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Chapter 23


The moment Evangeline sat on the bench, her head flung back, resting against the backrest, arms limply resting on her side. She took slow and steady breaths to control her rampaging heart. The rash of adrenaline still hadnt left her system, and she was still dizzy from the whole ordeal.


She wholeheartedly regretted the mountains of desserts she ate. Im sure its that stupid Princes fault. She was sure Daniel purposely suggested the extreme rollercoaster knowing full well that they had just finished eating.


Her hand shot to her mouth when the disgusting thing threatened to climb back in her throat. With teary eyes and sour face, she swallowed it back down.


Clenching her teeth, eyes sharp and glinting in ferociousness, she hissed, Youll pay for this . . .”


Did you get what we wanted?


A high pitch voice distracted Evangeline, and she raised her head. Four meters diagonally from her, there stood four girls in their fashion statement clothes. Base from their youthful faces and physiques, they appeared to be teenagers in high school.


Evangeline didnt care about the girls nor the drama playing out. But oddly, she couldnt retract her eyes at the girl with blonde hair and the one with dark violet curls.


Uhm . . . there arent any mango, so I got you an apple shake instead,” the girl with violet curls said. Her body was bent, head a little lowered while her voice was meek without energy.


I dont like apples. Get me another flavor,” Blondie snapped and the girls behind her smile in controlled giggles.


But . . . the stall is far away. Maybe theres something you like in the vending machine or the stalls here––


I want that shake and smoothies. I dont want other else.” Blondie placed a hand on her waist and smiled. Dont worry. Well wait for you here.”


The girl with violet hair bit her lips while her eyes bounced left and right. Her voice was a little shaky as she replied, T-then . . . please wait for me, Ill go and get you your drink.”


The moment the girl with violet curls disappeared in the mixture of people, the remaining three all snickered.


What a dope.”


I dont even know why we invited her.”


Isnt so because shes an instant credit card? We dont have to worry about money if shes here. And besides, we have our own personal errand girl.”


The three girls then giggled.


Watching those girls, Evangeline didnt even know her lips were pressed together in a grimace. A rolling heat was igniting in her belly. She was reminded of her past. Her fake friends and how naïve and gullible she once was. 


Come to think of it, Jennifer is from Everland.


Teacher! Lilybella bought you something to drink and some snacks! Pick whichever you like!


Evangeline turned to Lilybella, who was running toward her, hands full of food that were almost spilling from her embrace.


It must be due to the still pounding headache from the aftermath of the ride, or maybe it was the scene she had saw, Evangeline found the approaching woman annoying.


She just wanted to get close because she wanted something from me.


Evangeline stood in her full height, chin high and eyes narrowing at the now panting Lilybella, who was smiling at her nonstop. Her crook canines in full view.


Teacher, what do you like? Lilybella have sundaes, milkies, popcorn, corn dog . . . or maybe you want fries?


Evangeline didnt reply. Her expression was tight, lips flat as she turned and walked away.


Ah! Teacher! Lilybella called and followed. Oblivious to Evangelines contemptuous attitude towards her. Maybe you like the baked potato? Or the barbecue? How about chips? Lilybella is sure that teacher is thirsty. How about some lemonade?


Lilybella kept going on and on that Evangeline started to get annoyed at the constant buzzing noises she made. A desire to verbally tear her down fogged her mind. 


However, she chose to ignore her, refusing to recognized her existence until the oblivious woman barge her way and extended her hand, holding a plastic cup that almost collided with her dress.


Teacher, this lemonade is delicious! Lilybella guarantees youll be asking for more after a sip.”


Gnashing her teeth, Evangelines patience snapped, and before she knew it, her hand already slapped Lilybellas.




The crushing sound of the cup and ice, as well as the splashing sound of liquid collided against the ground, attracted everyones attention.


Stop bothering me! Evangeline shouted. 


She didnt have any ounce of regret for what she did. Taking one final scornful glanced at Lilybella, who was rooted to her spot, eyes wide and unblinking, she snorted. She didnt want to waste any more time with her. She flipped her hair and walked away. Her step was heavy and hurried, fingers curled, swinging forcefully with every step she took.


Evangeline didnt know how many minutes she was walking without a particular destination. By the time her heart rate returned to normal, and her irritation disappeared, she was already meters away from the rollercoaster ride.


She sighed. Didnt want to return to that side of the park. She would text Eric later about her location.


Her head then shifted left and right, thinking of what to do about the time until her eyes caught a familiar girl.


That girl with violet hair who was now stranded between two men who were edging her to go with them to have fun. Judging from how she fervently tried to reject the two and the way her body was in a defensive stance, Evangeline guessed that she wasnt familiar with the boys.


I-Im in a hurry,” the girl said, clutching the cup of juice near her as if that would ward off the boys advances. Her voice was meek without any ounce of assertiveness, which only edged the guys.


Dont be like that. We know a great place that youll surely love,” one of the boys said and reached a hand towards her, which the latter recoiled in response.


Uhm . . . my friends are waiting for me . . . so . . .”


Thats great! The more, the merrier! a boy cut in.


