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Chapter 43


Rozarria blinked before she furrowed her brows in disgust. You have a wild imagination,” she said in unconcealed mockery.


Shrugging his shoulders, Alvaro probed, Then, what is?


Rozarria reverted to her expressionless self and continued her story in an uninterested manner, yet her eyes were turning dimmer by the second. What happened next is a cliché story. In my time in Frizkiel, I fell in love with an ordinary guy and had a happy, loving relationship for four years until Eric was put into an orphanage, and I have to leave Frizkiel while he stayed here. His life and job were here, not to mention he was in the middle of taking his masters. At that time, I didnt know I had made a choice. A choice I still regretted until this day.”


For a second, Alvaro saw her eyes registered raw emotions all at once, pain, regret, disappointment, hurt. She closed her eyes, and when she opened them, those emotions were gone.


I had chosen my family over him, thinking after I finish everything, Ill make it up to him. At first, our long-distance relationship was working for us until . . . both of us were consumed with our jobs and everyday life. Then one day, he told me he wanted to break up because he no longer had any love towards me. After all, I wasnt by his side at the moment when he was low.”


Rozarria chuckled, her shoulders trembled, but all Alvaro felt like she was crying with no tears.


But wasnt it the same for me? He wasnt there when I was emotionally and physically tired, but I never had once blamed him for it. And the true reason came to light. He found a girl who took my place.”


Rozarria gazed over at the sky before she lowered her head, face cold and eyes downcast, a bitter smile on her lips.


Now, he is happily married to that girl and has two beautiful kids while I waste my life in the embrace of men so I could feel his touch once more. Imagining him fucking me to ease the pain in my heart.”


Shen then smiled at him, eyes without shine. And thats the story of my life so far.”


For a moment, Alvaro didnt say anything. He studied her face. It was still the usual frozen face he used to know. But at this moment, he could see her true form –– raw, beautiful, and full of pain. And a desire to move closer and touched her, to erase all her pain, overwhelmed him. It was so strong he was even surprised at himself.


And before he knew it, he was speaking in a tone so warm he didnt even know he could make.


I truly believe that everything happened for a reason. Fate believes youre more valuable to be given to an ordinary guy. And if it were me who you meet at that time, youd be a Cole by now.”


Rozarria blinked before a visible flush appeared on her cheeks, and for some reason, her heart rate was picking up the more she stared at Alvaros serious face.


Turning away, she pretended to laugh at what he said. I didnt know you can make a hilarious joke.”


Want to try, and find out if it is a joke?


Rozarria eyed the man. Many had tried and asked for my hand, but none succeed. They were banned within the day.”


And how did I fair? Alvaro asked, a booming smile on his lips.


“. . .”


And his smile turned in a full-blown grin with a tint of smugness. Based on your silence, Id say I got an A-plus, at least.”


Rolling her eyes, Rozarria no longer restrained a smile. The mans grin was contagious. She extended her hand and cupped his arousal. Its all thanks to this.”


Alvaros grin didnt diminish one bit. His eyes even twinkled, clearly enjoying the conversation. Im honored. It makes me happy that I can satisfy you.”


But then, his expression turned serious once more while he grabbed her hand and pulled it towards his lips. He kissed her fingers, eyes boring at her. Im serious, though. Think about it.”


They made steady eye contact, and Rozarria saw Alvaros pupils appearing larger like he was infatuated. Her stomach fluttered, and her body heat was rising at an incredible speed. Yes, many had tried and asked her, but no one had ever made her body this warm. No one had ever made her heart beating more, more than it used too –– not until he came along.


Something stirred within her, and she found her answer in a thick, emotion-choked voice.


Im broken . . .”


“. . .” Alvaro rubbed Rozarrias hand with his thumb before he grinned, playfulness in his tone as he answered, Nothing a mind-blowing fuck cant fix.”


He then kissed her hand gently . . . so gentle, heat pooled beneath her eyelids while the painful lump in her throat dissolved into nothingness, and she blossomed in a genuine smile that reached her eyes.


Ah . . . shes so beautiful. Alvaro thought, and he leaned in closer. His eyes dropped on those luscious lips, wanting nothing but to taste it.


But Rozarrias finger against his lips stopped his advance.


No kissing, thats my only rule . . .”


“. . .” Gazing at her, Alvaro didnt speak for a moment.


Ashen blue eyes were staring at her with a passion, and Rozarria was at a loss on what to do. She was scared, excited, all at once at seeing the burning desire in his eyes.


Grabbing her little fingers on her lips, Alvaro lightly eased away.


Rules are meant to be broken,” he said, and without a second more, he closed the gap between them and took her lips.


