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Chapter 19


Evangeline arched a brow. Amusement park?


You havent been to Everland, right? Lilybella said and patted her chest as her chin rose. Then, Lilybella will be your tour guide! I know the famous spots here, and Everland Amusement park is one of them! We can have double dates!


Evangeline rolled her eyes. So she wanted to go out with Daniel. She didnt entirely dislike the idea of having a double date in an amusement park like any ordinary couples would do. Glancing at Eric, her eyes twinkled with excitement and expectation.


Eric smiled, reading the eagerness in her eyes. Do you want to go to the amusement park? Though its probably not the best in the world, it certainly is a tourist attraction.”


Oh, right. Youre from Everland.” Lilybella chimed in, staring at Eric.


Evangeline frowned, almost snarling as she said, Ive been planning to ask you, but how do you know so much about Eric? Her voice was low and arrogant as usual, but the lingering hostility was felt by everyone who heard.


Lilybella wasnt affected by it as usual. Like all the negativity was repelled by her invincible protective ball of positivism.


All people related to his Highness, my family have them investigated,” she said, clasping her reddening cheeks as she swayed her body left and right. Its only natural Lilybella know everyone associated with him since were going to get married soon. Ehehehe.”


“. . .”


“. . .”


Evangeline crossed her arms and tilted her hips. Theres something wrong with your head, but since youre my servant and currently under me, I wont point your flaws too much.”


Ehehehe! Teacher is really kind to Lilybella! As Lilybella thought, teacher is a caring person!


“. . .” Eric didnt know what to say to that.


Evangeline smirked. Im glad you know. So when are we going to go to this amusement park you speak of?


Lilybella bounced from what foot to another, excitement oozing from her. Right now! Wait, let Lilybella call his Highness!


I see. You make yourself comfortable and call that nosy––Daniel while we have our breakfast.”


Evangeline approached Eric, who remained dumbfounded, staring at Lilybella. She intertwined her hand around his, pulling him along.


That was when Eric regained his reality. For some reason, he didnt know if Evangeline being friends with Lilybella was a good thing or not.


He shook his head, and politely asked, Have you had breakfast yet? If you want, you can join us.”


Evangeline snapped her head at Eric while Lilybellas shining eyes sparkled. Food?! Theres food?! Then not even a second, her expression turned sour. But Lilybella already have her breakfast before she left . . . but . . . but . . . NO. Lilybella love to!


No, you dont,” Evangeline countered. You stay here and call Daniel while we have our breakfast. I want you to stay away from the dining table and guard the entra––I mean, wait for Daniel to come. He would be really sad if he came and didnt see you first.”


Lilybellas eyes stretched in understanding. Teacher is knowledgeable! As expected! No one knows his Highness better than you! She cupped her heated cheeks once more, head swaying left and right. Of course, his Highness would be sad. Its been a day we didnt see each other after all. Im sure he must be missing Lilybella terribly so. Ehehehe.”


“. . .”


Good for you,” Evangeline said and pulled Eric along in the direction of the dining table, leaving the delusional woman alone.


I-is it alright if we leave her there? Eric asked, not masking the worry in his tone. He had this crazy thought that Lilybella was actually a mental patient who escaped a hospital.


Dont worry. A few screws loose in the head wouldnt kill her.” Evangelines face darkened, a creepy smile tugged the corner of her lips.


By the way, Eric,” she said changing the subject. All the things she said werent true. Theres no way anyone could make me feel depressed and make me eat a mountain of sweets and calories. And theres no way I ran away from Burberry so I could escape the pain youve caused. And theres no way I wanted to climb Evermountain to forget you. Understand?


“. . .”


Eric didnt know if he should be happy or not. He was, after all, the cause of her pain. But, besides that, he was happy that she was so affected by him. He stole a glance and found her face red, eyes glazy, avoiding his. Her lips were so red and pouty, and her cheeks were puffing.


Ah. . . Why is she so adorable?


He suppressed a grin. Un. . . I understand.”


Evangeline beamed. Its good that you understand.”


Both of them sat on their seat before the space between Evangelines brows wrinkled. She stood, grabbed her plate, and sat beside Eric, who was silently watching her in amusement.


The creased on her brows continued to deepen as she eyed the utensils on the table. She didnt have time, yet, to dispose of them for she passed out last night. She mentally made it a priority later when they get back from the amusement park.


She smiled at Eric and said, You know ever since I experience using hands to eat, I discover a new love for food. I think we should practice it now and then. Youre right about connecting with food and all that. It makes it more enjoyable and tasty.”


Before Eric could respond, Evangeline casually snatched the utensils and placed them away from reach.


“. . .”


We should eat. The foods getting cold.”


Evangelines eyes twinkled at him, and Eric knew what it meant.


He shook his head a little while his smile stretched into a grin. He grabbed her plate and shoved all her servings to his dish. He picked a piece of bread and plated it with bacon and eggs and carefully fed it to her.


Evangeline very much enjoyed the attention. Her head swayed side to side. Eric took the moment that she was chewing her food and ate his portion.


