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Chapter 49


Eric blinked, followed by open staring with his mouth gaping. His fingers flexing upon gazing at the woman he couldnt believe was his.


His heart was racing almost too fast when he took in her appearance. Her strong jaw and defined cheekbones gave her a strong impression. His throat was growing thick, and his mouth was running dry when his eyes swept her unblemished and perfectly toned skin. Her face was made up, but not overly done. It looked natural, dewy, supple and soft, sprinkled with a rosy pinkish blush. And he fought the desire to move closer to touch her.


Her hair. Oh, her hair. If she was beautiful with wavy locks, straight hair made her appeared even more breathtaking than he ever knew possible!


She perfected this wet look so effortlessly while wearing a long-sleeve ashen blue dress with elaborate embroidery, which almost matched the color of her hair.


He found his eyes in steady contact with hers, with pupils appearing larger. His adoring eyes never left her face, which flushed with confidence and elegance. At this moment, all he thought was, he must have saved an entire planet for him to call her his girlfriend.


And before he knew it, he was walking towards her in quick strides –– quickly, erasing their distance.


If Eric was bewitched, Evangeline, too, was not faring too far. A flushed apparent on her face different from the pinkish hues of makeup on her cheeks while her eyes were bright and glossy when gazing at the approaching man in all his splendor. His raven messy hair, which glistened under the light, was combed at the side with few hairs falling on her forehead. Her breathing quickened when she took in his carefully sculpted face only made perfect by the imperfection of his scar.


Backing up his gorgeous face was a pair of strongly defined brows, and eyelashes so thick it could be illegal. His sharp jaw and angular cheekbone in full display and underneath a perfectly tailored suit of black were lean muscles. The kind that was not bulky from years of weight lifting. It was subtle and teasing –– the lean sexy type.


She licked her lips, fingers aching with the need to touch him.


He radiated with nothing but grace, which enthralled her. It was a first that she laid eyes on him with an appearance so noble he would put any Prince in the background.


He was so mesmerizing in every way!


And when he stopped in front of her, she forgot to blink. Her heart rate was picking up. Her throat in rapid succession of swallowing her nonending pool of saliva when she saw how awkward he was. Like he wanted to hug and kiss her but didnt know if it was alright. His outstretched hands didnt know which position to take while he turned away from her, avoiding her eyes to collect himself.


Ah . . . you look so beautiful,” he said instead, scratching the back of his head.


Instead of answering, she wrapped her hands around his neck and tiptoed. She pressed her lips against his in a wild torrid kiss, not a care if she would ruin her lipstick as he too abandoned all restrain. Enveloping his hands around her waist, he pulled her closer to him.


For a time, the only sound echoed in the room were the lewd sucking and wet kissing that even Winter and the others hid their eyes against their paws.


Only when they needed air that they pulled apart. Panting, Evangeline playfully bit Erics lower lip, gently pulling it, and murmured, You look so handsome I want to eat you.”


He smiled weakly, but the blush on his face was a dead giveaway. It didnt help that he was so modest about his looks. It made her fell for him all the more. Tugging him closer to her, she was about to attack him when she sensed weird glances behind them.


Turning around, Evangeline found that the royal stylists and designers were looking at Eric with gaping mouth and panting breathes. Her mood plummeted faster than the fallen faces of the women when they knew Eric was already taken.


Evangelines lips drew in a pensive scowl under an increasingly arch eyebrow.


You guys can go now,” she dismissed.


But the awestruck women didnt want to leave as they eyed Eric suggestively. Miss Heart, is he your boyfriend?


I think your boyfriend needs more color on his face.”


What do you say? We still have time.”


The women insisted, which only made Evangelines lips pressed in a tight, flat line. Pushing herself away from Eric, she opened the door and gestured for all of them to leave.


No. My boyfriend is all good to go. He doesnt need your services. Now, get out before I feed you to my pets.”


That line pulled everyone from their dreamlike state. And when they eyed the gigantic bear Alaskan malamute who was bearing its sharp teeth at them, furs rising and stance lunging at any time, all of them scurried and scrambled to exit the room.


Without saying goodbye, Evangeline slammed the door shut.


Eric shook his head. A bit uncomfortable, he composed himself under Evangelines scrutinizing gaze. Her lips resting in a natural pout.


Should we go? he asked, redirecting her attention elsewhere with no such luck.


Crossing her arms and tilting her body, she only gazed at him with a scowl on her face.


I dont like your appearance,” she said, straight to the point.


“. . . Oh. Do you want me to change, then?


Dryly chuckling, Evangeline fixed her hand around Erics suit, pretending to arrange it while her eyes never left his.


I think this suit is much better with your nerdy appearance.”


“. . .” Erics soft smile wavered. Are you serious?


Evangeline answered with a serious tone, Im dead serious.”


“. . . But, dont you think I look better in this appearance? I dont want you to be the center of ridicule because of me,” Eric replied. He was not ignorant of human nature. At events like this, everyone like to measure themselves against each other.


Evangelines tight expression softened, and her pouting lips formed a tout smile. Aw . . . thank you, Eric. Thats so sweet of you.”


Her expressions then change, harder than usual, that would not tolerate disobedience. But no.”


She grabbed his necktie and pulled him closer to her face. This appearance is only for me to enjoy. Im greedy and possessive. I dont want others to even gaze at you.”


She released his tie and neatly tucked it inside his suit. I hope you understand.”


She then smiled her sweetest enough to cause Erics diabetes. At that moment, he was experiencing opposing emotions. Part of him wanted to indulge her. Another part of him didnt want for her to be ridiculed at his expense. And the most part was he too wanted for her to remain inauspicious so others wouldnt lay eyes on her. He wanted her for himself, as well!


He was tempted to wrap her with a plastic bag to hide her beauty, but he doubted if it could lessen her radiant glow that was so natural to her. Even if she were wearing a hand me down old ragged clothes with no makeup, she would still be beautiful.


Feeling defeated, he could only nod. Alright, wait a sec. Ill go and change.”


She beamed and kissed him on the cheek. I know you would understand! Youre the best!


Smiling weakly, he patted her head before he went to his room to change back to his nerdy appearance.

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