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Chapter 20


Evangeline checked her reflection on the mirror all over again. 


She was sporting a long-sleeved pencil cut dress decorated with embroidery of gold and silk that was the same hues as her pale lavender hair, paired with stockings and winter shoes in the same color as her dress. Light make up added color on her face while her hair was styled in a simple braid, resting at the side of her face, insinuating her slender neck and beautiful face completed with dangling charm earrings.

She didnt need to bring a coat or other winter accessories since Eric told her that the amusement park was protected by invincible plates that regulated the temperature inside to a comfortable level throughout the day. Come hail, rain, and snow.


Satisfied with her look, she grabbed her Dolce and Gabbana rococo styled box bag and sashayed out of her room. The second she got out, she was greeted by two people who were casually talking in the living room.


Her face darkened, but when Eric glanced over at her, she blossomed in a pleasant smile.


Eric, as usual, was wearing a simple red checkered long sleeve shirt with both sleeves rolled to his elbow. Underneath it was a simple shirt with the constellations that stood out from its dark blue fabric paired with dark grey jeans and black boots. His dense hair was in a mess as his thick-framed glasses was back on his nose.

Teacher! You look amazing! Youre the most beautiful woman Lilybella has ever laid eyes! Lilybella, the ever spoil-sport, ruined the mood.


Evangeline sighed, blowing hair from her face. I know. And you look . . .”


She swept Lilybella up and down, eyes dissecting her clothes. She didnt bother with her dress when she entered inside the unit, but now that she was scrutinizing her . . .


Her choice of dress wasnt entirely bad but not good either. It was . . . bland. Comfy, but bland. White sweater underneath a pastel-colored blue knitted fluffy jacket underneath another cozy poncho coat. Her white skirt of lace and cotton was lined with flowery patterns. It was long, passing her knees and resting just inches above her ankle, which she paired with leg warmers and dockside shoes. 

And she was not wearing any makeup at all. Just powder and lip balm. Not even a lipstick. While her hazelnut hair was lazily styled in a waterfall braid.


Evangeline smirked. “. . . You look like a servant.”


Eve . . . ,” Eric reprimanded. 


A high-end servant. You know, whose dress is high class than the common people,” Evangeline immediately added.


Lilybella clapped her hands and chortled, Lilybella is glad that you like it. Ehehehe. Its worth all the trouble of hours of choosing what to wear. Though Lilybella have mostly these types of dresses, but in different colors.”


“. . .”


“. . .”


Eric cleared his throat. Should we wait for Daniel here or in the lobby?


Lets wait for him in the lobby. I dont want to waste any more time going up and down,” Evangeline answered.


Within minutes, they were sitting on the comfort of the lobbys cushion chairs. And another minute, a tall, handsome man entered the hall, and all the attendants greeted him with respect.


He was wearing a formal white shirt and black tie underneath a double-breasted eight-button black cashmere coat paired with neatly pressed black pants and shiny oxford shoes. His hair was combed to perfection, and his face, which was supposed to put on a happy expression in front of his subjects, was a tad bit tight. His sky blue eyes and thin pale lips were pointing to a sign of anger.


Still, it didnt hinder everyone from being drawn to him. They love him. From the way that everyone gazed at him, and from the way that they reciprocated his smile so quickly. 


Your Highness!


And of course, Lilybella spoiled the trance and strode towards Daniel in a hurry, skipping in her steps.


Your Highness, youre here! 


Miss waltz, please act according to your status.” Daniel stepped back and put distance between them. It was not made public that he already had a fiancée since they were still in a trial phase. He didnt want any inappropriate rumors to spread.


Lilybella halted on her step, yet her wide smile didnt falter one bit. Your Highness. Ehehehe. Youre always so concern about Lilybella. Lilybella is very happy.”


Daniels brow twitched, his lips tight in one line. He wanted to retort, but it was better if he shut his mouth. Least he wanted his foul mood to worsen. Besides that, another troublesome woman was approaching their direction.


Why so formal, Daniel? Evangeline smirked, tone laced in mockery.


No thanks to someone disturbing a very important meeting. I have to rush here and didnt have any time to change clothes.”


Evangeline ignored Daniel, and fondly glanced at Eric. Should we go?


Its not even a minute that Daniel met Evangeline again, yet the veins on his forehead were already pounding. This way. The car is already waiting outside.”


Before he could lose his patience, Daniel turned and walked outside in a hurry, and Lilybella caught up to him in quick steps while Evangeline and Eric took their time.


In front of the Benz Maybach, Lilybella positioned herself in the co-pilot seat while Daniel didnt bother about it. 


