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Chapter 12


Warm light peered through the window and shot directly towards Erics eyes, disturbing his peaceful slumber. A low grunt rumbled in his throat in annoyance. It had been days that he had a good nights sleep, one which he dreamed a wonderful dream.


He opened his eyes, a little blurry and uneven before it focused on the most beautiful woman he ever saw, and he thought he was still dreaming. Bits of memories rushed in his head, realizing everything was real.


His fingers skimmed his lips, fighting a grin. They did kiss! He really did kiss her! And he even professed his love for her!


He smiled at himself, a little embarrassed for what he did. He then watched her sleep, a tranquil smile on her face that brought something like contentment in his heart. She was so close to him, snuggling in his chest. His nose perked, smelling her scent. That familiar milky scent mixed with powder and honey, and his eyes briefly closed to savor it.


When she groaned, he softly laughed at the incoherent mumbles escaping from her mouth. He gently tucked some of her hair behind her ears before his fingers gradually moved to her lips. Those lustrous, moist lips that he wanted nothing but nibble all day.


His eyelids dropped, pupils narrowing as he traced the soft curves of her mouth. Unknowingly, his face inched closer to hers.




The vibration of his phone snapped him out of his trance. He clicked his tongue and quickly yet quietly scrambled to his feet, being careful not to wake her up.


He scurried to his backpack and search for his phone. Hurry and a little panic in his movement, for he was afraid the constant vibration and sound would wake the sleeping beauty.


He fished his phone and breathed a sigh of relief when it no longer made vibrating noises against the wooden floor.


Walking towards the window, he opened it lightly, allowing the cold breeze to slip through the small gap. Throughout, he didnt glance at his phone. He already knew who it was.


No one had his number except for Angel Lin and her personal assistant, Fey. They must be calling since he was absent yesterday and now. Judging by the suns position, it must be nearing noon, and he was still not in the set.


For a time, he stared at the familiar name flashing on the phone screen, his face unreadable like it used to.


A gush of chilly wind blew on his face from the opened window, and the vibrating sounds were no more when he threw the phone to oblivion. He didnt have any remorse nor any emotion on his face as he closed the window and turned to Evangelines direction.


However, he was stunned in place when Evangeline was already awake and was sitting on the floor, looking at him with her usual haughty self.


Im sorry, did I wake you up? he asked.


Instead of answering, Evangelines smirk stretched into a grin.


You dont need that phone from now on. Ill buy a new one for you since youre going to be my personal assistant anyway.”


Erics face harbored a small smile as he walked towards his bag.


Eve, I might be poor, but I still have enough money to buy me a phone. Dont worry about it.”


Actually, he had the money from his savings, but it was only enough at the moment. Ninety percent of his salary went to his inheritance or, more precisely, to the Frizkiel family to fill his quota while the remaining ten percent were for him to spent for his daily necessities and payment for his bills, which was hardly enough. That was why he had to work at shops that were not affiliated with his family to add to his living expenses.


And over time, he did manage to scrape some money for his savings. But it wasnt much. The ticket alone going to Everland was enough to put a tear on his eyes and not to mention he had to buy his and Evangelines return ticket. He barely had enough spare to buy an expensive phone.


A cheap one will do.


Though he came from a family who owned an entire country, he was, in all sense of the word, broke. He had been living like any ordinary person struggling to stay afloat from his twenty-one years of existence.


He ransacked his things and pulled out a tote bag before he sat next to Evangeline, who was eyeing him curiously.


Are you hungry? Sorry, I only have this at the moment.”


Upon laying eyes on what Eric handed to her, Evangelines face brightened.


Cottage cheese! It was her favorite snack. Snow café made these little cups of mouthwatering delicacies so irresistibly delicious that she almost ate it every day. If not for her maintaining her figure, she would eat hundreds of it in a day.


Thank you! I miss this. One day without this, and Im already dying to return to Burberry!


Chuckling, Eric opened one for him to eat when Evangeline lost herself in eating the snacks. It wasnt much to be called a meal, but it would suffice for now.


