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Chapter 31


Rozienheim corporation, Frizkiel


In this auspicious day, the Rozienheim Auction ball was held. Lines of vintage cars, limited edition, and luxurious automobiles lined the entrance.


The building took up an area of four hectares, and its interiors were nothing but extravagance. The large hall where a large guest congregated had nothing but expensive rare carpets, polish walls carved from precious stones, overlooking a vast expanse of dome sky glass reflecting the dark milky sky and stars. Highlighting it all were gigantic chandeliers decorated by all sorts of sparkling stones and crystals, befitting the taste of the CEO of Rozienheim corporation.


Only the higher echelon of society was given the crystal card invitation, so it was no surprise that most present were either the nouveau riche, business moguls, collectors, politicians, aristocrats, and royalties in their formal suits and custom-fitted gowns.


Finely attired attendants shuffled between the guests bearing beverage personally handcrafted by tea masters and winemakers as well as delicacies by master chefs and artisans to suit the theme of the event.


After greetings, the guests were led towards a private hall where the auction was held. Depending on the importance and amount of influence, the guests would either be guided towards a private individual room overlooking the stage from a one-way bulletproof floor to ceiling window or be put in the majority upfront the platform in cushioned seats.


And since Alvaro and Maxines status where deemed average among the gigantic personalities present, they were seated near the stage. Alvaro didnt mind it since he was not an avid collector, nor was he a person who fancied rare and expensive pieces of jewelry. He was there only because of a duty to accompany Maxine. Nothing more.


Feeling bored from waiting for the auction to start, Alvaro excused himself and out of the hall towards the veranda to puff some smoke.


At first glance, the ample space appeared empty, but as Alvaro got closer, he saw a lone woman leaning against the railing, stargazing at the sky.


That didnt deter him. His steps were even quicker than usual.


He knew the woman sensed his presence. Still, she didnt look nor glance at him. Not one bit interested in the sudden appearance of another.


Leaning against the railing, Alvaro casually lit a cigar before taking a drag. Miss Rozienheim, a pleasure to meet you again.”


Tucking a hair behind her ears, she finally stared at him, all stoic and unfeeling as ever. Mr. Cole, Im honored by your presence.” Bowing, she added, I hope you enjoy tonights auction. If youll excuse me.”


She might not have like that her alone time was invaded or didnt like that he was blowing cigarette smoke in her presence. It was hard to guess what she was thinking with her paralyzed face and all.


The more she acted that way, the more Alvaro wanted to make her squirm.


Why dont you accompany me for a moment, Miss Rozienheim? Deciding to cut his smoke short, Alvaro extinguished his cigar and disposed of it in his ash case.


Rozarria studied him with her clear emerald eyes. His lips twitched and a smile that he failed to restrain spread across his face when she spoke matter of factly.


Im sorry, I have matters to attend to.” She then turned and walked away.


She clearly didnt want to speak to him. He got that feeling with her dismissive stares and guarded posture.


Still, he persisted. Baiting her with what he knew would make that stony face cracked. Is that matters more important than your little brother?


Rozaria stopped. The calm she had now was gone, and ice radiated all over her. Slowly, she faced Alvaro, clear emerald gaze replaced by one of threat and malice, making her face even more cold and fierce.


Alvaros head tipped back, eyes squinting from the force of his grin. Eric Phelps. Hes your little brother, right? Miss Rozienheim? Chuckling, he continued, Im sorry, maybe I should call you Miss Roz Rozienwelheim Frizkiel?


Shuffling and rustling sounds from above, below and from the bushes, tickled Alvaros ears. Then tiny red dots appeared all over his body, and he knew, one wrong move, his life would be over before he could even move his mouth.


Still, his lopsided grin never left his face, watching the woman who was now chuckling, barking out little peals of laughter in the embrace of her arms. The stoic look on her face was replaced by one of mock and sadism.


And Alvaro never saw a woman so sexy as the one in front of him.


Mr. Cole, I dont know if I should call you a genius for figuring it out or an idiot for revealing it to me.”


Alvaro leaned on the railing without any care that multiple snipers marked his body. Well, Im always a man with a backup plan. Im confident that you wont do anything to me.”


Rozarria placed a finger on her lips and tilted her head. And please tell me why I wont? Youre not in BlackPine.” She raised her chin, challenging Alvaros superiority. Youre in Frizkiel. In my territory.”


Even so, I think you wont kill a man who will become a part of your family soon.”


Rozarrias brows crumpled. She thought that he was subtly proposing to her. Many had used that line, and she wasnt buying it.


I dont have time to play with you––


Evangeline Heart.”


“. . .”


Im sure you heard of that name. Your little brother is courting her, after all. And I bet they are together as we speak.”


The hard lines on Rozarrias face loosened, replaced by curiosity. Do you know her?


Grinning, Alvaro pointed at the tiny dots all over his body, and Rozarria gestured with her hand, and those dots were gone. The atmosphere returned to its calm and peaceful state except for the battle of dominion between them.


Explain,” Rozarria said, reverting to her stoic face once more.


Alvaro just smiled. Im surprised you still havent investigated who Evangeline Heart is.”


Of course, Rozarria didnt since she thought what Eric was feeling was just temporary. A fleeting emotion he would grow and forget. But recently, she was beginning to think of investigating this Evangeline Heart since Eric was so into her.


Her thought was interrupted when Álvaro continued.


Evangeline Heart is my cousin. Shes a Cole,” he said straight to the point without any fluctuation in his voice.


Rozaria had the feeling it was not as simple as that. Her instincts told her that he had just told her a secret.


What are you trying to do? Telling me this? she asked.


Its to deepen our familys connections, of course. I knew your secret, and it was only right that you know ours. This way, trust is forged between two families.”


Rozarria didnt know what he was thinking. That lopsided smile had never left his face, but she knew all of his laid back attitudes were nothing but a farce.


The man was cunning. This way, he could use the secret of their family as leverage if he wanted something from them. And by disclosing a private secret of his, he extinguished any form of animosity from either party. Making it appear as a mutual benefit.


Well, it works out for them as well. It was not like the idea was terrible. It was beneficial to both.


I see. Then . . .” Pinching her gown, she curtsied, I hope to have mutual cooperation with the Cole in the future.”


Leaning back, Alvaro watched the ice-cold woman. His eyes glint, and the lopsided grin on his face curved in an alluring smile.



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