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Chapter 24


Teacher! There you are!


Evangeline woke up from the trance and saw Lilybella was already in front of her, catching her breath while worry painted all over her face.


Teacher, thank goodness, Lilybella found you! Lilybella took deep breathes to calm herself before she zoomed to Evangeline.


Leaning backward from the sudden appearance of Lilybellas face up close, Evangeline could clearly see the tiny droplets of sweat on her more than oily face.


This girl should mind her appearance more––


Before Evangeline could continue with her line of thoughts, something flashed in her view. It was a delicious looking pancake wrapped around in cream and chocolates sprinkled with almonds. Its enticing aroma wafted in her nose, and she gulped at the smell.


A crepe?


Holding the crepe in one hand while hugging the other snacks against her enormous bosom, Lilybella said with a low sorry voice, Teacher, how clueless of Lilybella. The reason why you got angry was that you didnt want the lemonade, right? She then forced the crepe towards Evangeline like a piece offering. Lilybella got you a crepe with lots of almonds. Lilybella heard you like it.”


Reaching for the crepe, Evangeline didnt know how to answer. Her face was blank, looking at the delicious delicacy before she stared at Lilybella.


Why are you doing this? she asked.


Lilybella cocked her head to the side, a little flower sprouting over her head. Hm?


Sighing, Evangeline repeated her question, Why are you trying so hard to befriend me? Is it because of Daniel?


Lilybella fluttered her eyelids, lips forming an O when she finally understood.


Teacher, that is one of the reasons,” she confirmed. Smiling and little embarrassed, she added, The big part is because Lilybella like you.”


Evangeline didnt bite it. Raising an eyebrow, she sneered. You dont even know me and you already like me? Thats ridiculous!


Shuffling with one foot to another, Lilybella didnt know how to explain her feelings. Cheeks puffing and lips pouting, she burst out, Its not ridiculous at all! Teacher, youre only saying it because you dont know how awesome you are! Youre only saying it because you dont know how Lilybella think about you!


Clasping the foods near her heart, her looks softened as well as her tone. To Lilybella, teacher is amazing. Lilybella wanted to become like you. Lilybella admire you the first time, and Lilybella continued to admire you the more she got to know you. Lilybella dont know how to say it, but Lilybella want to be close to you because she really, really like you! Those are Lilybellas honest feelings!


Lilybella had to pause between her speech to catch her breath since she needed extra oxygen when her feelings burst forth, causing her heart to palpitate more than usual.


And when Evangeline still didnt respond, she added, Lilybella is not smart, and people say shes very naïve and oblivious and gullible and clumsy, and Lilybella is okay with it. Lilybella wear her heart on her sleeve, and she dont plan on changing that. Thats Lilybella. And its totally fine that teacher doesnt feel the same way Lilybella do. Lilybella still wanted to be your friend!


There was something in the way her face showed raw emotions. Its warm, genuine, and Evangeline didnt have the heart to refuse her. She listened to her speech. It was sometimes fast, jamming words together, and most often than not, she would pause in between to take in breathes like a child who hadnt develop her vocal cords.


Instead of answering, refuting, or doing what she does best, arguing her point, Evangeline found herself looking at the crepe. Her eyes were unable to meet Lilybellas honest feelings.


Taking a small bite, she mumbled, Its sweet . . .”


Teacher . . .”


A brittle voice sprung Evangelines eyes towards its source and found Lilybellas face was flushed, more tender than usual. Her lips were quivering, and her eyes were rippling with water, ready to cry at any moment.


Teacher . . . Lilybella wont cause you any trouble . . . so please dont push Lilybella away . . .”


“. . .”


Ah . . . this girl . . .


She should really mind her appearance.


Evangeline let out a sigh of defeat. Against this girl, her pessimist nature seemed to be ineffective.


What are you talking about? Even if I push you away, youll still be going to stick around.” She then walked past Lilybella, who was like an unloved dog with her ears and eyes dropping low.


She paused and turned towards her, snorting. Well? What are you standing there for? Lets go and try that shooting game.”


Lilybellas downcast face brightened as she hopped to Evangelines side.



As soon as Eric and Daniel got off the cart, they searched for Evangeline and Lilybella. They didnt have to search that far though as they spotted the two near a shooting stall.


Rather, with all the ruckus around a specific stall, it was hard to miss. Children were surrounding the two. Evangeline was holding a rifle, with her stance and posture, Eric knew it was not her first time holding a gun.


Cupping his mouth, he turned to the other side, a faint pinkish glow on his cheeks when something stirred at her image. There was something sexy and stimulating with girls and guns.


Lilybella, on the other hand, was busy giving out the toys Evangeline won to the happy and more than excited children while the stall clerk was crying blood.


Eric and Daniel glanced at each other before the two of them went to the girls side.


What are you two doing? Daniel asked, even though he already knew what was going on.


