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Chapter 39


The sun had risen when Rozarria woke up. She was disoriented, but she quickly recovered. She removed Alvaros arm embracing her waist and got up. She stretched her limbs and ignored the soreness of her sex. Cracking some bones in her neck, she glanced at the man who was now awake and looking at her.


There was something wrong with the way he gazed at her. The kind smile he always portrayed was gone, and his eyes were narrowed with pupils constricted. It was . . . a little scary.


What is it? she asked.


“. . .”


Alvaro didnt answer for a moment before he replied in a severe tone.


Whos Allen?


“. . .”


Rozarrias heart beat faster and faster, and from the way he was looking at her, she couldnt help but be nervous.


Wait . . . why?


She regained her breathing and answered in her usual forlorn voice, None of your business.”


She then sauntered towards the exit of the tent, but Alvaro held her hand.


I asked you a question.”


The tone of his voice made her shudder, and the intimidating aura he portrayed was enough for her to cower in fear. His whole persona was different. Very different. The man standing in front of her was cruel and dangerous. It was like he was a changed man altogether.


Was this his true self?


Frowning, she met his gaze even though her knees started to quake. I dont care about your relationship with other women. I hope you do the same. Or else, Im afraid I have to ban you.”


“. . .”


“. . .”


They stared at each other. The air turned suffocating by the minute. It was hard to breathe will all the heaviness between them.


“. . . Pardon me.”


It was Alvaro who broke the silence.


He smiled, reverting to being a gentleman that Rozarria thought what she saw was just an illusion.


Youre right . . . its none of my business,” he said and released her and sauntered back to get his things ready for the climb.


You should go and get your things ready. The climb will about to start.”


Rozarria hesitated for a moment. The reason, she didnt know. She shot one last glance at Alvaro. See you later.”


She then went out of the tent and didnt saw the sinister smile on Alvaros face.


Outside, it was still dark, but the lamps hanging high on the poles and the lights coming from the tents were enough to illuminate the area. Rozarria walked back to her tent, thinking how Alvaro knew Allan. Did she blurt it out last night? Or maybe she mumbled it in her sleep?


It was not the first that a man asked her about the name, and she always answered the same. She was never bothered what they think. But she was clearly concerned now.


Rozarria shook her head, dismissing it because she didnt want Alvaro to stop having sex with her. The man was good. In fact, the only man that ever made her orgasm after Allen.




Her brows twitched, but she didnt stop walking. Instead, she hastened her steps. But the man who called her name still managed to catch up to her and grabbed her hand.


Roz, wait. Why are you avoiding me?


The entitlement, the ownership in his voice caused her brows to draw in one line. She gazed up and flashed a timid smile before it disappeared as quickly as it came.


Mr. Dave, do I have any reason to avoid you? Based on his question, she could guess he didnt saw which tent she came, and she was relieved since Aaron could be an arrogant prick if he wanted to.


Aaron frowned. After they had sex that night, Rozarria had been avoiding him. Not answering his calls and messages. Not even seeing him when he came to her house multiple times.


Roz, is it something I had done? Tell me. I will fix it.” He reached his hand, attempting to hold her arm, but she recoiled, and instead, an intense cold stare reciprocated his move.


Mr. Dave, I think you have greatly misunderstood something. What happened between us is a one-night stand.  A mutual benefit. Theres no relation between us after that.”


“. . .”


Aaron looked at Rozarria and gradually came to a realization. Because of his good looks and effortless charms, he could have any woman he wanted. Not to mention his family was well known in Frizkiel. He thought Rozarria was the same, wanting to bed him to be his girlfriend. But the reality was, he was used by her to relieved her itch.


A roiling heat consumed him, which formed into anger. Never in his life that he was treated this way. It was mostly the other way around!


Be careful, bitch,” he hissed. All pretense crumbled, and he reverted to his arrogant self. His pride took a direct hit. I can have your puny Rozienheim corporation at the snap of my fingers.” Since she was acting this way, he no longer wanted to play the caring boyfriend.


Staring at him with no warmth, Rozarria only shrugged. Really? she then turned and walked away. Good luck with that.”


Wait, Im not done with you! Aaron didnt care about anything else anymore as he grabbed her hand.


However, before he could, someone took hold of his shoulder and called him.




Annoyed, Aaron snapped and saw one of his helpers. What?


Problem. One member,” the helper said, forcing out the words one at a time while his finger pointed towards a specific tent where four Frost people and a single woman were arguing.


Oh, for the love of––


Aaron took a sharp intake of air. He glanced at where Rozarria had gone before he turned to address the problem. Though he didnt have any love for his position as the leader of the expedition, his father was a fanatical climber. If he didnt do his job well and smudge his fathers good name, he would not hear the end of it. Besides, he had more than a month to deal with her for playing with him.


Meanwhile, not far, Maxine had her own troubles. Her hired helpers refuse to carry some of her things. Usually, everyone would exactly do what she would tell them. She never experienced this kind of set back before, so she didnt know what to do as her anger controlled her judgment.


She stomped her feet and said, Why are you refusing to carry my things? Isnt that what I paid you for?


One of the helpers waved his hand. No, no, no. Too heavy. Dangerous!


What do you mean by dangerous?! You were perfectly fine carrying it until here, and now you refuse? Maxine then thought of something, and her nostrils fumed. This is part of your plan, right? You pretended to carry our things here then refused to carry it later since we couldnt turn back now. You cheated me!


Whoa, whoa. Whats going on here? Aaron asked the moment he stood between the group of helpers and Maxine.


Maxine thought that someone had come to her rescue in the form of the leader and complained about her grievances, I paid them to carry my things, but now they refuse to carry it!


Aaron glanced at the group of four helpers and frowned. Is that true? This was not the first time he had climbed Freezing mountain, but this was a first that he encountered something like a Frost refusing to carry their employers stuff.


Kechensha! Chokenxe zhoxina frogina toh henxi!


One of the Frost was alarmed and rambled their language, didnt know how to speak the foreigners language much.


Aarons frown deepened, and he glanced at his helper. What did he say?


His helper replied, Table and stove heavy. Couldnt carry. Suggest leaving.”


Comprehension down on Aaron, and he sighed. On the one hand, his client was Maxine, and in a sense, he must take her side, and she did pay them to carry her things. But on the other hand, carrying those things was impractical and not necessary.


Ah . . . what to do. He was not much in the decision-making category. His thing lies in adventuring and extremes sports.


Whats going on? 

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