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Chapter 48




Eric halted at washing the dishes when he heard the sound of the bell. He wiped his wet hands clean before he answered the door. But to his amazement, Evangeline was already zooming towards the door, lightning-fast.


The moment the door opened, there was a group of people outside, which held luggage in each hand. They were all smiles, and the one leading them was a professional-looking woman prepped in red carpet makeup.


Hello, miss Heart. We are his highness royal stylist, and as per his command, we are to render you our services for today,” the woman said. Based on her demeanor and clothes, she was the leader among the pack.


Evangeline beamed. Youre right on time. Come in, and lets get started. The party starts at seven, and we only have less than eight hours to prepare.”


Of course, please show the way.” 


Evangeline sauntered to her room, and the group of women marched behind her, not one bit looking at Eric. All were thinking he was a servant with his get-up of a simple shirt, pants wrapped in an apron.


After they entered the room, the group didnt waste any second and started to prepare everything. Their luggage transformed to high-end furniture with all kinds of makeup, perfumes, body wash, down to hair blowers, scissors, and the likes.


In seconds, Evangelines room turned into a luxurious spa and salon.


While the groups ready their things, Evangeline repressed a grin and walked to Eric, who was still standing at the side, didnt know what happened.


Eric, you should get ready too. The reunion will start at seven, but since the venue had changed, we should leave at five if we dont want to be late.”


There were a lot of things Eric wanted to say, but above it all was the most important thing. How much are those stylists?


“. . .” Evangeline was taken aback. Eric wasnt questioning her before with things like this. But come to think of it, after she became his girlfriend, she couldnt remember when was the last time she spent her money. All were shouldered by Eric even he didnt have much, to begin with. 


You dont have to worry about it. Daniel has it covered.” As usual, she said her perfect excuse whenever she wanted something she knew Eric couldnt afford. She could use her money, but Eric insisted he should pay, so she used her Daniel card. 


Erics blank face lost its smile. Daniel . . .” 


His hands briefly clenched. The reality of his situation was sinking in. He was painfully aware that he couldnt afford Evangelines lavish lifestyle, and he would be dammed if he would constrict her of the things that would make her happy. If he could, he used his money during their dates and whenever they were going out. 


But when it came to expenses out of his pocket, she would use Daniels name to save his pride. Saying it was free since she knew he would insist on paying whatever it cost.


However, she forgot it would still hurt his pride and confidence if she relied on another man. 


But what could he do? He didnt have the means to support her yet fully. For now, he had to suck it in and make sure to repay Daniel in the future –– with interest.


Comforting himself with this thought, his sullen expression softened. He then looked at Evangelines eager, glowing face.


Alright . . . ,” he said, voice lacked enthusiasm as he added, “. . . but why did the venue change?


Shrugging her shoulders, Evangeline answered without care, I dont know. The moment I joined in the group chat, that guy change the venue to his yacht.” Sneering, she snorted rather disdainfully. Talk about showing off.”


“. . .” 


There were a lot of things running in Erics mind, and his soft expression turned solemn once more the more he thought about it. 


That guy? he asked.


Yeah, Calvin Devondale. The son of an old generation family controlling the south. Apparently was cruising the seas and happen to pass by Everland in his yacht. Anyway, I have to get ready.” She wrapped her hands around his neck and tiptoed, giving him a wet smack on the lips.


Ill be going on and prepare ahead,” she said in a sultry voice, skittishly acting before she released him and sauntered in a sexy strut into the group of waiting stylist. And before she entered, she smiled. I wont be eating lunch today. I dont want to appear bloated in the time of the event.” 


She then winked and closed the door.


“. . .” 


Eric released a heavy sigh. Sometimes, Evangeline could be dense. She might not find it odd the moment she appeared in the group chat, and Calvin Devondale changed the venue to his yacht? Why now that the party was nearing and not in the first place? That Calvin guy was clearly showing off to her.


Eric released another long sigh. For a moment, he was insecure about himself. Questions like why Evangeline chose him from all among the top quality men that were vying for her attention resurface in his mind. And thoughts like because she was entertained and challenge that was why she was with him. 


But once she was bored and had lost her interest, would she leave him then? 


She wont be leaving me if I get her pregnant.


He shook his head almost the same time the thought surfaced in his head. 


It wouldnt be like that forever. Two years if he was diligent enough. He could take care of her and afford all the things she wanted after that. 


But . . . is that enough . . . ?


Sighing, Eric shook his head once more, erasing the dark, negative thoughts in his head. This was not the time to doubt her feelings for him. They were still at the early stage of their relationship. All he had to do was do his best to make her stay and fall in love with him more.


He turned to the wall clock and mused to himself. It was still early, and he bet Evangeline wouldnt come out of her room, not until seven hours later.


He still had time to wash Winter and the others and clean the whole room with that amount of time.


Raising his sleeve onto his elbow, he pumped himself up. Yosh, lets get started.”


11:00 am: Eric finished bathing Winter and the others. 


12:00 pm: Eric ordered take-outs lunch for the crew of women. But when he entered Evangelines room, he didnt find her anywhere. One of the team said she was having her spa in the bathroom for two hours already and had no sign of coming out whatsoever. 


2:00 pm: Eric finished cleaning the living room. He sometimes heard Evangelines voice inside her room.


I dont think that color suits me.”


No, that kind of style doesnt match my dress.”


I think the smell doesnt suit my overall theme.”


Argh, I dont want that kind of jewelry! It would totally ruin my whole look.”


She was becoming self-critical with every little detail, and the desire for perfection was evident in her voice. She even had a long list prepared to ensure that she would look her best during the reunion.


Glancing at the clock, Eric still has enough time to take a short nap. He sauntered towards his room and stretched her limbs before he slumped against the comfy mattress after he set his alarm to four in the afternoon.


4:00 pm: Eric woke up with the alarms ringing. He shut it off with half-closed eyes. He pushed himself up and stretched his neck before he groggily sauntered towards his bathroom. After thirty minutes, Eric came out with a towel wrapped around his waist, refreshed, and revitalized. 


He picked his already prepared clothes in the walked in closet and casually put it on. After which he arranged his hair and wore his contact lenses. 


At precisely five, he went out of his room and found Winter and the others asleep in their respective bed with no sign of Evangeline.


Plopping himself against the sofa, he waited for her to come out of her room while glancing at the clock.


He had to admit, he was feeling rather nervous about meeting Evangelines classmates. Adding to that, it would be his first time to attend a big event with his girlfriend. So it wasnt out of the ordinary to say he also wanted everything to be perfect.


His fingers unconsciously flexed towards his tie, flickering his cuffs, arranging every little thing to calm his nerves.


And, the door in Evangelines room opened, and his head snapped in her direction as he stood to his feet when he looked at her.

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