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Chapter 30


Rozienheim Mansion, Frizkiel


The rays of sunshine shot through the gap of the roman shades and spread through the dazzling Italian marble floor and sapphire color coated walls until it reached the porcelain white face of a woman sleeping on a bed.


Without any change on her stoic face, Rozarria gradually opened her eyes, and the first thing she saw when her vision cleared was a face of a handsome man staring straight at her with a smile on his face.




Good morning, sleeping beauty.”


Smiling at her was a man with deep blue eyes and tousled golden hair.


Ah . . . right . . . Its the son of the expedition leader . . . What was his name again . . . ?


Good morning,” she greeted back without a curve of her lips. What time is it?


Pass the hour of eight in the morning,” the man replied with a charming smile. He reached his hand at her to caress her face.


Recoiling, Rozarria got up and out of bed, not a care that she was naked.


In an instant, the mans eyes were bridled with lust, the bump on the sheet becoming apparent. Couldnt contain himself, he got up and sauntered towards Rozarria in all his glory. His penis was erect and dangling, growing harder by the second.


Inwardly sighing, Rozarria controlled herself not to smack the mans hands when he embraced her from behind, stroking her back with his more than engorged cock.


Babe . . . how about we forget breakfast and eat each other instead? he said with a deep and husky tone.


Rozarria tossed his arm away from her and grabbed her robe, and casually draped it around her.


I have some matters to attend to. Do make yourself comfortable.” Not looking back, she got out of the room, and before the man could utter anything, she closed the door shut.




An older man sporting a gentleman beard and butler suit, greeted her the moment she walked out from the room.


She nodded and continued walking to her room with Haier following behind her.


Haier, that man . . .”


Mr. Aaron Dave, Miss.”


Yes . . . I dont want to see him anymore.”


As you wish.”


Brushing her hair with her hands, she asked, Is everything ready for the auction tonight?


Everything is as Miss designed.”


Mmm . . . good.” She stopped in front of a large crystal door, and without glancing at Haier, she added, Have my team of stylists ready. And dont bother me for the rest of the day.”


Haier only nodded before she entered her room.


The moment she closed the door, she had nothing in her mind but to take a shower, but the blinking of the phone on her bedside table caught her attention.


No one knew the number of that phone except for her family, and thus she grabbed and checked the caller.


It was an unknown number, and the only message was,


[Its Eric. Call me when you get this]


Without a second more, she pressed the dialed button, and it only rang for seconds before a deep voice answered on the other side.




Eric. Where are you? What are you doing? Why arent you in Burberry and doing your job in sparkle entertainment? Dont you know what rules I broke just so the company wont fire you? she scolded the moment she heard her little brothers voice. Her tone was angry, anxious, and a bit relieved though her face didnt display those sorts of emotions.


Roz, I need a favor.”


“. . .”


For a moment, she couldnt replay. Instead of explaining himself to his worried older sister like a good little brother would do, he was changing the topic, completely ignoring her feelings.


He never changed.


Sighing, she asked, What is it?


There should be a woman named Evangeline Heart who will enter your company. I want you to accept her and place me as her assistant.”


“. . .”


That girl again?  Of course, she knew who Evangeline was in her little brothers life. The reason his brother was now nowhere to be seen, distracted, and foolish for forgetting his goal.


Clumping her forehead and closing her eyes tight, she couldnt help but worry for him. He was clearly enamored and couldnt think straight because of this girl. It was time she woke him up.


Eric. Are you out of your mind? Have you forgotten what you have been painstakingly working for all these years?


“. . .”


Are you just going to disregard your family for this single girl?


“. . .”


When Eric still didnt reply, she could only sigh and persuade him from a different angle.


Eric. Focus on the goal first. After that, you can always go back to her.”


“. . . Do you honestly think that?


For a first after so many years, her stoic face crumpled in a frown, and her pale greenish eyes dimmed.


If it was you. If someone you like said you wait for him. Will you do it?


“. . .”


Evangeline will never do it. And I too will never ask such selfish request from her. Money, I can earn it again . . . but the time with her . . . The memories I should have made with her, those I can no longer take back. You should know it more than anyone else.”


“. . .”


She bit her lips. The words couldnt leave her throat. An indescribable burning emotion erupted from her that she thought she was no longer capable of feeling.


Eric, all of us have to sacrifice something for the family. Mike sacrificed her passion to be a vet for the business. Dimitri sacrificed his passion to be a tea master because of the family. I sacrificed the man I love for the family. Everyone has to sacrifice something.”


“. . . And how did it work for you?


“. . .” Gritting her teeth, her pale stoic face revealed a crack.


I dont want to regret anything. I dont want to lose someone I love to someone else like what happened to you. I dont want that the most . . . but I also dont want to lose my family.”


Eric paused. He then breathed some air before he continued.


The only solution is, you let Evangeline in sparkle entertainment and make me her my assistant. That way, its a win-win situation. Ill still work for the company, achieve my quota within the deadline period, and be with her at the same time.”


“. . .”


Rozarria took quick breathes to calm herself.


Eric, its more difficult than it sounds. Youre distracted with that girl. Do you honestly believe you can pay attention to your quota with her distracting you?


I wont change my mind. Have her and me be together in Sparkle entertainment.”


So stubborn!


Eric, listen to me . . .” She was having a hard time now. She was always one to make her point across, swiftly and clearly. But she was having a hard time conversing with a man who was more than ten years younger than her.


This is against the rules. Even calling each other not related to work is against the rules. If father finds out about this––


Roz . . . please. Just this once. I wont ever ask anything again. Just this once.”


Eric . . .”


Please . . .”


Biting her quivering lip, she gazed at the ceiling before she sighed. She couldnt do anything if he were acting this way.




She could feel the happiness radiated from the other line, and it put a smile on her face. A tender smile that made her silver eyes curved.


Thank you, Roz. I promise Ill make this work.”


Tut . . .


Even after the call ended, she was still holding her phone on her ears. Still a little distracted at what happened. In the very recessed in her mind, something stirred, and a memory most hidden was uncovered.


A memory long forgotten.


Without thinking, she wiped her phone and pressed a passwords protected folder. After inputting the passwords, hundreds of photos appeared on her screen.


A picture of a tall, handsome man with tousled brown hair and a kind face. His eyes so soft behind his spectacle while his lean arms circled around her.


Caressing the man on the picture with her fingers, her unfeeling greyish pupils trembled. A bitter sensation hit the back of her eyes, and a single drop splattered against the screen.

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