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Chapter 50


On the way to the venue inside the Maybach, Evangeline was fixedly staring at herself on her compact powder, checking if everything were in place. While Eric was busy researching someone on his phone and that someone was the guy who left an impression on him.


Calvin Devondale.


There was no harm in researching the guy he knew was his rival. It was best that he came prepared and knew what he was going to deal with. And the more he read the information about the guy, the more his expressionless face turned solemn.


According to his research, Calvin was the firstborn son of a very old family in the south, dealing mostly in gas, oils, and expensive brands. A straight-A honor student at Harvard, taking double majors in Business Management and Marketing. 


Now, he engages in their family business, Devondale group of companies, owning fabulous luxurious brands from wines, champagnes, brandy, down to clothes, bags, shoes, jewelry, and cosmetics. It was simply luxury at its best. He even saw Evangeline wearing some of its brands. And not only that, the guy owned ten percent of Frozen international.


And to make matters worse, he had a whooping twelves digit figure net worth and was making an average hundred million a day. 


His real estate portfolio included a twenty-bedroom mansion. A two hundred million properties at Kingston Palace gardens. A four-story one hundred million penthouse in Chelsea Waterfront. A three hundred million chateau in France. A forty-million ski ranch in Colorado. A one hundred forty million St. Forth estate and a seven hundred million ranch and grape vineyard in Spain.


Flipping his phone back inside his pocket, Eric leaned against the backrest and sighed.


That guy has it all! 


He was richer than Royalty and more handsome than the famous celebrities!


Couldnt control his agitation, his foot tapped against the cars floor.


Sensing his unease, Evangeline turned and looked at him. Whats wrong? 


Without thinking, Eric answered matter of factly, Nothing . . . Im just struck with the reality of how formidable my opponent is.”


Huh? Tilting her head, Evangeline didnt get what Eric was mumbling.


With flinty gaze and lips pressed flat, Eric didnt answer right away. He turned to face Evangeline, eyes glinting with unspoken anxieties as he spoke in a steady voice.


What do you like about me? Is it also because of my face?


“. . .”


“. . .”


Parting her lips, Evangeline was about to answer, but at the corner of her eyes, the magnificent lights coming from the superyacht caught her attention.


Were here.” Forgetting all about Erics questions, Evangeline readied herself and peeked at the luxurious yacht through her dense lashes.


Eric could only curl his lips inwardly. Her lack of response saddened him. But he was also relieved that he didnt know. Some parts of him werent ready for an answer –– yet.

In the vast endless dark sea, the only light illuminated the surroundings like discos balls were the superyacht atop the ocean. The boat was decked with helicopters, swimming pools, car garage, bedrooms, and a large hall. Its twenty meters swimming pool could be converted into a dance floor, and some of the glass walls were operable, connecting the indoor hall to the outdoor pool overlooking the vast sea. 


It was rumored that it was the most expensive yacht ever built in history, all custom made to tailor Calvin Devondales unique taste.


Everyone present was garbed to the max. They were contesting who had the most beautiful dress, expensive jewelry. Who had the best looking boyfriends/girlfriends, or simply who made it out of life. But among them, one thing common was their expressions, carrying the same pleasure for gossip. Words were slipping from their thick lip gloss lips, and they were laughing with no tears, chattering with others, sharing the excitement and giggling.


And she arrived.


Announcing her arrival was a drop in the temperature and descent of absolute silence.


Evangeline Krisnov –– Heart.


With her head held high, she waltzed in with an effortless saunter. Her straight purple hair rippled with her every sway –– eyes blooming lilac, figure perfect as hourglass. 


She was like a model from an otherworldly creature magazine cut out and dropped to graze the yacht with her majestic presence. 


She radiated a glow that was irresistible to both genders. Men desired her, and women secretly courted her friendship. 


She was the type of woman who women love to hate. Something Jennifer was gruntingly aware of. Evangeline was still as beautiful as she remembered. She was wearing a gown made from expensive, high-quality fabrics sewn with the extreme attention to detail by the most experienced and capable sewers through hand executed techniques.


Lilac eyes, lavender hair, and a confident, elegant strut that never misses a single step, telling the world, I am the Queen.’


Deep hostility and unhappiness registered on Jennifers sour face. She wanted some accident to happen on that beautiful face. Enough to make her ordinary. Enough to teach her what it was like to be normal. To be a girl that the guys wouldnt trip over when she passed by.


