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Chapter 34


Alvaros eyes remained on Rozarrias face. He was merely testing her, wanting to know what kind of a woman she was. He didnt think she was this kind. The type that treated men as nothing but bed warmers.


Was he offended? Certainly not.


His muscles quivered while a new kind of pleasure raked his veins. This was undoubtedly a dangerous game. If he lost, his position in her mind would regress, possibly even fall out from her list. But if he won, he would have her allegiance and much more.


The rules, the first to come –– lose.


Controlling his quivering muscles, his hand stretched, caressing the smooth skin of her collarbone.


Ah . . . like he thought . . . her skin is cold.


Feeling the smoothness and iciness of her flesh, his hand moved to her cleavage that was almost sleeping from the confines of her lingerie.


Still, he didnt stop, and neither did she made any effort to stop him.


When his hand reached the center of her plump cleavage, he casually shoved his fingers in between the two soft flesh and pulled out a small switchblade.


Dangling the blade in front of her, his grin stretched in full-blown laughter. Is this really necessary?


Rozarria only smiled, a small smile that wouldnt even be considered a smile. A woman has to be prepared with anything.”


I see . . .” Wetting his lips, Alvaro took his times enjoying the game they were playing. A new kind of game he would not lose.




The blade swung smoothly from its sheet. The sharp knife glistened under the dim light. Using the sharp end, he took his time slicing the thin fabric holding the lingerie against Rozarria skin.


Her body jolted ever so slightly whenever the cold metal grazed her skin. Still, her pretty face remained paralyzed –– no expression whatsoever.


Making her scream in pleasure would be tough work. He would take the challenge nevertheless.


The lacy lingerie ran down from her figure, bumping along with her curves. And what stumbled in his view was a scenery he likes so much. Full round perky breasts with erect pinky tip and cute little pussy with a well-manicured lawn. A beautiful landing strip that offered texture, smell, and a full load of sensory stimulation was just plain hot.


He couldnt wait to taste and have a feel of it. So different from the clean-shaven pussy he used to fuck.


Disappointed? she asked.


Instead of answering, he pocketed the knife and took her hand, pressing it against his bulge.


I hope this answer your question.” The grin on his face turned to one of cheekiness when he managed to crack her stoic face even if it was a little bit.


Hmm . . . hard to tell with all this darkness.”


Without warning, her little hand squeezed his more than sensitive arousal causing him to pressed his lips tight to imprisoned the harsh growl from the sudden onslaught of pleasure and pain.


Biting back a groan, he let her fingers caressed and squeezed his penis. He curled and uncurled his fists, beads of sweat rolled from his forehead down to his dump shirt.


The woman . . .  was very experience. Even using the tip of her nails to pinched his highly sensitive shaft with the right amount of pressure to administer pain and pleasure, earning another restrained growl from him. His chest was rising and falling. Breaths came quicker and faster. His face and neck were flushing with pleasure. If this continued, he would surely lose.


His hands slipped on each side of her thighs before he carried her. Her legs wrapped around his waist, arms clutched on his shoulders.


She stared at him in silence while he gazed at her with unbridled lust and desire. He leaned up to capture her mouth, but a cold finger against his lips stopped his advance.


Kissing in the lips . . . is not allowed.”


He stared at her before his smiling mouth found the flesh of her neck, murmuring, Mind tell me why?


Its my only rule. You just focus on pleasuring me.”


Chuckling, he nipped the skin of her neck. He twirled his tongue before he whispered, Well then . . . lets get started, shall we?

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