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Chapter 29


Walking towards their group, Jennifer noticed Fu had been silent ever since meeting Evangeline and Eric. Her face was serious, appearing to be thinking of something.


Whats on your mind? Jennifer asked, could no longer stand her friends silence.


That guy . . .” Fu stopped, and Jennifer paused as well.


Eric . . . he had the same name as the boy in my high school.”


Raising an eyebrow, Jennifer asked, The same name?


Not just the name. I get this weird feeling he was familiar and not at the same time.”


Shaking her head, Jennifer didnt know what her friend was talking about. I honestly dont know a thing youre saying.”


Fu breathed before she expounded, Theres this boy in my high school. Tall, lean, and very handsome. In fact, I still havent found any man who could rival him in terms of looks! He was so handsome the word doesnt do him justice. Women and even a couple of men wanted him for themselves. There was never a day in school where all of us were not vying for his attention. Every day was a battle, and the prize was a small smile on his lips.”


Jennifer guffawed. Such a man existed?


She laughed dryly, but when she saw the seriousness of her friends face, her laughter gradually disappeared.


I know it sounded unbelievable. Heck! Even I wouldnt believe it if someone told me that. If not for these eyes that saw everything. Experience everything. That man is real! Like you and me!


Still not convinced, Jennifer asked, So what happened to him?


A twinkle of sadness and melancholy flashed across Fus face before she shrugged her shoulders.


I dont know. Its been years since the last time I saw him. But his handsome face still haunted me vividly in my wet dreams.”


Clasping herself, Fu narrated in a daze, recalling a painful past.


I still remember like it was only yesterday. He disappeared without warning. Leaving everyone heartbroken. Depression is real, I tell ya! I even succumb to it. Just vanishing without a trace like he didnt exist in the first place. Forcing all of us to wake up from the wonderful dream he created was too cruel!


Giggling at her friends funny expression, Jennifer still didnt believe it. Youre exaggerating. And youre telling me this dream guy youre saying is the exact man as Evangelines boyfriend?


Fu blinked. Her expression drawing a blank before she burst out laughing. Ahahaha! No way! They just have the same name, thats all! Theres no way that nerdy, weak-looking guy could compete with my Eric!


Hm . . . so they just have the same name . . . ? Putting a finger on her chin, Jennifer felt that something was off. There was no way Evangeline would date someone like that.


Hey, do you have a picture of the guy? Jennifer asked since she had a bad feeling.


Wiping the tears in her eyes, Fu fished her phone from her pocket. There is. It was taken so long ago, and I dont know how he looks right now. But I bet his mature face is dreamier than his youth. I tell ya hundred percent, he would never look like that nerd.”


When she found her most cherished picture, Fu flashed it on Jennifers face.


Handsome, right?


Jennifer ignored her friend –– rather, she didnt even hear her. She was bewitched by a binding spell at the sight of the photo of a youth. Unable to tear her eyes from it.


A boy was sitting there, looking at the window. Based on the angle, it was a secret shot on a side view. Nevertheless, even if only one side of his face was shown, it still took her breath away.


The setting sun directly shot on his face causing his tousled hair to alternate between black and deep bronze with a few strands falling on her forehead. His thick lashes were dropping almost covering his eyes as if they were heavy. His nose so slender and pointy, paired with a thin pale but moist lips and angular jaw. Making his overall features sharp and mysterious.


Her friend was right. Handsome wasnt enough to describe him. It was like he was made just to spoil everyones eyes.


Whats his name? Jennifer mumbled in a daze.


I think it was . . . Eric Philippe.”

Inside Daniels penthouse, it was already ten in the evening when Evangeline finished taking a bath, ready to hit the covers. She grabbed a simple cotton loose long sleeve shirt and lazily put on a boxer short laced panties as her only undergarments.


After drying her hair, she turned off the light and turned it back on as quickly when a certain image of a burned woman replayed in her mind.


And now she was alone in her bed with only her adorable pets as support, all kinds of horror scenarios kept drumming inside her head. The fear steadily ate her courage, and she finally bolted out from her room when she spotted a shadow by the windows from the corner of her eye.


However, the feeling of fear only intensified when she was in the dark open living area, which only the soft shade of the night lamps illuminated the surroundings, creating shadows that kept her on edge.


Without a second thought, she ran towards Erics room, and without even knocking, she opened the door and let herself in. She only released the tension in her body when she saw Erics sleeping face illuminated by the gentle lampshade.


Eric . . . ,” she whispered.


There was no answer except the low sounds of his steady breathing.


She scurried towards the bed and climbed on top of it. Crawling herself under the warm comforters, she inched her way towards Eric, who was still sleeping soundly.


He was sleeping sideways, facing her. Thus she took the opportunity to study his face up close. All fear and sleepiness vanished when she laid eyes on that fine specimen of a male. He was shirtless though only a part of his upper body was visible under the quilt.


Watching and watching him, she could no longer control herself, and she gently traced the line of his straight nose, the scar on her left cheek, and finally rested on the plump of his lower lip.


Slowly, she inched closer and closed her eyes, softly kissing him goodnight.


She then opened her eyes and saw two silver half-moons staring at her.


Feeling the heat rising to her face, she quickly pulled away. However, she didnt get away much when Erics hand grabbed her nape and smashed his lips against hers.




Her groan was muffled when Erics tongue pushed inside her mouth. He then shifted their position, where she was now laying on her back while he was on top of her between her legs.


