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Chapter 36


It was already nearing noon when Rozarria woke up, and the first thing she noticed was . . . the aching of her body, especially the soreness and swelling of her vagina.


It was strange, her limbs were weak, and she couldnt move, and yet she was . . . happy? Refresh? Light?


It was a long time when she had an orgasm that she almost forgot the feeling. She felt the dump mattress beneath her. She didnt know she could come so much. Rather . . .


She glanced at the man who was sleeping beside her so soundly, arms scooping her in his embrace.


He is . . . incredible.


She didnt know a cock could come so many times like the one he had.


Good morning.”


A groggy voice rang in her ears, which, for some reason, caused her heart to thumped more than usual. Reclaiming her calm, she greeted back, looking straight onto his ashen blue eyes.


Good morning.”


Yawning, he relaxed his hold on her and sat on the bed and stretched his neck and arms. The movement caused his muscles to flexed and constricted, an alluring sight in the wee hours of the morning. One she could get used to every day.


Her eyes then traveled on the tattoos encompassing all the skin of his back. A head of a dragon in white and silver. She could barely make out the elaborate design since it blended perfectly well against the color of his skin. It was like a part of him that he wanted to hide, yet he still exposed it on his flesh.


Before she could marble its beauty, he stood up in all his glory and, one by one, picked his clothes before he flashed her his usual gentleman smile.


Mind if I use your bathroom?


She controlled her eyes, not to glance at his erection jousting to his stomach, hard and erect. She maintained eye contact with him. Ignoring the aching of her swollen sex.


Go ahead.”


He flashed her another grin, which told her he knew what she was thinking. Pretending to be unaffected, she closed her eyes.


She heard his chuckles until it disappeared inside the toilet. Pulling her strength, she pushed her body up with difficulty, so her back laid against the backrest of the bed.


Memories of last nights events flooded her mind. Even for a woman like her who slept with countless men, she couldnt help the heating of her cheeks though her face remained impassive.


She closed her eyes, trying to regain her state of calmness. She didnt know how many minutes passed when she heard the bathroom door opened and came out Alvaro wearing his clothes.


Sorry, I have to go,” he said right away while he sauntered near her. Are you alright? he asked when she didnt respond.


She opened her eyes and turned to him. His face was near, and he was leaning so close to her like he was going to kiss her.


Unfettered, she said, Im fine.” Thinking it would be some time again before she could see him again, she let down her guard. I wish you safe travels.”


“. . .” He didnt answer. He just stared at her before he smiled. Will you miss me?


Rozarria was caught off guard by the sudden question. For a time, she didnt respond, thinking of her answer. He parted her lips, but Alvaro beat her to it.


Dont worry. Our next meeting might be sooner than you expected.” He grinned before he stole a loud smacking kiss on her forehead.


See you later. Call me anytime you want.”


Was all he said before he quickly turned around and walked towards the door. He stopped and waved at her goodbye before he opened the door and went out.


. . .


. . .


Rozarrias fingers traveled to her forehead as she blinked. Though she was surprised by the mans behavior, she wont be fooled. Underneath his friendliness lay unfathomable cunningness.


What happened last night was a product of their selfish desires. Him wanting to deepen their relationship and create a favorable bond between two families. While for her, it was purely out of pleasure, and he took advantage of that. He knew if he could satisfy her, her impression of him would rose. Thus the Frizkiel familys opinion of the Cole would elevate.


A smile tugged the corner of her lips.


What a cunning man.


Knock! Knock!


Arranging the quilt over her body, she uttered, Come in.”


Haier entered and bowed, not even laying sight on her as his head remained low.


Haier, just in time. Have my brunch delivered in my room.”


Yes, milady.”


“. . .”


“. . .”


Is there something else? she questioned when her butler didnt leave her room.


My lady . . . ,” Haier hesitated, about Mr. Cole.”


“. . . Ah, yes. Received all his calls and text . . .” She paused. Shifting her head away, she continued, Have the gold room ready next time he visits.”


She could almost see the surprised on her butlers face upon her words even she could not see his face. Well, he must be surprised since Alvaro was the only man ever to make it in the golden room. Others were simply blacklisted before they could even make it to silver.


Cooperation had to be of mutual benefit. If they could not even satisfy her in bed, forget about talking to her again.


She would only give one chance and one chance only.


Yes, my lady,” Haier responded, but he still didnt go out of the room.


Anything else? she asked.


My lady. It had come to our attention that Mr. Aaron Dave is replacing his father in the expedition.”


Her brows twitched though her face remained bland. There were also men like that . . . couldnt get the subtle hints that she didnt want anything to do with them anymore.


Its fine. Ill still continue with the expedition.” For sure, the man wanted to make the expedition as an excuse to see her since she already blocked everything about him including any form of communication and visits.


Then, Ill have your brunch ready, my lady,” Haier said before he walked out of the room.


. . .


. . .


She tried to move her limbs, but they were sore and limp. Even the lightest friction caused her sex to burn.


Sighing, she could only curse Alvaro in her mind.

The moment Alvaro arrived at the floor of his room, he saw Maxine waiting in front of his door. Even so, that didnt affect his jolly mood.


Alvaro, where have you been? she asked the instant she saw him.


Just took a walk.”


Oh . . .”


She fumbled her fingers as she used to when she was about to say something that had a fifty percent chance of him not agreeing.


Uhmm . . . if its alright, I want to take walks with you. My body felt heavy lately, and I think the exercise is what I need.”


Alvaro stopped in front of her, but he didnt make any effort to open his door. He didnt want for him and her alone in a room. His trust towards her had dwindled quite a bit these past few days with all the seducing she was making.


Changing the topic, Alvaro asked, Maxine, have you already bought the ticket home to BlackPine? Surely his old man would understand why he didnt escort Maxine back. Forging relationships with the Frizkiel was a top priority, after all. His grandfather knew that too.


Lowering her head, Maxine answered, I have decided to stay for a while. I have found something interesting and planning to do it with a group of people.”


Hmm . . .” Alvaro couldnt discern her expression by the angle of her head, but the tone of her voice was odd. Ignoring it, he briefly patted her head. Is that so? Well then, Ill have someone to look after you.


Maxine interjected, No need.” Realizing she spoke in a high tone, she shifted her head in embarrassment. I can take care of myself.”


Hmm . . .” Alvaro pretended to glance at his watch, and said, Im starving. I still havent had breakfast yet. Why dont we go to a restaurant first and have our lunch?


A flash of something like eagerness crossed Maxines eyes. Thats perfect. Actually, Ive cooked some food inside my room. Im waiting here for you so we can eat together.”


Restraining his brows to twitched, Alvaro could feel something was up. Every time she cooked for him, he would always make up an excuse. He was afraid that she had put something in the food. It was better to be safe than sorry.


I remembered I have something to do. You go ahead and eat lunch.” He then turned and walked towards the elevator in a hurry.


But to his amazement and annoyance, Maxine blocked his way. It never happened before. With just the slightest hint of rejection from him, she would fall back.


But now, she had gotten bolder once more.


Alvaro, can I come with you? With shining eyes and trembling lips, Maxine pleaded.


Though he wanted nothing more than to be alone, he was afraid if he consistently rejected her, she would complain about it to his grandfather, and the relationship between two families would sour.


Accepting his fate, he conceded, Alright.”

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