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Chapter 21


Evangeline bit her bottom lip, restraining her giggles while her toes curled from the rash of romantic feelings.


Meanwhile, the shine in Daniels eyes dimmed. Now, for some reason, he didnt mind that he had lost to Eric. In fact, he could learn a thing or two from the man. He perfectly avoided the game over question by simple, caring words. He like whatever she became, as long as she is healthy. But healthy meant exercise and proper diet. A body she already had in the past. In subtlety, he liked Evangelines past figure more while perfectly masking it with caring words.




Evangeline pushed all the desserts towards Lilybella while the latter accepted it in all smiles.


Teacher! Youre so kind! Youre giving Lilybella all your dessert? That so . . . That so nice of you.” Lilybella sniffled. Her fingers brushed away a tear from her eyes.


“. . .” Daniel sighed and frowned at Lilybella nonstop. Still, he didnt make any effort to stop her from overeating. He was even a little hopeful that she would have sugar overdose so he would have another reason to break the engagement.


While Lilybella was oblivious to it all and beamed at Daniel, holding a spoon with a piece of truffle and expectant eyes, she brought the spoon closer to Daniels face.


Your Highness, say ahhhh . . .” 


Daniels eyelids twitch while a vein popped from his forehead. But he couldnt bring himself to shout nor be angry at her since they were in a public place. 


No, thank you. Im already full.” He simmered his irritation instead while his face didnt have any hint of friendliness.


Lilybella held her red cheek while she shied away. His Highness is so kind. You know Lilybella loves to eat cake, thats why his Highness is pretending so Lilybella can eat all the cake. Tehehehe. His Highness is so sweet.”


Daniel gasped for air and snarled, No, Im not! And why are you calling yourself like that? Act properly. Youre unbefitting of a daughter from the respectable ducal household.”


Tehehehe. His Highness cares greatly for Lilybella. Dont worry, your Highness, Lilybella understand.” 


Y-you . . .” Daniel was at the edge. There was something wrong with her. No matter how much he repelled her, she just came back at him in full force, rendering him at a loss for words.


Its okay, your Highness. You dont need to explain. Lilybella understands completely. His Highness is only concerned because he cares about Lilybella. Tehehehe. This makes Lilybella so happy. Kya!


No! How many times must I tell you that youre wrong! I dont ca––!


Tehehehe. Your Highness likes to pretend. But dont worry, even if you act all tough on the outside, Lilybella know that you secretly care about her. Else you wouldnt reprimand Lilybella like this. You only want whats best for Lilybella,” she said as she cupped her blushing face and shyly shifted it to the side.


Daniels teeth were about to chatter from the grinding force he exerted as he held his anger. He was so frustrated! He felt like any moment now, he would cry in blood.


I told you, youre wrong! Its all in your head!


There you are again, your Highness. Ehehehe. Its so cute when youre acting like that.”


N-no. Listen to me––!


Lilybella is very happy. To think his Highness is this worried makes Lilybellas heart pound like crazy.”


N-no . . . youre wrong . . .” With a feeble voice brought by exhaustion from holding his anger, Daniel didnt know what to say anymore. 


*chuckle . . . You two fit each other.” 


To make matters worse, Evangeline joined in the fray.


Lilybellas big eyes shone brighter than the sun as she smiled in happiness. Your Highness, even teacher thinks that way! We are a match made in heaven. Tehehehe.”


Lilybella then changed the topic as she asked Evangeline, Teacher, what attraction would you like to try on first? 


Daniel sighed in relief. But also vexed. He didnt like it that he lost. But he also didnt want to argue with the weird woman, who his brain had already given up to comprehend. She was too rare that no amount of logic could identify what she is.


Attraction? Evangeline arched an eyebrow.


Lilybella clasped her hand, enumerating the attraction in excitement, Theres the safe choice merry go round, log ride and lovers boat ride. Also, the adrenaline junkies rollercoaster with its loop de loop and corkscrew spins. Theres also the ever classic Ferris wheel and horror house.” Her voice then turned deeper and raspy while her bright, cheerful face turned solemn. Rumor has it that once you entered the Horror house, youll never be the same again.”