Daniel glanced at the two last people who were taking their sweet time, strolling towards them. He hid his surprise when he saw Evangeline and Eric were holding hands and they were very comfortable about it. The gap between them almost none existent. 


Daniels face remained neutral while his feelings were a bit complicated. He was feeling a bit awkward since Evangeline was his ex, and now he was together with her with another man in hand. He was not jealous, just a bit bitter since it was clear that Evangeline didnt like him that much based on the way she was towards Eric compared to him in the past.


Daniel pushed his feelings back and greeted Eric with a slight nod of his head while Eric did the same.


Oh, by the way, Daniel. Heres your phone. I dont need it anymore since I had already bought mine yesterday. Thank you, by the way.” Evangeline smiled at Daniel while handing the phone to him. 


Of course, Daniel knew that enigmatic smile. Evangeline was not actually thanking him for the phone but thanking him for helping out with Eric. He simply took the phone and answered, Your welcome.”

Mapple Taffy, Suspiro de limena, Tres Leches, La Madelines au Truffle, Golden Opulence Sundae, Golden Phoenix Cupcake, Strawberries Arnaud. Daniel silently enumerated in his head. The overload of dessert the two women ordered was really staggering. His gums and tooth ached just looking at it.


They were in a restaurant near the amusement park, having their lunch, and the two women ate nothing but a mountain of sweets.


Easy on the cake,” Daniel kindly reminded them since he was a little worried about their health. He was not strict about food, but there should be a balance between indulgence and discipline. 


Evangeline frowned while Lilybella didnt even stop chewing her food. It was like she was immune to such a comment. Resistant to all the negativity in the world as the steady stream of cake continued entering her throat. 


Why are you such a busy body, Daniel? You even have something to say about the food I am eating? Evangeline retorted while another piece of sweet was emptied from her plate.


Daniel frowned and argued his point, Its not that Im a busy body. Im just worried about you. When we are together, youre always the one whos picky with the number of calories you ate. Complaining about your figure and such.”


As he said so, his eyes traveled towards Eric, weighing his words since he didnt want to say anything that might make the situation awkward than it already was. But much to his surprised, Eric didnt seem to be affected at all with his past with Evangeline. The man didnt even twitch an eye. He also had the audacity to display his affection by gently wiping away a morsel of cream from Evangelines lips with his thumb and casually licked it in front of them. The nerve of this guy! 


Daniel didnt know if he should be disappointed or sigh in relief that Eric was not affected. The feeling that Evangeline, like Eric more so than him, intensified until his brows entirely knitted together when Evangeline lowered her head to hide the reddening of her cheeks.


Who is this woman?!


Evangelines cheeks were puffier as she gazed at Eric. Her lilac eyes were softer and much more gentle, though her voice was still arrogant as ever. Eric, what do you think? Are you also like Daniel, who preferred women who eat less to maintain their figure?


Ah . . . it was a dead-end question. Daniel lamented while he avoided his eyes when Eric glanced at him. At the same time, Lilybella kept munching her food nonstop. Her big eyes were shining while her rounded cheeks where bobbling up and down, enjoying the show –– oblivious that it had gotten a lot colder when Eric didnt reply right away.


Evangelines face turned darker by the second that Eric kept on looking at her, seemingly weighing his answer.


No matter what his answer was, it was game over. Daniel thought. If Eric said he preferred women who maintained her figure, the current Evangeline would be offended. But if he said that he liked her the way she is now, she would still get offended because it meant that Eric hadnt liked her before she was eating less to maintain her figure.


Thinking about it made Daniels palm sweat. He could only guess what Eric might be feeling right now. Though Eric masked it with apathy, he could only imagine the turmoil in the mans head by now. 


They only had been together for days, not even a week. And yet, their relationship already laid a fork?


Daniel gulped, seriously watching the two. If they argue, and if things got out of hand, he would intervene.


Eve . . . ,” Eric started. His tone didnt have any hint he was in a difficult situation. Instead, it was his usual clear and soothing voice. I like you the way you are now.”


“. . .”


“. . .”


Daniels sweaty fingers tightened. His body tout and alert, ready to intervene at any moment when as he had expected, Evangelines face fell while a chilling smirk formed on her lips.


However, before Evangeline could open her mouth, Erics smooth voice rang in their ears.


But, I like the healthy you a lot more . . .” Eric gently smiled and softly tucked Evangelines hair behind her ear.


“. . .”


“. . .”


Evangeline blinked before a rash of red invaded her whole face. She cleared her throat and pretended to be haughty. Well . . . I like the healthy me too. These past days, I seem to feel my body is heavy and a little stiff. I guess its high time to get back to exercise and have a proper diet.”


Un, Ill cook healthy foods for you,” Eric chimed in.

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