desires, he cleared his throat. T-the . . . the room upstairs is ready for . . . uhm . . . y-you know . . . I mean . . .”


Eric didnt know what to say, and the words jumbled in his head!


Despite feeling nervous, Evangeline managed a giggle. So Eric also has moments like this. She somewhat regained her bearing at seeing him nervous like her. 


Crossing her arms in front of her chest, she proudly extended her breasts and slipped out her thigh from her robe. The smirk on her lips widened upon hearing a low growl in his throat.


But the cheekiness on her face dispersed at the sight of his bulge against his pants.


And Eric probably saw her line of sight as he excused himself.


You go upstairs first. Ill just take a shower,” he said and zoomed towards the bathroom.


Evangeline was left standing on her spot. Feeling a sudden flush of warmth spreading from her crotch outwards upon the image of Erics bulge and an intense sexual craving overwhelmed her body and mind.

Eric lingered in the bath for another five minutes or so. Staring at his reflection on the mirror. A robe draped across his body, palms plastered against the sink top.


This is it . . . this is it . . . were really going to . . .


Closing his eyes tight, he inhaled deeply, calming his rioting nerves. He never imagined himself to have a physical relationship with a woman before. Due to his past, he developed an aversion towards the opposite sex, even towards his fellow males. 


But Evangeline was different. He wanted to be near her, wanted to touch and kiss her –– all the time. 


Psyching himself, he went to Evangeline upstairs the treehouse.


And his rampaging hormones calmed down at the sight of her. She was sitting on the mattress near the fireplace, gazing at the window where snow silently fell from the sky. Her face flushed and breathing steamy.


And when their eyes met, all his nervousness, fear, agitation was replaced by an overwhelming desire to touch and explore her. To love her.


Gulping his unending saliva, Eric sauntered towards her.


When Evangeline saw the approaching man, the hair on her arms and neck rose at the intensity in his eyes, and the male dominance he excluded with his every step. The nerdy, geeky man was nowhere to be seen. The man in front of her was very much male and very much dominating –– and he was hers.


Her chest fluttered painfully. A pleasurable shiver caused her nerve endings to stir and tingle. Her knees were loosening, feeling weak. And an overwhelming to join and become one overrode her thoughts.


Not breaking eye contact, she watched him sat next to her on the mattress, and she kissed him, not wasting a second.


Leaning back slightly, Eric was caught by surprise at the sudden force of their smashing lips.


Recoiling, he asked, Are you sure?


It was low and strained. Evangeline responded with another kiss to his lips. Her trembling fingers were reaching past the gap between his robe, touching his warm skin.


Are you . . . absolutely sure, Eve . . . ? he murmured between kisses with an edge to his tone.


Evangelines teeth playfully drag Erics lower lip before she released it and smiled charmingly.


Of course, I am. Ive never been this certain in my life.”


Eric cupped her face and looked at her in the eyes.


Know theres no going back after this.”


Evangeline laughed. Raising a brow, she masked the nervousness she felt with an overbearing tone. 


Who do you think youre talking to? You know I dont take off my mask with just anyone. Only you, Eric. I know what will happen, and Im ready for it as long as its you. So make it worthwhile. Your Queen yearns to be pleased.”


“. . .”


Eric laughed. His deep chuckles lifted the pint of the room. Evangeline was a Queen who can go from royal to a gangster in a fraction of second.


He caressed her face with the pad of his thumbs and kissed her forehead. 


Mm . . . Ill try my best.”


 They stared at each other, and without knowing when it happened, their lips were already locked with one another.


Sliding on the mattress, Evangeline laid on her back, their mouth never parting. Eric pressed their body together, pushing his lips against hers in a soft brush.


His lips were soft and gentle, and Evangelines little fingers sprawled against his chest, tugging his robe apart in impatience as their kiss grew heavy, and their breathing grew faster and more audible.


Deepening the kiss with a gentle stroke of his tongue, Eric slid his hand inside her robe, pushing it aside before his lips touched and sampled her neck and shoulders, leaving moist prints and trails.


Tingling pleasurable aches flooded Evangelines body as her toes curled in the process. She was growing wet and sensitive by the moment, desiring friction between her thighs, and the force she exerted on yanking Erics robe increased.


Feeling Evangeline wanting to touch his skin, Eric pulled away and kneeled between her legs.


Evangeline got up and sat on her knees before she removed Erics robe and threw it to the side. The sight before her caused her throat to dry from her rushed breathing as she marveled at the body of the man she likes. Blood increase in her extremities and her palms ran over his biceps, squeezing it before sprawling towards his firm chest. Her fingers trailed down to his sexy abs and rested on the line of his pelvis. 


Eric watched all of this happen with panting breaths. Letting Evangeline explore his body to her hearts content. He then trembled when her face was just inches from his bulge while her little hands didnt know how to proceed.


His heart rate speed, feeling excited, and his balls tightened in anticipation. His penis pushed hard against his boxers, and he wanted nothing than for her to remove it.


Verbalizing his desire in a strangle tone of voice, he asked, which sounded more like a command. 


Do you want to touch it?

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