Something was different about him. She could feel it from the way he caressed her tongue with his, and from the way, he bit and sucked it like there was no tomorrow. He was not gentle. Not in the slightest. Unlike their previous kisses. It was like all restraint had left him.




Another muffled moan vibrated in her throat when his hand was on her bare skin, inching towards her breasts.


Trying to stop his hand with hers, Eric released her lips and pulled away. His eyes were half-closed and clouded with lust. He grabbed her hands and pinned it on top of her head before he dived in and reclaimed her lips.


Evangeline now had a silent understanding of Erics strength behind the unappealing harmless and weak appearance of his. With one hand, he totally made her arms immobile on top of her head while her legs couldnt do much either on each side of his hips. She was entirely imprisoned for him to do what he wanted. And this made her feel scared and excited at the same time.


With no means to resist, Erics free hand traveled from her stomach all the way to her breast, dragging her shirt along the way, exposing her full heaving chest.


Embarrassed, she closed her eyes and restrained a moan of pleasure as his wet kisses trailed from her lips slowly down to her neck, leaving wet marks on her skin.


Eve . . . Eve . . .”


He kept whispering as if he was in a trance. He nipped her neck before he licked and sucked her skin, causing havoc of heat spiraling out of control in her core.


Her head snapped back. Eyes flung opened wide as it could stretch as her spine arched and her toes curled when Erics hand squeezed her bountiful breast.


An audible moan strained from her parted lips when he thrust his hips against hers. She could feel his enormous bulge even beneath the fabric of their undergarments. His tip somehow managed to enter her. And without a doubt, if not for the thin undergarment they had, he would have penetrated her then and there.


However, as fast as she felt him poking the entrance of her femininity, that was also how soon it was gone. And she no longer felt the kisses on her neck. The only sensation left was his hand squeezing her breast.


Panting with saliva dripping from the side of her lips, Evangelines glassy eyes gazed at Eric, who was now frozen solid, eyes bulging as he had woken from a dream.


E-Eve . . . ?


Eric released her and got off, quickly backing away to the edge of the bed. He sat there and turned his head away, stammering as he said with slight anger in his tone.


Eve, what are you doing here?


Evangeline now only understood what had happened. She rose and sat on the bed before she covered herself with the blanket.


I-I . . . ,” she stuttered, didnt know what to say.


When her eyes traveled on Erics back, her gaze dropped, and her head lowered. Eric was angry at her. She knew that much, even without seeing his face. It was evident from his stiff shoulders, fists clawing against the bedsheet while he refused to look at her.


I-I . . . Im sorry . . . ,” she mumbled. That was the only words she could think.


“. . .”


“. . .”


Sighing, Eric finally stared at Evangeline.


Why are you apologizing? I should be the one to apologize to you. I . . .” His gaze shifted once more, tone much lower, I thought I was dreaming. Im sorry . . . It wont happen again.”


“. . .”


Eric smiled bitterly at himself when Evangeline didnt reply. Im sorry. I scared you, didnt I? You must be disgusted with me.”




Both were surprised at her sudden reaction, and Evangeline lowered her head, face red. I . . . I dont . . . dislike it . . . ,” she said, voice turning low at the end.


Yes, she didnt dislike it. Much to her surprise. She wasnt even repulsed by it nor the idea of doing it. In fact, she was ready and very willing.


The silver irises in Erics eyes shook, staring at Evangeline with a stunned expression. He couldnt believe her words.


Then . . . does that mean . . .


B-but . . . I want it to happen . . . at that place . . . ,” Evangeline added in a whisper like a caressed to Erics heart.


You mean . . . our secret place?


Evangelines face only turned redder as she shyly nodded.


Afraid he might lose control if he stared at her for another second, Eric shifted his heated gaze. A little embarrassed and nervous, he said, Then . . . lets spend our Christmas and new year there. Just the two of us.”


“. . . Mmm . . .”


. . .


. . .


After the awkward, tense silence, Eric moved to his feet only to be stopped by Evangelines hand on his.


Eric . . . I dont want to sleep alone,” Evangeline said. Her face had a very rare expression of vulnerability, while her glassy eyes could melt anyones heart.


At that moment, the fire that was subsiding inside him blazed once more. Eric still couldnt forget the sensation of her soft, plump breast against his palms. Couldnt erase the image of her lying beneath him with her shirt rolled toward her neck, showing her ample heaving breasts and those delicate erect pinkish tips. Best of all, he couldnt forget how wet she was when he thrust his cock against her.


His already erect cock hardened with all those stimulations and images in his mind, challenging the confines of his boxers.


Still, he controlled himself. He knew Evangeline had suffered a mental trauma at that Horror house. He saw the fear in her eyes, and it helped in calming down his ravaging lust.


Alright . . . you can sleep here,” he answered after a short silence. His voice a little strained and gruff. Ill go and grab something to wear, and Ill be right back.”


Without waiting for her to reply, he stood up and sauntered towards the walk-in closet, hurry in his steps. Afraid his rationality would fail him from the way Evangeline was eyeing his bulge from the corner of his eye.


Reaching the closet, he grabbed a piece of shirt and pajama. He put them on with haste, not minding he was still sporting an erection. For now, he had to endure. He didnt want to take advantage of her vulnerability.


And not two minutes long, Eric was back on the bed, facing Evangeline while the latter scooted closer to him. She snuggled against his chest without a word and closed her eyes while he gently stroked her hair. After a few more strokes, she dozed to dreamland.


Watching her sleeping so soundly in his embrace, Eric smiled before he kissed her forehead.


Sweet dreams, Eve . . .”

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