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Side Story 4


When Evangeline was young, everyone was avoiding her, and the only one who stuck with her was Jennifer.


One time, Jennifer asked her why everyone was avoiding her as a joke since she already knew the answer.


To her surprised, Evangeline answered, stunned her.


Im gloomy and scary, so everyone is avoiding me.”


Nobody was avoiding her. She was too beautiful and otherworldly, so others were hesitant to approach her. Everyone thought her expression was frosty. But she knew Evangeline was actually a conservative and timid person who wanted to be good friends with everyone.


She burst out laughing, and from then on, she had been the link connecting Evangeline to their classmates.


The years they were friends, everything went smoothly until shit happened when they started to develop the thing called emotion and mind.


As a child, all they wanted was to play and be merry and be friends with everyone. But as they grew, everything became complicated.


Jennifer didnt know when it started. Bit by bit, she felt jealous of Evangeline. It started small when everyone talked to Evangeline, mainly because of her doing.


No, it started way before that.


Calvin Devondale, he was a guy who everyone loves. He was outgoing and always the center of attention. He was the life in any room. Everyone wanted to be friends with him. But for some reason, he liked to bully Evangeline. He would always make fun of her hair and hide her shoes whenever they play. In fact, everybody could attest that the only girl Calvin was interested in teasing was Evangeline though it was the form of bullying.


And that was when the start of her notice of Evangeline Krisnov. She wanted to get close to her . . . to learn more about her. Understand why Calvin would bully her.


It wasnt hard to befriend her. No, not really. Evangeline was a good girl that made her big sister side came forth and protected her. She was always this little girl who cried, and she would be there always to rescue her. To comfort her. To protect her against Calvin.


And before long, the three of them formed a weird relationship. Calvin bullied Evangeline, and she would protect her against him.


As the years went by, Evangeline blossomed into a beautiful girl and attracted a lot of attention. Guys desired her, and girls courted her friendship.


Bit by bit, watching everyone surround her, she was jealous and threatened. One dark emotion at a time. She was the reason why Evangeline was today, surrounded by everyone.


Whats so good about her?


Without her, shes nothing.


Without her, she wouldnt be surrounded by everyone.


It was all because of her.


Until one time, she received something like a letter in her closet. She remembered how happy she was. Ecstatic to find the one who wrote it was Calvin.


Calvin was every girls dream. Even when he was still a kid, he was handsome and popular. Even attracting the higher years.


With great enthusiasm, she strode towards the back of the grade school building under the large cherry blossom trees after the school ended, waiting for him to arrive. And not long, Calvin came as handsome as ever with his youthful face and striking intimidating amber eyes and golden hair.


Her enthusiasm and excitement only turned to sorrow when the only reason why he asked for her was that he wanted her help with Evangeline. It turned out, he had a crush on Evangeline since the first time he laid eyes upon her. And since he didnt know how to attract her attention, he started to bully her, so Evangeline would notice him.  And here she was, protecting Evangeline from him hoping to get his attention.


Something shattered on that day. Her heart, her friendship with Evangeline. Everything was replaced by dark, venomous emotions she couldnt control.


And nothing was the same ever again.


She was immature and was only thinking about herself at that time. Jealous about Evangeline when she gave her friendship to others and jealous about her for attracting everyone around her. So jealous about her attracting Calvins attention.


Thinking back, she was so stupid for letting her crush with Calvin ruined what he had with Evangeline. Calvin didnt even like her, nor was she in love with him. By high school, she was over him.


How silly she was to choose a stupid fleeting crush over a friendship that could have lasted a lifetime.


But it was already too late to fix things. What was broken between them could no longer be fixed with the words, Im sorry.’


She could only be enemies with her. Her rival in everything. The one woman who she didnt want to lose.


Jennifer opened the reunion group chat and added Evangeline.


Jennifer: Guys, Evangeline Krisnov is here in Everland.


Not long after, a series of dings resounded, and the group chat was flooded with messages.


Alice: OMG! The Evangeline? Our Evangeline?


Amanda: Shes here?


Christine: Hello, Evangeline. Remember me?


Claudia: Are you going to the reunion?


Joseph: Hey Evangeline, long time no see


Paul: You have to come to the reunion


Jennifer didnt reply and let the notification ringed. Her eyes, however, stayed glued to one particular name.


Calvin Devondale is online.

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