Evangeline wanted to roll her eyes. However, she was preoccupied at the moment. Especially, her mind hanged up in the words of a lovers boat ride. She peered towards Eric under her lashes, parting her mouth only to be beaten by Daniel.


We definitely have to try the rollercoaster first. At this time of the day, not many will cue for it.”


Egh . . . but you Highness, we just finish eating,” Lilybella protested, yet her face didnt hide her eagerness to ride together with Daniel.


Daniel puffed some air while his tone was lazy as he answered, Though the line isnt long, Im comparing it to its usual cue of people lining until the entrance of the park. Even though I said there arent many people lining at this hour, I estimated we still have an hour or so to wait in line. I think its enough time for the food to digest.” 


Daniel leaned and his eyes lowered, fingers pinching his chin, voice a little low and unsure as he whispered, I hope . . .”


Lilybella clapped her hands, eyes shining in adoration at Daniel. His Highness even thought of this? His Highness is amazing!


Daniels brows wanted to knit together, but he held himself and changed the topic instead. Anyway, I already asked someone to buy our tickets. I think hell be here soon, so lets wait for him here.” He then glanced at Eric and asked, What do you think?


Eric didnt have any complaints, so he nodded. Im okay with it.”


Since Eric was alright with hitting the rollercoaster first, Daniel then peered at Evangeline and found she was murdering him with her eyes and sarcastic smile.


Whats wrong with her?

The first thing Evangeline noticed after entering the park was the clear winter sky and virtual snowflakes pouring from above. Though the ceiling reflected nothing but blue horizon and moving clouds, there was no glare and heat.


Loud music, the clanking of ride chains, the loud screaming from the rollercoaster, deafening bellowing of children, waves of laughter and giggles from those enjoying the rides and those blissful and boisterous smiling, energetic people were running and bumping at one another. Forming a swarmed of crowds and cohesive loud buzzing noises.


On the other hand, the first thing Lilybella noticed was those stalls where all manners of food and drink were displayed. From popcorn, cotton candy, burgers, fries, corn dogs, ice cream, chips . . . Her mouth watered, saliva pooling beneath her lips.


Dont even think about it,” Daniel hissed. He was a little uncomfortable and irritable at the sudden change of environment. Dont eat unnecessary stuff before the ride.”


Oblivious to the sharp edge of Daniels tone, Lilybella beamed and clasped her hand near her heart. Ehehehe, his Highness ca––


And no. Im not saying it because Im worried about you. Im reminding you because I dont want you vomiting all over the place.” Daniel unbuttoned the first few buttons of his shirt. His smile was a little force when all sorts of people greeted him.


At a time like this, Im reminded that youre a Prince,” Evangeline chimed at the side, busy avoiding the incoming swarm of people.


For some reason, every male seemed to be targeting her, wanting to bump into her before Eric placed an arm around her shoulders and gently pulled her closer to him.


A splash of pink covered Evangelines face.


Daniel rolled his eyes to the front and walked ahead. Lets go. The more we dawdle here, the more the line in the rollercoaster lengthens.”


Following behind Daniel, Lilybella pointed a finger on her lips while her big misty eyes hovered around the different delicacies, face forlorn.


In comparison, Evangelines face was energetic with amplified color and liveliness. Her lilac eyes smoldered with intensity as she stole quick glances at Eric.


Soon, they lined for the roller coast ride. The stomach-churning screams and thunderous rumbling of the track systems jagging their ears. As expected, even if it was lunchtime, there was still a long queue lining the entrance ride. Due to the holiday break, there were many visitors more than usual. 


With the rollercoaster two minute and twenty seconds ride time, it would soon be their turn after approximately thirty minutes or so.


Jittering a foot against the floor, Evangeline felt tingly all over. Her nails tapped against her crossing arms as if moving her limbs would make the time go faster. She was never one for patience.


Still, she didnt want anyone to notice her anticipation. It would ruin her façade. Repressing her lips together, she feigned boredom while she sneaked a glance at her watch. She ignored the heated stares from every direction. Thanks to Erics arm around her shoulders, no one made a move.

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