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Chapter 38


After setting his tent and finish a light meal, Álvaro went out, and the first thing he saw was the twinkling stars bursting in the dark sky. It felt like he was on a different planet.


This was one of the things he liked about adventuring to the natural geo. The silence of the place and the cracking of snow was the only noise. The darkness healed his soul from the never-ending lights of the city. And of course, the view.


Walking around, he wanted to savor the fresh icy smell and getting acquainted with what challenges he would be facing tomorrow. The whole adventure was a total of sixty-seven days, twenty days actual climbing, and the rest was getting acclimated with the environment, resting and passing out bad weather.


Besides constantly on alert for an avalanche, crossing large crevasses on a ladder, climbing a one-hundred-meter high steep slope with only a rope, traversing the peak with lack of oxygen while fighting the effects of high altitude, he also had to take care of a spoiled inexperience girl.




Shaking his head, he huffed a dry laugh while he walked towards Maxines tent.


Maxine, its Alvaro,” he called. Not a second long, a zipper resounded, and Maxines pretty face peek at the gap of the tent.


The moment she laid eyes on him, she beamed and opened her tent.


Alvaro, Im so happy you came to visit. I thought . . . Youre still angry at me.”


Alvaro ignored her . . . Rather, he was stunned to see the woman brought the comfort of her house in here. From heated tents, folding bed, stove, and a fucking dining table and chairs. No wonder she brought along four Frost helpers.


Youre just in time, Ive cooked your favorite food. I was planning to send you later as a peace offering but since youre already here . . .”


Maxine pulled Alvaros arm, and he let her drag him towards the dining table, which was filled with luxurious imported foods. She even brought wine. Come and join me for dinner.”


“. . .” Alvaro closed his eyes. His head was thumping, and he was not even climbing yet.


No longer smiling, he said with a serious face, Maxine, didnt you heard what Aaron said? Consuming too much food at once would send blood rushing to your stomach, making your body focus in digestion rather than in breathing . . .” He stopped when he noticed the woman still had that innocent face enough to make him imagine a flower sprouting on top of her head.


But . . . Im hungry,” she said, completely disregarding the consequences.


Alvaro took large intakes of air. Dealing with her was much harder than climbing the mountain itself.


Anyway, dont eat too much. Only eat a small amount. Preferably chocolates and other sugary foods.” He then packed the foods inside a tapper ware just in case she didnt heed his command. After which, he asked, Let me see your things.”


That was the reason why he was here, after all –– making sure that she had the tools and gears necessary to survive.


Maxine didnt argue when Alvaro asked her foods. In fact, she was happy thinking Alvaro was taking her food to eat later. She led him towards her massive backpack, and Alvaro didnt waste any time in inspecting its content.


There was high grade down jackets, gloves, boots, glaciers glasses, sleeping bag, oxygen bottles, pix ax, climbing harnesses, crampons, caribearers, ropes and other gears for climbing.


Good. At least she had the basic common sense to bring the necessary gears and equipment. Not just imported goods and luxury tents.


Standing up, Alvaros job was over, and he said his goodbye. Make sure not to let anyone inside your tent and scream if something came up.”


He then turned but was stopped by her.


Its quite lonely here . . .” Maxine clasped her hands near her heart as she lowered her head while she tagged his jacket. Why dont you . . . sleep here tonight.”


“. . .”


Alvaros pupils constricted. Looked like she wanted him to fuck her so badly that she always hinted it this past few days.


Sighing, he pulled his jacket from her hold. He didnt want to treat her in kindness anymore, nor he had any intention to be nice to her.


See you tomorrow,” was all he said before he got out of her tent.


He would instruct someone to watch her tent later. It was a good thing she built her shelter close to his.


Alvaro stopped on his tracks when he saw a familiar silhouette in one of the bone fires. Making his way there, he sat on an empty log and smiled.


Cant sleep? he asked.


Rozarria didnt answer. Her body curled neared the warmth of the fire, arms hugging herself. How about you? Putting your fiancée to sleep?


Alvaros grin stretched his lips. Jealous?


Rozarria faced him with her famous stony face. Why is it that men always assumed women are jealous every time they mentioned another girls name?


Youre not? Alvaro countered. He was delighted to see her ice-cold face cracked even if it was just a little.


Im not. Im only hinting that you should conduct yourself as a man who already has a fiancée.”