Evangeline didnt want to continue watching such a cliché scene. She shot one flat stare towards the girl before she turned and walked to the other side.


With these many people going to and fro, she doubted those boys would do anything stupid.


What are you doing?!


Evangeline only took two steps when she heard that high pitch voice again. She turned and was caught aback when she saw the blonde girl approaching the group. The girl was alone, hands crossing in front of her chest, feet wide in an aggressive stance, eyeing the two boys.


Who are you? Why are you assaulting my friend?!


Because of her more than high tone of voice, people started to look their way, and the two boys scurried off, clicking their tongue in annoyance.


J-jean . . . ,” the girl with violet hair cried, eyes misty.


The blond girl frowned. Why are you taking so long? And didnt I tell you that you should raise your voice if you are in trouble? Youre no longer in elementary. Youre already in high school! Learn to defend yourself.”


The blonde girl continued to berate while the meek one lowered her head and muttered, Im sorry . . .”


Blondie rolled her eyes in the sky. Geez! For the love of–– *sigh . . . never mind. Come on. The others are waiting.”


She then grabbed the meek girls hand and pulled her along. I swear, youre nothing but trouble since kindergarten. Whatll happen to you if Im not around?


The girl with violet curls sniffed before she gave a weak smile. Mm . . .”


Blondie continued to ramble on and on in annoyance while the meek girl just smiled, nodding once in a while until they completely disappeared in the crowd.


Something in the very recess of Evangelines memory stirred. Something she had long forgotten replayed in her mind.


Evangeline, youre not going home? said a childish voice. Her pronunciation was a little off while she had to take in quick breaths in between.


Uhm . . . my father is not here yet.” Evangeline puffed her cheeks and puckered her lips to the ground while her chubby little hands clutched her backpack.


Hm . . . ,” Jennifer mumbled, thinking while looking at the gloomy sky. She then flickered her attention on the flooded road which almost reached the gutter before her big sparkly eyes zoomed at Evangeline. Showing her toothy smile, she said, Ive decided! Ill wait here with you!


Evangelines eyes ping-ponged between Jennifer and the man beside the girl. Then the tip of her cute lacy shoe twirled against the ground. But your chauffer . . .” She didnt want to cause any trouble, but she also didnt want to be left alone in the school.


Jennifers smile widened. Dont worry about him! She spread open her arms, gesturing with it as she spoke. We can play while we wait for your dad! Isnt it fun that way?


Evangeline hesitated, taking a peek at the chauffeur who, from start to finish, didnt speak. B-but . . .”


Its fine! Jennifer waved her hand, dismissing any protest. I can go home anytime. But home is boring. I want to stay here and play with you instead.”


A shine spread from the edge of Evangelines eyes, and her pursed lips loosened in a smile.


Another memory was pulled from the very back of Evangelines brain, and it flashed in her mind like it just happened yesterday.


Evangeline, what happened to your knees? Jennifer asked with a worried face when she saw her bleeding knees.


With quivering lips, Evangeline answered, I . . . I . . .” she couldnt form coherent words and instead pointed at the playground. Hurt . . . Knees . . .”


Eh . . . ? It was apparent on Jennifers little face that she didnt understand a word she said. 


Still, Jennifer could decipher that Evangeline was hurt because of the slide. Frowning, Jennifers eyes arrowed on Evangelines foot. What happened to your shoes?


Evangelines toes wiggled on the ground, missing their shoes. And it was that moment that she burst out crying.


Jennifer then understood what happened. She pulled her sleeve up to her elbow, growling like a little kitten. Those boys again?! Im going to teach them a lesson!


Jennifer stormed towards those boys playing on the playground when Evangeline pinched her dress, stopping her in place.


Why are you stopping me? Dont you want revenge?


Evangeline shook her head, wiping away her tears with her chubby hands, hiccupping nonstop. H-ho . . . me . . .”


Pausing for a moment, Jennifer blew her bangs in exasperation. How are you going home without shoes?


Evangeline didnt answer. Her teary eyes stayed glued on the ground, fingers clenching against her dress, fighting the urged to cry once more.


Sighing in the sky, Jennifer turned back and bent down. Hop on, Ill carry you.”


All feelings of crying vanished from Evangeline when she saw Jennifers extending hands, back facing her.


Your house is near here, right?


B-but . . .”


Hurry up. We can resume playing after you have shoes on.” Jennifer shot a thumbs up, grinning coyly.


Biting her lower lip, Evangeline hopped on Jennifers back. Jennifer grabbed her legs in place before she got up. Knees shaking, Jennifer gritted her teeth and started to walk.


The whole walked towards Evangelines house was quiet until Evangeline asked, Am I . . . heavy?


“. . . N-not really,” Jennifer denied. Though the sheen sweat on her face, neck, and panting breaths said otherwise.


Evangeline tightened her arms around Jennifers neck and leaned in closer, mumbling, Im sorry . . .”


Ha? Where did that come from? Were friends! Tis only natural, wed help each other out.”


Evangeline closed her eyes, smiling sweetly. Mm . . . we are best friends forever.”

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