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Chapter 14


Evangeline clapped her hands. I know! I should get some wine for our dinner.” She hopped towards the wine rack and bent down, inspecting all the expensive wines on display.


The wine rack at the side of the kitchen island, where Eric was preparing their dinner, had view of the entire tray of wines from his end. And when Evangeline bent down, he had the first seat view of her full back and blood almost spurt from his nose.


She was not wearing any short beneath her oversized shirt that reached only half of her creamy thighs. His eyes heated at her round butt. It was firm but seemed soft to the touch. The tantalizing lacy piece of fabric followed the creased of her ass towards her crouch. It was thin, so thin that it outlined the shape of her pussy and slit, forming a crescent halo at the center. Small squishy mounds were protruding from the base of her sexy ass framed by her soft, firm butt. It was chubby and cute, and all he could think was pinching it.


The view was incredibly arousing. Sexy and downright lustful!


And she was strangely unaware her bottom was showing. She even wiggled her sexy ass, which caused all his saliva to evaporate. His throat was so dry it hurts.


He released a low agonizing grunt when his cock pounded against the confines of his trousers.




He growled. The sting caused by his finger grazing the burning pan jolted him out of his lustful state. Evangeline was quick on her toes and trotted to his side, much to his horror.


What happened? Are you okay? Why is your face red? she asked. Her face full of unconcealed worry and curiosity.


Thank the heavens she didnt notice. The last thing he wanted was her screaming away from him if she saw his bulge.


Im fine,” he croaked. He was not fine! Not fine at all!


He shifted his lower regions away from her view, not making it obvious. But of course, she was making it difficult for him when she cupped his face and leaned closer to him.


You cant be fine. Your face is so red! Do you have a fever?


To his horror, before he could stop her, she inched closer, tiptoed, and pressed her forehead to his.


Eric, youre hot! You have a fever! Evangeline howled, pulling away, looking straight at him, worry in her eyes. She was about to say more when she felt something hard poking her stomach.


Whats that? she questioned, lowering her head.


With impeccable timing, Erics hands grabbed her shoulders and flipped her around before she could see what was poking her.


Eve, Im fine. Really,” Eric said through the gap of his clenched teeth, making it sounded so natural, but didnt succeed much.


Are you sure? Evangeline frowned, wanting to turn his way, but the grip of his hands on her shoulders prevented her from moving anywhere.


Eric swallowed all his frustration and cleared his dry throat with difficulty. He was amazed at himself when his voice turned out somewhat natural.


Im fine. Its just the shock from a little burn. Its nothing serious.”


Burn? Did you burn yourself?


Eric cursed himself. Being careful not to dint even his clothes against her, he answered, Just a minor burn, itll heal.”


He then extended his burnt finger to her. See, nothing serious.”


Evangeline inspected his finger. When she saw that there was no peeling skin nor blisters, just a little redness, she sighed and let go of the topic.


Still, you should put ice on it.”


Mm . . . Ill go get the ointment in my room first.”


Didnt give her a chance to react, Eric quickly turned off the stove and escaped inside the comfort of his room.


“. . .”


Whats up with him? Evangeline mused when Eric ran to his room in a hurry.


I guess his finger must really be in pain.


Evangeline shrugged her shoulders and went to the wine rack, utterly ignorant at the chaos she brought upon Eric.

Not a free part.

What took you so long? Evangeline asked as Eric sauntered out from his room after almost thirty whole minutes.


Eric avoided her scrutinizing eyes as he answered rather awkwardly, Sorry, it took me some time to search for an ointment.”


She raised her brow and questioned, And why are you wearing different pants?


“. . .” For a split second, Eric didnt reply. His brain generated an excuse, lighting fast. It got wet when I cooled my finger in the washbowl.”


Evangeline didnt question further, and Eric sat on a seat opposite her. The foods were already served on the table while she patiently waited for him, complete with crossing legs and fingers interlaced on top of the table.


As soon as he sat, Erics eyes caught something unusual on the table. It was an old bottle of wine, Chateau Margarette Blanch 1944.


His eyes swept towards the wine rack and found the only bottled displayed on the glass box was now gone and on the table, completely opened and served in a goblet.


He might not know about wines but based on the vintage looking bottle and date, and how Daniel was reserving it inside a glass box, contenting on looking at it, he bet his life it was not meant to be open.


Eve, I think that bottle is not to be open,” he said, voicing his thoughts.


Evangeline raised an eyebrow and smirked. Why buy something so expensive if youre not going to savor it?


Eric pursed his lips, remaining calm, trying to push away the image of Daniels face upon knowing the wine he was collecting was opened.


I think Daniel is collecting it,” he said, voice remaining composed.


Evangeline rolled her eyes and sneered. Daniel should be happy were going to drink this fine specimen of wine that he couldnt force himself to drink. It would be a waste inside that glass box.”


She then interchanged her crossing legs. In fact, he should be thankful we save him from the torturous agony of watching it instead of drinking it. Now, he can totally relax without the constant torment of opening the wine and have a bit of taste. Dont you think?


She sweetly smiled, hell-bent believing her logic that Eric didnt have the heart to reprimand her.


“. . .”


For some reason, he felt pity for Daniel.

Inside Everland palace, Daniel sneeze for two times, body shuddering. An ill omen kept bugging him as he cursed Evangeline nonstop in his head.


He was forced to take late night sleep because he was busy transferring the land to her name. Somehow he couldnt bring himself to say no to her much to his annoyance. Not because he still had romantic feelings for her, but because he knew she wouldnt leave him alone until she got what she wanted. And another was because he was still guilty of cheating on her and wanted to make it up to her.


A barrage of curses swirled in his mind once more.

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