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Chapter 54


Evangeline blinked, the coldness in her eyes disappeared.




She beamed and hurried towards him. She then wrapped her hands around his. Are you searching for me? Lets go inside, the weather here is cold.”


Erics face couldnt be discerned under the dim lights, but the tone of his voice gave away that he was in no happy mood.


Im here to take you home,” he said, eyes not leaving Calvin.


Evangeline sensed that something was wrong. But she didnt remember anything that would cause Eric to be this serious. She peeked at him through her lashes. But the only thing she saw was his downturned mouth.


Who are you? Calvin asked. The veins on his forehead gradually gorged out at the sight of Evangeline and Erics intertwining hands.


Oh, right. Eric, this is Calvin. Calvin, this is Eric, my boyfriend.” Evangeline introduced full of innocence. Pretending not to notice the heavy mood.


Calvin laughed. Boyfriend!? Him?! Evangeline, you dont have to pretend just to spite me. Theres no way hes your boyfriend.”


“. ..”


“. . .”


The ridiculing smile on Calvins face gradually disappeared when he saw the serious faces of the two. 


Theres no way. No way. No way! 


A guy like that? Compared to him? He was bested by a guy like that?! He couldnt accept it! He refused to accept it!


Youre joking. Whats so good about him? You would rather choose a rock than a gold?! Are you out of your mind?!


Eric didnt respond. He, too, didnt understand what Evangeline could possibly like about him except his face.


While Evangeline was the epitome of calmness, the grip of her hand around Erics tightened. You can never hope to compete with him. Because what he had, you can never have even with all the money in the world.”


What could he possibly have that I dont?! Calvin asked, his brows in a tight knead forming a deep frown, voice almost shouting.


Evangeline stared at Calvin without any expression on her face.




“. . .” Calvin snorted. Fuck that! I can give you that if you want! I can give you all the respect you want! Even more! I can give you all of it! Him?! What can he give you?! Respect?! Huh! You cant even eat that word! Compared to me, he is nothing!


“. . .”


“. . .”


Erics shoulders dropped. Biting his lips, he had nothing to say. It was the truth. 


Nails digging against his palms, he blinked away the moist in his eye as he gazed at Evangeline. If she wished to be with another, he wouldnt hold her back.


But what he heard next wasnt the painful words of breaking up.


Eric . . . he . . . he made me question every belief I have. He made me open up when I didnt want to barge open my heart again. He helped me see something so incredibly simple is enough to make me happy. He made me feel so special in his own clumsy and awkward ways. And he made me realized what a wonderful feeling love is.”


She gazed up. Amethyst eyes met silver ones. Both were soft, almost melting, mirroring each others feelings.


He found me when I was alone. He doesnt hurt me, he protects me. He doesnt blame me, he listens to me. He doesnt disregard me, he respects me. He doesnt treat me any less, he takes care of me. He doesnt try to change me, he guides me. He didnt demand my submission, but he has it . . . completely.”


Looking at Calvin, her soft voice change into one with an edge, a finality in her tone. 


It cant be just any other man. It must be him. In this lifetime, I will serve only one man. I will serve only him. My one and only King.”


“. . .”


“. . .”


Erics head slightly shifted as he blinked away the tears in his eyes. All doubt and hesitation vanished just like that. The only thing that remained was the absolute feeling of love for her –– never wanting to let her go again.


At that moment, he wanted to consume her. Fill her to mark her as his. Damn everyones feelings!


Tugging Erics hand, Evangeline smiled. The haughtiness on her face returned, but the softness in her eyes remained.


Lets go home.”


Mmm . . .” Eric nodded. He briefly glanced at Calvin, who remained stationary on his spot, unmoving, face pale. 


He then intertwined his fingers with Evangeline and returned her smiled.


Lets go . . .”


Inside the Maybach limo, Eric and Evangeline were sitting so close together in silence. Their legs were touching, fingers intertwined.


Evangeline was facing the cars window. Her expression was cadaver like. Not just white, it lacks her usual arrogance. She was unusually quiet. Her mind elsewhere.


On the other hand, Eric was also facing away from Evangeline, repressing his joyful smile. But no matter what he did, a smile always crept on his face.


Whats wrong? he asked after the eerie silence. The lifelessness on her face and the lack of response from her bothered him.


“. . . Nothing . . .” Evangeline sighed. Not looking at Eric, she leaned against the cars window. 


You know,” she started, eyes gazing at the snow outside. I have trust issues, and Im not exactly nice nor friendly, but I think you already know that.” 


She chuckled, though her eyes were not laughing.


In elementary, I was bullied, and a girl I thought was my best friend was gossiping behind my back, and my only support was my mothers embraced . . . but even she was taken from me.” She choked at the last words.


Eric tightened his lips, but he gave her the space she needed. He remained quiet, waiting for her to continue.


What was left now? Father, I supposed. Father, who didnt care about her daughter, only using her to further his career. Father, who wasnt there when his daughter cried and bullied to tears. Father who built a mansion for his mistress and cast his daughter to live on her own . . .” She smirked, blinking away the tears brimming in her eyes. God took the wrong parent.”


She then stared at Eric, face smiling. 


And Eric never saw Evangeline so weak and vulnerable, and sadness gripped him that he wanted nothing but to protect her from the world.


But as of now, all he wanted was to hear her out and share her pain.


And I thought that reunion is a way for me to get revenge. You know. Being petty. Wanting to show them I was not the same Evangeline in the past. But instead . . .” She smiled bitterly at herself.


I . . . I realized that Im hallow. I never thought about my future. I dont have anything I am passionate about. Im not passionate about perfumes. Not interested in cosmetics except if they make me look pretty. Not a care about wine as long as it tastes good. Im not even interested in what I like. I mean, youre passionate about stars and all that while I . . . I dont have anything like that. I dont even have a hobby.”


Most of her life, getting something was easy. People approached her first, and all she had to do was point a finger on who to interact with. Was there anything she longed so much or put any effort into earning anything?


Eric was silent for a time. He then took her cheeks on his palms and wiped the tears under her eyes with his thumbs.


I know I can never change the past as much as I want to. I feel that Im holding you back when theres nothing I can do for you. But I still want to be with you. So when there is a time when someone accuses you of lying. Hurt you with their heartless words and judging eyes. When everyone turned against you. Wouldnt believe your words. I will stand by your side and protect you. I will be the one to wipe away your tears and say words of love to you.”


Evangeline sniffled, her heart was feeling big and warm. The feeling was returning to her bit by bit –– the feeling of pure happiness. She laughed a little to clear the lump in her throat. Her tears never stopped streaming on her eyes, gently flowing on Erics fingers. She closed her eyes when he brought his lips on her forehead.


He then pulled away, wiping her tears while a soft smile appeared on his face. Her big eyes, all water and soft like it was about to melt any moment soon.


Rubbing her chin softly with his thumb, his gentle voice resonated inside the car.


And . . . do you know the average life span of a human being is eighty years? One hundred if you keep a healthy diet. Youre still young. You have more than double your age to search for something you wanted to do.”


He leaned, and their forehead touch. Every step of the way, Ill be by your side. We will search together. I will never leave you.”


Evangelines eyes heated, there was no stopping her tears. Her expression was soft and full of affection, but her pride weighed down her words.


Of course, you will never leave me. Youre my servant. My boyfriend. You are mine.”


Eric chuckled. He tilted his head and kissed her, murmuring softly.


Yes. I am yours . . .”

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