Your Highness! Lilybella clapped her hands and chortled, Teacher is amazing! She has remarkable shooting skills! Look at how many children she made happy!


The corner of Daniels lips twitched. He glanced at Eric, and like Eric knew what he was thinking, he approached Evangeline, and the latter stopped shooting. Her face was smiling in smug and pride.


Eric, this game is fun. Look at how many toys I won!


Eric eyed the bunch of toys in the childrens arms while the little squirts all embraced their toys and glared at him before they scattered away. Afraid he would confiscate them.


Clearing his throat, he gazed at Evangeline, whose expression was asking for a pet.


Chuckling, he tenderly patted her head. Mm . . . youre really good at this.”


Smiling smugly, Evangeline answered, Of course. Ive been practicing my shooting skills since high school to relieve some stress and for self-defense just in case.”


The smile on Erics face faltered while Daniel walked towards the clerk, who was on the verge of crying since all the prize was almost emptied in his stall.


Daniel brought out a bundle of money and secretly handed it to the guy, whispering, Sorry about my companion. I hope this can compensate for your losses.”


The guy was so moved he shed some tears as his arm hid his crying face, stuttering in gratefulness, T-thank you so much, your Highness!


Eric pulled Evangeline away from the stall just in case she wanted to tease the crying man and decided to give another go with the rifle.


And the group ultimately strode forward on an empty spot under a large tree to plan out their next ride.


Your Highness! Your Highness! Lilybella chirped the moment they arrived, fidgeting in front of Daniel, hiding something behind her back.


Daniel had already given up on reprimanding her about her image as he asked in a more than lazy tone, What?


Giggling, Lilybella brought out her hands and dangled a small stuff toy in front of Daniels eyes. This is for you! Lilybella won this after so many tries. The stall guy said it is a lucky charm! Isnt it cute?!


Dangling in front of Daniel was a small toy about the size of a key chain. The fabric wrapping around it took the form of a little bunny. The black thread used to saw it was visible, and buttons replaced the round eyes, which were supposed to stir anyones heart. And the small cute mouth was replaced by a letter X sewn in black thread.


Instead of cute, it looked scary!


Daniel thought it was cursed!


Can you not give it to me,” he said bluntly with a blank expression.


Ehhh . . . ,” Lilybellas whined. Puffing her cheeks and pouting, she insisted. This is the first gift Lilybella gives to you, your Highness! Lilybella tried so hard to get this for you. Even Lilybella lost a thousand bucks because of it in the shooting range, Lilybella didnt give up because she wanted to give this to your Highness no matter what! In truth, the stall keeper took pity on her and decided to give her the bunny when she still couldnt hit it after so many tries.


Forcefully shoving the toy on Daniels hands, Lilybella turned around in bashfulness, clasping her hands on her red cheeks. Kya! Lilybella is so shy his Highness accepted her gift. Lilybella is so happy!


Ah . . . no . . .” Daniel didnt know what to say. There were so many comments he wanted to say that he didnt know which to start!


Dejected, he decided to keep his mouth shut since it was the best counter against her. He pocketed the cursed doll in haste and breathed a respite breathe, thinking he would toss the doll later when she was not looking.


At the side, Evangeline too handed something to Eric. It was a simple phone strap she had won in the game.


Thank you.” Strapping it on his phone, Eric smiled. It was a half heart, enamel-coated in matte black with a simple carving of, we will not part.’


Beaming, Evangeline brought out her phone and showed Eric the other piece of the broken heart.


Its a love––er . . . matching strap. It even has this cute spell when you put it together, see.”


After putting the broken piece together, Erics eyes narrowed. His smile froze, and cold sweat tickled the curved of his back when he read the complete carvings engraved on the straps.


Till death, we will not part.’


“. . .”


Its very ominous. Eric thought, though the words he said, Its very . . . unique.” His smile was a tad bit forced.


I know, right?! Evangelines eyes twinkled. Its very romantic! Its like a spell for lover––er . . . a spell for two people to be never apart!


More like a cursed. Eric mused.




Clearing his throat to get everyones attention, Daniel suggested another attraction, Where do you want to go next? I think the drop tower is fun to try.” He was hell-bent in taking his revenge from all the injustices he received from Evangeline.


And like he thought, Evangelines haughty face revealed a crack.


Smiling inwardly, Daniel didnt let the opportunity passed and pushed for it. The drop tower is a must-try if youre in the amusement park. Its a very popular attraction which cant be miss––


Daniel,” Eric cut in, how about we let the girls decide the next ride since we guys already have our turn in the rollercoaster?


Evangeline and Lilybellas face brightened like the ever-shining sun while Daniel clicked his tongue and conceded.


Fine . . .”


Staring at the girls, Eric asked, Is there some attraction you girls wanted to ride?


Evangeline and Lilybella glanced at each other before they nodded in silent understanding.


Smiling, they answered in sync.


Lovers boat ride!

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