But that was only her wishful thinking. She knew everybody had ceased movement with slack mouth by now. And true enough, everyone forgot what it was that they were doing. They remained still for an extended time, not wishing to interrupt the surreal moment with their unabashed starring.


The men swallowed to relieve the dryness from their mouth hanging open. They were overcome with a desire to get closer. They were willing to take risks if it increased their connection to her.


And the spell was broken when their eyes traveled to the man beside her.


Whos that?


Is he her boyfriend?


Seems like it. Theyre holding hands.”


No way!


Symphony of snarky comments took rounds. The women took the opportunity to minimize Evangelines importance by relaying their past experience that was more awe-inducing –– taking the chance to advertise their more than capable partners.


Though Eric stood tall and straight, looking like a noble by his posture, no one thought of him as handsome. Not even passable. Then their gaze halted when they got to his silver eyes and Roman nose and their ridiculing, fake smiles faltered for a fraction of second.


Forcing out a smile, Jennifer approached Evangeline. Evangeline, Im glad you made it!


At Jennifers led, everyone soon followed, and people soon surrounded Evangeline and Eric. Some were genuinely happy to see Evangeline again, but most wanted to measure themselves against her. 


And without knowing how it happened, Evangeline and Eric were separated on either side of the hall. The mens side and the womens side.


Evangeline, what have you been up to? one of the women asked, faking interest.


Oh, you know . . . the usual. Busy with college and stuff,” Evangeline answered vaguely.


I heard you dated Daniel Richardson? The Prince no less! But why have you broken up? another asked. Her voice carried the sharp tone for gossip.


Evangeline sipped her wine before she gave a pasted-on smile.


He and I arent compatible. Youll be surprised that hes quite a bore.” She didnt let this opportunity go to waste to take her revenge on Daniel for what happened in the amusement park.


Really? Jennifer asked, accompanied by tight smiles. As expected of you. Even a Prince doesnt pick your interest.”


She then shot a glance at Erics direction. You really have a . . . peculiar taste.”


Evangeline knew where the conversation was headed, so she changed the topic. Enough about me. What have you guys been up to?


Oh, a lot of us have been busy these past few years.” One of the women replied like she was dying for someone to ask this question. Take Alice here for example. She founded her own company. Isnt that right, Alice?


Alice giggled, raising a hand to dismissed her achievements, yet her voice lacked modesty at all. Its a small company of fragrance. You now, since young I love perfumes. So why not do business out of it? But of course, my little store couldnt be compared to the Dinan twins.”


All the attention shifted to a pair of stunning girls who were precisely alike, wearing matching gowns.


Evangeline knew them. They had been classmates once. But who didnt hear of them in all levels in Unmei Academy? Since young, they like to flaunt their wealth through designer bags, flying in private jets, and customizing their cars. In the past, they made headlines for going to school in a helicopter.


One of the twins smiled. Us sisters launched our very own blush and lip tint, and it was a nationwide success in Manollette.”


Well, yeah! Us two handled it, so it was expected! Were also planning to launch our very own bath products and skincare,” the other twin added smugly.


Of course, it was a global success, all thanks to darling daddy. Evangeline thought, regretting every seconds past since the moment she entered the yacht.


And the list continued one after another for the it women who made it in life.


Evangelines mood plummeted, and the veins on her head pounded.


During our free time, we like to visit our familys chateau in Loire Valley, France. Or skiing in our chalet in the Swiss Alps. I invite everyone to come with me if you have the time.”


It was Jennifer who spoke, and someone followed, licking the womans million-dollar glass shoe.


I heard you started your own luxury fashion house known for its quality leather products. And now, it has grown as one of the fashions biggest labels.”


The symphony of congratulations and fake waves of laughter echoed once more.


Evangeline had enough of it and excused herself. He then walked out from the hall towards the open deck overlooking the sea. She didnt even look for Eric. For some reason, she wanted to be alone. 


The cold wind and gentle sounds helped ease her mood as she stood beside the glass railing, looking at particularly nothing.


It was not what she had expected. She thought that . . . 


It was evident tonight –– she was the looser.


*sigh . . .


Looking up, the sky was dark tonight. There was no moon nor stars, just tiny droplets of snow.



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