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Chapter 52




*snicker . . .


Eric swept the men with his vacant gaze. Some were smiling mockingly at him. Some awkwardly sipped their wine, avoiding eye contact, and most have their lips twisted in a half-smirk. A desire to put him in his place was apparent in their eyes. And Eric found himself face to face with reality. Staring face to face with the hard cold truth that this was how the world works. 


Money is power.


Without it, he couldnt do anything. He couldnt buy a one-thousand-dollar ring for Evangeline much less support her extravagant, luxurious lifestyle. Without money, he couldnt protect himself much less defend her from others ridicule.


But it didnt mean he couldnt in the future.


Eric smiled, a smile that sent the hair of those who saw stood on edge.


Youre right. I am insignificant and not worth a glance or spec of your time. Thank you for making me realized my situation. Because of you, I found the motivation and drive I needed.”


Erics smile disappeared, replaced by seriousness which wasnt there before. 


Silence took rounds when his pupils constricted. The air around him change, and for some time, nobody reacted when the nobody before them radiated an air which contended with theirs. 


There was immense, powerful energy to him. And something like awe as they gazed at his silver eyes compelled them to bend their knees.


I may be a nobody now. A discarded pebble stuck in the sole of your overshined shoes. But make no mistake, two years from now. Four years from now, you will eat your words. And you will find yourselves kneeling before me, begging for my forgiveness. And I tell you now, its not a threat. Its not a promise. It is a fact.”


Without letting the others respond, Eric turned and walked towards the direction of the group of women. He didnt have to force himself to be polite anymore. It was time to take Evangeline away from this negative place.


However, before he could search for his girlfriend, someone barged his way.


Hi. Eric, right? Im Jennifer. We first met at the amusement park.” Jennifer beamed her brightest. If youre looking for Evangeline. I know where she is.”


Then she walked ahead, halted after seconds, and gestured for Eric to follow her.


Eric first swept the hall for Evangeline, and when he didnt find her, he followed Jennifer towards the deck.


Jennifer suppressed a smile when Eric finally followed behind her. The guilt was weighing in her chest. What she did couldnt be undone. She could only make amends in subtle ways, but owning to her fault was out of the question. To lessen the guilt and regret she felt, she believed she had to do something for Evangeline. And that something is to break her and Eric. 


Eric didnt deserve Evangeline. Someone like her deserved a guy with the same status as hers or even more.


Yes, just like that man, Calvin Devondale. 


For sure, Evangeline would be happy with Calvin by her side. Calvin would give her everything in the world.


When they reached the open deck, Eric refused to blink even when the cold wind splashed against his face. His eyes were on the man and woman who were intimately close to his liking.


Evangeline and that Calvin Devondale guy, looking so perfect together.


Fear and worry flooded his heart. That unsettling doubt hammered against his chest, reminding him once more about his insignificance against a man that perfect. 


Theyre so good together, arent they? Jennifer said.


Eric didnt respond. His gaze never left Evangelines face.


Jennifer continued amidst the silence. You know, Calvin liked Evangeline since young. But for some reason, he never admitted it. He had this weird way of showing his affections for her.”


Neh . . . isnt it true love? He likes her for more than ten years. He wouldnt even attend this reunion, but when Evangelines name was mentioned, he canceled his tour and even used his prized yacht. Compared to him, youre nothing special.”


“. . .”


Jennifer smiled and crossed her arms as she stared at Eric. Youre aware, arent you? On how many suitors Evangeline has. And among the list, youre not even worth mentioning. Youre just hindering her. A weakness to her. Because of you, she would be ridiculed. You cant protect her. And I think its high time you let her go. She deserves someone better.”


“. . .”


Gradually, Eric stared at her, and Jenifer found her heart rate picking up when those silver eyes met hers. Damn those eyes! Theyre so beautiful. She couldnt exactly fault Evangeline if she wanted to possess those eyes.


Youre maybe right . . .” Eric said after a short silence.


But I only follow Evangeline. Not you.”


Without looking back, Eric walked towards Evangeline.

The moment Evangeline and Eric entered the yacht, a man of impeccable good looks, charisma, emanating power and control, was secretly watching her inside a private room reserve for his personal use. 


Calvin Devondale, the owner of the said yacht, was gently caressing a photo of a beautiful young girl with lavender hair. At the same time, his eyes never left Evangelines face on the monitor. Not even for a second. He didnt even pay attention to the guy she was with.


He waited for his opportunity, and when Evangeline left for the deck, he grabbed his chance.


Walking to where she was, his heartbeat quickened while the desire to erase their distance consumed his mind. He almost ran to her, if not for him maintaining his image.


He wanted to meet her. Really, really wanted to meet her. How long was it when they last saw each other face to face? Five years? Ten years?


Breathless, he felt his pulse in his throat. And when he reached the deck, she was standing there, all alone, looking at the sea.


He was overwhelmed with so much emotion he didnt even notice Jennifer running past him. His entire focus was on her and her alone.


He could scarcely breathe as he watched her tucked a hair behind her ear. Her hair so soft, cascading like the finest silken threads down to her waist. His attention then flicked to her skin. Skin so supple, pale –– flawless. 


Her eyes were a lot bigger and brighter than he remembered. But it still reminded him of the blooming lavenders in his gardens. Her face had red spots sprinkled all over. Must be from the cold or her makeup. But whatever it was, it was so natural and downright beautiful!


And her lips, it was fuller and much more appetizing than he imagined in his dreams.


She tilted her body, chin jutting up, and her slender neck came into view while the glow of the moon sprayed sparkling lights across her figure.


And the only thought in his mind was . . . she matured . . . Nicely . . .


She was beautiful before, like the finest porcelain doll. But now . . . he couldnt even describe her beauty other than the word ethereal.


Swallowing, he had this yearning to strengthen his relationship with her.


In the past, when they were still classmates, he didnt understand his feelings. He hated it when he talked to another guy. Irritated when she didnt greet him like others who stumbled just to say hi to him. Annoyed when she was the only one who didnt steal a glanced at him.


It was just an accident, an impulse on his part to hid her shoe. And when she gazed over at him –– him and only him reflecting on her big dewy eyes . . . 


Something changed that day, and he was never the same again.


He had to admit, he was very immature, trying to get her attention through extreme means. And when he realized his feelings for her, he was already returning to his home country.


He didnt court her for the reason he was too prideful, arrogant, and stubborn to a fault. But he has the looks, the power, the money to back it all. Why does he, a man who is living like a God, should bow his head first? And to a woman at that.


He wasted more than ten years all because of his pride and stubbornness. All for the reason it should be Evangeline who should come to him first.


He had many women before, all have a resemblance to her, but none could come close to the real her. 


She had made him wait long enough. 


Now that destiny brought them together again. He was determined to set things right. Set fate in its proper course. It should be him and her a long time ago. And he would do everything in his power for their love to blossom.


Clenching his hands to hide his sweating, he drew in slow steady breathes to calm himself and sauntered towards her in silent steps.


With a yearning look, a slight noise rumbled in his throat, and an unsteady, emotion choked voice escaped his mouth.


Evangeline . . .”

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