Prompting his palm on his chin, Alvaro hummed in response. The smile on his face didnt lessen. Maxine is not my fiancée. Not officially, at least. You know how it is. Our families are close, and everyone is expecting me to marry her.”


Rozarrias head snapped forward. Im not interested.”


Really? he teased.


Finally, those frozen brows of her moved and twitched.


Really,” Rozarria answered with finality.


So does that mean . . .” Alvaro wet his lips, voice turning deeper as he leaned in closer to her. “. . . Im banned from meeting you at night?


“. . .”


Instead of answering, Rozarria stood to his feet. Not looking back, she sauntered to her tent.


However, she didnt have enough time to take two steps when Alvaro stood as well and reached for her arm. Taking her non-resistance as a sign, he pulled her closer to him. Her back against his chest while his arms enveloped her.


His head lowered, lips grazing her ear. He even felt her body trembled and knew it was not because of the cold.


Im kidding,” he whispered. Though the evil grin on his lips said a different tune.


She knew that Maxine was his fiancée declared by his family. Still, she slept with him. That alone was proof that she didnt care about his relationships. To her, sleeping with men was just to remove her itch and warm her bed. No strings attached. And what he came here to do was to change her perception. Change her perception of him.


It was not love, not really. But compared her to Maxine, he preferred her. Mostly because she was a Frizkiel, and he liked her face very much. Like the feeling it gave him when he broke the layer of ice covering her façade.


Rozarria didnt make any effort to resist him. Her calm didnt diminish while her eyes swept her surroundings. Though it was hard to focus with a handsome man blowing hot air on her ear.


There were people outside roaming around, but no one paid them any mind. To their eyes, they must be lovers attempting the mountain together.


What are you doing? she asked.


Hugging you,” he replied in an instant.


“. . . Someone might see us.”


Alvaro blew another steamy air on her ear and enjoyed the reaction of her body as he did so. Are you worried?


“. . .”


Pursing her lips, Rozarria didnt answer. Was she worried? No, not even the slightest. She didnt have any emotion left except when it came to her family. Everyone else simply didnt matter.


Alvaro smelled the scent of her hair as his face gently rubbed her head. Sleep in my tent tonight.”


“. . .”


Another round of silence before Rozarria nodded.


Alvaro smiled and released her but didnt let go of her hand. He then led her to his tent in silence.


Inside Alvaros tent, the temperature was still cold, though not that much compared to outside. It was bearable for one to sleep in comfort. It was simply a tent with a very thick and warm thermal regulated comforter. At the edge was a large backpack and a small battery-operated lamp.


Both of them didnt say anything, and Rozarria laid first on the mattress and covered herself with the quilt.


Alvaro turned off the lamp first before he too snuggled closer towards her. She laid on her side, back facing him, but that didnt stop him from kissing her forehead good night and hugged her from behind. He like the smell of her hair, and the feeling of her snuggled in his embrace. Closing his eyes, he hugged her closer to him.


“. . .”


“. . .”


I would never have thought that we really are just going to sleep,” she said after a moment of another silence.


Alvaro chuckled. Im afraid, with all this cold, my cock would freeze first before I manage to get it out from my pants.”


“. . .”


Alvaros eyes flung open when Rozarria trembled. Whats wrong? Are you cold?


Im . . . fine . . .”


There was something wrong with the way she said that. Like she was controlling herself from something. He hovered in front of her and forced her to face him, which he had to put in some force since she resisted.


Whats wrong? Look at me. Look at me,” he commanded when she covered her face with both her hands.


He grabbed her arms and pinned them over her head. With no more to obstruct his sight, he saw her face was a little red while her eyes were much softer and glassy. But what shocked him was the broad smile on her lips, causing her whole appearance to change from lovely to divine.


So beautiful,” he murmured without thinking.


Her smile froze, and she reverted to her impassive face once more. But it was too late. His heart was already thumping, thundering inside his chest. Leaning closer, he captured the flesh of her neck between his teeth while he pressed his bulged against her, and his hand palmed her breast.


Her arms circled his neck the moment she felt his cock amidst the thick layers of their pants.


I thought that . . . youre afraid your dick would freeze,” she mewled, extending her neck for him to fest on.


Laughter bubbled in his throat. I thought maybe you could warm it inside your pussy before it happens.”


Slurring, she replied, Its worth the try.”

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