Evangelines face brightened when a brilliant idea crossed her mind. She seized a small piece of bread, put slices of bacon and eggs, and faced him. Her expression was expectant.


Eric was surprised for a second before he inwardly chuckled and opened his mouth.


Now that Evangeline was going to feed the food inside his mouth, shyness overcame her. It was different when she was the receiving end of his attention. And now that their roles were reversed –– it was really embarrassing!


Nonetheless, she fed the food into his mouth. Heat radiated inside her body, intensifying by the second. And when Erics hot tongue grazed her fingers, accidental or not, her breath hitched. Tiny voltage tickled her spine, and her thighs rubbed together. His eyes, from start to finish, never left hers.


The air around them turned a few degrees warmer, and it was a little hard to breathe. And Eric wasnt helping in lessening the stuffy feeling boiling inside her when he grabbed her hand and gently licked her fingers until his licking turned to kisses.


He stopped. Then his eyes intently locked to hers, waiting for her permission. She didnt resist and closed her eyes.




Both of them pulled away. Evangelines body was blazing while Erics face was flushed.


Evangeline threw a piercing glare at the approaching Lilybella, who was panicking and on the verge of tears.


Teacher! Teacher! His Highness said he didnt want to date Lilybella! Lilybella thinks hes still angry for she didnt visit him yesterday. Hes taking his revenge on Lilybella! What should we do?!


No, I think that Daniel really didnt want to have a date with you. Both Evangeline and Eric mused.


Lilybella flung herself to Evangeline while the latter casually avoided Lilybellas outstretched hands.


What did you tell him? Evangeline asked, ignoring Lilybellas aggrieved face.


Lilybellas forgot that Evangeline just avoided her hug and spilled her grievances, Lilybella said that we should go on a date in the amusement park, but he refused.”


Evangeline rolled her eyes while Eric drank a glass of water to cool the heat that was still ravaging his body.


No wonder he refused you.” Evangeline smirked, and Lilybella answered back.


Its because hes mad at Lilybella. He misses Lilybella so, but Lilybella didnt visit him yesterday. Though Lilybella sent thousands of text and calls and not one was answered, but it was because hes mad at Lilybella.”


Lilybella paused, took in a deep breath, and continued, Lilybella thinks his Highness wanted for her to visit him. But since his Highness has his pride and image to uphold, he couldnt say it.” She then palmed her blushing cheeks, head swaying side to side. Ahh . . . Why is his Highness so adorable? She giggled.


Eric almost choked but forced his throat to gulped down the water. He couldnt understand where Lilybella got her ridiculous reasoning from. And to make matters worse, she actually believed it one hundred percent. Should I be concerned about this?


Evangeline sneered in disdain. Fool. Youre doing it all wrong! Give me your phone. Ill show you how to do it like a pro.”


Lilybella didnt waste a second and gave her phone to Evangeline while the latter rolled her tongue against her inner cheek, waiting for Daniel to pick up the call. Within mere seconds, Daniels irritated voice echoed inside the silent room.


Lilybella, how many times must I tell you not to bother me––




“. . .”


“. . . E-Evangeline? Daniel said, voice low and unsure.


Yes, its me. Lilybella asks us out to enjoy the amusement park. Its going to be a double date. Arent you delighted, Daniel? You get to spend some time with your beautiful fiancée here.”


Teacher . . .” Lilybellas eyes moistened, big eyes looking at Evangeline with gratitude.


*sigh . . . Evangeline . . . Im swamped, I dont have time to––


Thats fine. Its still early anyway. We can expect you here at around lunchtime. We can even have lunch together, the four of us while were at it.”


No, you dont understand. The whole day, Im going to be bus––


Oh, you mean to say youre going to be earlier than that? Thats great then. Pick us up at around eleven. Well be waiting for you.”


No, listen to me––


Tut . . .


Evangeline looked over at Lilybella, returning her phone. He said hell be here around noon. We can even have lunch together before going to the park.”


Lilybellas lips quivered and squealed in delight. Her arms flew to Evangeline, which Evangeline avoided so naturally.


Teacher is amazing! Teacher is really, really amazing! Please teach this ignorant one how you manage to make his Highness agree to you in seconds!


Evangeline puffed her chest, head held high while her nose was perkier than usual. Theres nothing special. Its a piece of cake. With a man like Daniel, you have to be forceful. And if necessary, use a bit of threat.”


Ohhh. As expected of teacher! Lilybella is very grateful to receive your guidance!


I bet you are. Now leave and guard––I mean, wait for Daniel in the living room while we finish our breakfast.”


Lilybella clicked her shoes together and saluted. Yes! Right away! You can count on Lilybella to wait for his Highness! She then scurried away while pink flowers blossomed behind her tracks.


“. . .”


Evangeline faced Eric, eyes sparkling in anticipation. Now, where were we?


“. . .” At the side, Eric didnt know how to express his feelings. Worry and concern for Evangeline and Lilybella for reasons mostly about their interaction and the consequences it might lead.


And sympathy for Daniel for his future with Lilybella.

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