Stunned was Rozarrias first reaction. It had been a long time that she felt that sensation again –– a very long time. And when Alvaro licked her lips, prying to open them, asking for entry, her eyes closed, and her lips parted.


And Rozarria, for the life of her . . . found that living was not bad, after all.


. . .


. . .


While they were lost in each others kiss, not far away, there was a pair of eyes which was watching them, hiding behind a big block of ice.


Maxine was shocked when he found Alvaro and Rozarria together, sitting so comfortably close. At first, she didnt think much about it and even wanted to join in by walking towards them. Many women were flirting with Alvaro, and it was her duty to place those women in their rightful place. But when they kissed, her vision turned dark. The pain was overwhelming. She felt her heart was drowning in anguish.


She kneaded her chest to eased the pain as her shock turned to anger. Her vision blurred, and she sucked in her cheeks, biting them, controlling her anger as she forced herself to walk away.


. . .


. . .


Rozarria and Alvaro continued kissing. Each passing second the kiss was becoming deeper and deeper.


Rozarria felt like she was lulled gently in the sea of clouds that she couldnt feel her bones. She was really missing out on the years of her life. Or was it because it was this man who was kissing her. She didnt know.


Softly sucking her tongue, Alvaro gently bit it, earning him a pleasant moan from Rozarria. He caressed her little tongue before he slowly withdrew but not before he licked her lips.


Looking at her with a radiant glow on her flush face, he smiled and spoke in a light tone. Have you made up your mind now?


Eyebrow raising, Rozarria replied, I thought youre going to give me time to think?


Oh, you still havent come to a decision? I thought for sure the kiss is already enough to earn my ticket to put a ring on your finger.”


Looking at him in the eyes, Rozarrias face turned blank with a teasing smile hidden within her lips. Maybe because youre not that good as you made out to be?


Alvaro pressed a hand on his chest, appearing offended. Now, that is a challenge that I will not back out.” He reached a hand and pinched her jaw. Care to have another around? Maybe inside your tent, perhaps?


Fighting a smile, Rozarria pretended to take a heavy thoughtful sigh. Eat your dinner first. It must be the hunger which made your brain spouting nonsense.”


Then, we can continue in the tent.” Alvaro persisted in stubbornness.


Looking away, Rozarria didnt respond. Dragging another second, she nodded with a small smile on her lips.


Watching her like this, from her cold paralyzed face into a meek bashful expression, was enough to send his body flaring. His semi-hard cock twitched and swelled on his abdomen. He grabbed her cheeks and kissed her hard, which sent them both back from the force.




Wide eyes, Rozarria was caught off guard. It took seconds for her to react, and she pressed her hands on Alvaros chest to escape his forceful tongue that kept caressing hers.


She tilted her head and found a respite from the tiny gap. What are you doing––mph!


Before she could finish her sentence, his tongue was inside her mouth once more, shutting all protests.


She thought she already knew how forceful he was, but clearly, she was mistaken. The more she struggled, the more excited he became. The more she flung her head to the other side to escape him, the more force he used to steady her head, locking it in place while his mouth devoured hers.


Her moans of protest were all swallowed by his kiss. His tongue intertwined with hers, leading it towards his mouth, biting and sucking it. He sucked her lips repeatedly like he was sucking something sweet before he plunged his tongue inside her throat.


He was skilled –– more than skilled. The movement of his lips against hers was enough to make her lose control and think nothing else but devoured him whole. All protest was gone as well all strength in her hands as it lay limp against his chest.


If it werent for she was feeling suffocated due to lack of oxygen, she wouldnt stop kissing him, and neither did he.


Slowly pulling apart, both of them were panting. Steamy hot breathes collided from their mouth as a glistening thread of saliva hanged between them. Evident of what just transpired.


Alvaro leaned in once more, intending to capture her lips, but Rozarrias finger against his mouth halted his movement.


Any more, and Im afraid your pants would burst.”


Eyeing that particular stiff protruding thing against his pants, Alvaro sighed before he stole a quick pick on her lips and released her.


Only know I compromised because the temperature here isnt ideal for outdoor sex.”


Rozarria huffed a laugh as she leaned against his shoulder while Alvaro picked up his food and ate in silence. From time to time, he would feed Rozarria some food which she ate without complaint.


The stars scattered and sparkled that night. The wind howled as usual in a peaceful, almost lullaby rhythm, and the two enjoyed each others company, sharing a smile.

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  1. Aww this is sooo sweet. I actually enjoyed read Alvaro relationship than his Brother.
    Surely Roz is the best character in this book.

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