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Chapter 13


As soon as they arrived in Daniels penthouse, Eric was straightaway greeted by ravaging pets, and he almost fell back when a large Alaskan malamute came knocking towards him in full force, licking his face like there was no tomorrow.


Hey, Snow. How are you doing, little girl? Youve been bigger since the last time I saw you.” Eric chuckled, rubbing the large furry dog who kept wiggling in his embrace.


Evangeline wanted to pull Winter away from Eric, but she was caught surprised by the sudden name. Snow? Whose snow?


Eric blinked, quickly thinking of an excuse. I thought she reminded me of snow since shes white,” he said, lowering his head.


“. . .”


A chilling sweat ran from the curve of Erics spine while he avoided Evangelines scrutinizing gaze. He only breathed the air he held when she shrugged her shoulders and bent down, picking a hamster and a little piglet.


Yes. Yes. Its always my darlings who are excited to see me,” she chortled as Fall gracefully sauntered around her legs, rubbing her scent to her.


They sure have personalities,” Eric mumbled out of the blue.


Yeah,” Evangeline answered and added, I thought Winter loves me the most, but I see thats not the case anymore.” She glared at the furry furball who was sticking to Eric like glue.


Fall is the most aloof of them all while she loves to be around with Daniel wile Summer like to hang around with Asher when hes around, probably because that cousin of mine fed him all sorts of stuff. And Spring, for some reason, he likes Alvaro.”


Unconsciously, Eric glanced towards the round puff of fur on Evangelines shoulder, standing and rubbing its pluffy cheeks against her smooth skin. It must be his imagination, but he thought he saw it was peeking at him –– threateningly.


I can see why,” Eric said under his breath as they made their way inside.


There are four rooms here. Choose whatever you like.” Im fine too if you choose my room. Evangeline almost said but restrained herself. After all, she had to retain some face, for she was nothing but giggles since yesterday.


It was already night time when they arrived in the city, and after Eric deposited their things and chose a room, both of them retreated to their respective rooms.


As soon as Eric was out of her room, Evangeline snatched the phone in her pocket and called Daniel.


Evangeline, Im still in the middle of a meeting––


Daniel! Eric is going to buy a phone! she cut in.


“. . .” For a moment, Daniel was in a daze as to why Evangeline sounded so panic. Nonetheless, he asked, a bit hesitant, And?


And, I need to help him buy the most expensive phone without him knowing! Help me think of ways how to do this!


“. . .” Daniel closed his eyes tight. His headache was acting again. Evangeline . . . I think Eric will be happy if you just gift him a phone.”


Evangeline sneered. Youre only saying that because you dont know anything about him. He is so poor he probably exhausted all his money just to get here. And if I gift him a phone worth more than his salary in a year, how do you think he would feel, huh?


“. . . Uhmm . . . I dont know . . . maybe happy since he received an expensive phone?


Argh! Evangeline almost howled. Youre only saying that because you can get anything with your money, but Eric is different!


Daniel massaged the protruding veins on his forehead as he impatiently sighed. Alright, alright. Ill help you. What do you want me to do?


Youre asking me? Youre a prince, arent you? Think of something.”


“. . .” Daniel could only sigh when his temper was bursting. He controlled his breathing and asked, voice shaky, holding his irritation, Alright. Ill contact one of my men. Ill take care of it. Is that enough? He wanted to end the call since he feared his blood vessel would burst.


You better be sure its flawless. I want Eric to have the most expensive phone for free without him noticing it. Got it?


“. . .” Daniel rolled his eyes, forcing out the words, Got it.”




Is that all? Can I hang up now, your highness? Daniel asked, tone mocking, which Evangeline reciprocated with a snort.


Actually . . . ,” Evangeline slurred, I remember you still havent given me my twentieth birthday gift, Daniel.”


“. . .” Something like dread, panic, threat, assaulted Daniel all at once upon hearing that familiar purring tone. If it were another, he would be aroused. But coming from Evangeline, it could only mean danger. His eyes squinted on alert, tempted to end the call.


Daniel, you dont have to give me much,” she said, Just that property, Eric and I went. You know, that piece of land in the middle of the forest. Aint I a good friend for not asking much?


“. . . Evangeline . . .” Daniel closed his eyes, thats government property.”


Splendid! Evangeline bellowed. You truly are a Prince! Talk to my lawyer to have my name on that land.”


“. . . No, Evangeline, I cant––


Ill give you until tomorrow morning to have it done, or if not, Ill give you until this week. Im such a considerate friend. Youre fortunate, Daniel.”


No! Listen to me––


Thats great! I know you can do it! I have to go, nice talking to you. Bye.”


Tut . . . Tut . . .


Daniels eyes never strayed on his phone, body trembling, holding his urge! His intense urge to strangle Evangeline with his bare hands.



Meanwhile, Evangeline didnt care at the ominous air lurking from afar. She hummed and dialed a number on her phone.


Michael, its me, Evangeline. I have something for you to do. Yes, Im not in Burberry right now, so I need you to take care of it.” She smirked, walking towards the floor to ceiling window. She swiped the curtain, viewing the magnificent scene of the night city.


Its quite important actually. And this is something failure will not be tolerated. No. Its not something illegal. Youre my lawyer, right? Its simple. First, I want you to go to sparkle entertainment . . .”

Evangeline got out from the shower with her wet hair wrapped in a towel, getting ready for her and Erics dinner.




She hummed as she walked towards the walk-in closet only to be stopped mid-way with the familiar ringing tone. She cursed under her breath, stomping her way towards the ringing object on top of the bed. Thinking it was Daniel again, she pressed the button and answered.




“. . .”




She blinked, staring weirdly at the phone on her hand when the other side abruptly ended the call. Her lashes fluttered as her pupils zeroed on the name registered on the phone.




Ops. She bit her lip, wanting to appear guilty, but the raising of her brows and the smirking on her lips only made her expression as one with no remorse at all.


She shrugged her shoulders and flung the phone on the bed before sashaying toward the walk-in closet. She picked a very sexy nightgown of finest silk embroidered with lace, which hid almost nothing and thought it was too much. Perfect!


She put in on and tilted her head when she checked at herself in the mirror.  She was still pretty, but that extra flesh bothered her to no end. She was not oblivious. She gained weight lately, and there was already a piece of meat dangling at her once toned arms. Though it was minimal, with her scrutinizing eyes, she saw it.


Another extra skin was evident on her once flat stomach. Not to mention her thighs became chubbier. The only redeeming feature was her breasts that almost burst from the confines of her nightgown.


Couldnt take her new appearance, she removed the gown and opted for an oversized long-sleeve shirt made of linen instead, murmuring along the way that she would get back her shape –– by hook or by crook!


She let her hair cascade on her back and fixed her face with her nightly ritual of moisturizers, eye creams, and balms. Satisfied with the outcome, she nodded to herself and walked out of the room.


Eric was cooking in the open kitchen. Preparing her can foods since the idiotic Prince didnt have any food in his freezer and cupboards. Though he had expensive and rare wines in his wine rack.


The smile on her face was almost automatic when Eric glanced her way, looking all fresh and handsome with a simple black long sleeve shirt and trousers. His wet hair was tousled messily at the side, giving access to his silver irises. He was not wearing his glasses much to her glee.


Dinner will be ready soon,” he said. Why dont you watch something first? Ill call you when its ready.”


Evangeline smile grew wider, stopping on the kitchen island. She leaned, elbow resting against the marble top while her hand propped her head, gazing at him, who was so serious cooking their dinner.


A little uncomfortable at being watch, Eric cleared his throat and repeated what he said, Uhmm . . . why dont you watch something first?


Im already watching you. Theres nothing more fascinating than looking at you cooking for me.”


“. . .” Eric fought a grin, still a smile slipped on his face. He slightly shook his head and resumed what he was doing.


Ive asked my lawyer to go to Sparkle entertainment tomorrow,” Evangeline started. My proposal should be foolproof, and by the time we return to Burberry, youre already my assistant.”


Eric briefly paused before resuming cooking. He was not sure how he was feeling at the moment. He was happy and, at the same time, not. He was happy at first, but now he had some time to think things through . . .


He stared at Evangeline and spoke, voice serious, Eve . . . I know you dont actually want to be a celebrity. I dont think that––


Nonsense. Who said I dont want to become one? Besides, its just modeling. I wouldnt do something as tiring as being a celebrity per se. How hard can it be?


“. . .”


Eric was still hesitating. True, with Evangelines qualifications, there was no way Sparkle entertainment wouldnt accept her. Still . . . he didnt want to see her do something which he knew she didnt have any passion for doing. I guess I have no other choice then.


At the thought of his plans, the tightness of his face loosened. It was not like Evangeline would do modeling for money nor fame, so it was alright if she didnt have any projects. And it was not like if she didnt have any projects, he wouldnt be compensated. The company would still pay him each month whether she had projects or not.


He hid his plans behind a soft smile.

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