When do you plan on going back to Burberry? he asked so that he could buy their return ticket.


Evangeline stopped munching, and Eric took in her stone-like expression. His face turned serious, followed by the creased of his brows. Dont tell me . . . you plan to––


Eric, Everland has many tourist spots. Since were here, we might as well indulge ourselves. You dont have to worry about work. Ill talk to the president of Sparkle entertainment. You have nothing to worry about. We can enjoy ourselves here without worries! Now that she had him away from his work, there was no way she would let this opportunity slip.


“. . .”


Eric didnt care for any of that. He didnt care about work. Instead, he was worried about spending his entire two-month vacation here. He didnt have enough money for hotels or even a cheap one at that for two months! Besides, he didnt even bring that many clothes with him!


Sensing something was not right with Eric, Evangeline cleared her throat. She could almost tell Erics dilemma with the changes in his expressions.


If youre concerned about where to stay, dont worry! Daniel has it all covered! In fact, Im actually staying with him! she said out of impulse.


Erics face darkened. His eyes narrowed at her, and she quickly explained, Its his penthouse! Hes not actually living there per se. And besides, you and I are his guests. He should be responsible for us. In fact, Ill call him right now.”


Evangeline fished Daniels phone from her bag and dialed his number.

On the other side of Everland City, Daniel was busy arguing and debating on important matters about Everland inside the palace. And when his phone vibrated on the table and saw it was his other number, he knew that it was Evangeline.


Thinking she was doing something crazy again, he picked his phone and excused himself.


The line of important people in the room was baffled for Prince Daniel never let anything disturb him when he was in important discussions for Everlands future.


That person must be really important.


Evangeline? Please tell me youre not in any trouble,” Daniel answered the moment he was out of the room.


How rude! Evangeline snarled on the other line. Since when did I ever caused you trouble? In fact, youre the only person who causes trouble for me. Ill let it slide this time since I have more pressing matters to tell you.”


“. . .” Daniel restrained rolling his eyes as he urged, What is it?


Eric is here, so I expect you––


Eve . . . let me talk to him.”


Daniels brows furrowed upon hearing the light noises from the other line before the voice of a man caused his eyes to widen.


Daniel, this is Eric.”


“. . .” Daniel got to admit, he was uncomfortable at hearing Erics voice that he forgot to answer for a moment. He cleared his throat and pushed that feeling away. Yeah? whats up?


May I stay with Evangeline in your penthouse until we return to Burberry?


“. . .” Daniel almost choked from holding his breath, thinking what Eric was going to say only to be caught unprepared at his request. He tugged his collar, feeling stuffy all of a sudden. Yeah, sure. You and Evangeline are my classmates, after all. And Evangeline is my friend. Feel free to make yourself at home.”


Thank you. I owe you one.”


Daniel opened his mouth, but no words came out. Didnt know how to respond upon hearing the sincerity in Erics voice.


Oh, and, if its no trouble, can you send a car to fetch us? Ill send you the coordinates,” Eric said.


Daniel cleared his throat and answered almost instantly, No need, the phone youre holding is mine. Ive lent it to Evangeline. It has a built-in tracker. Ill send someone right away.”


Thank you.”


“. . .”


Ahh . . . this is awkward. Daniel thought.


If theres nothing else, Ill hang up,” he said, ending the call.


For a while, Daniel stared at his phone, unsure of what words to describe what he was currently feeling. He was not sad nor angry nor bitter. It was just one big ball of awkwardness.


He sighed, shaking his head. It must be because Eric is the man who Evangeline, his ex, fancied.

In the middle of nowhere, surrounded by sleeping trees and dense foliage, Evangeline threw Daniels phone to who knows where after the call. She searched her bag and grabbed the familiar fabric, pulling it out, and poured its content on the floor.




Piles and piles of can foods tumbled against the wooden floor, and Eric watched in astonishment at the mountain of goods.


Eric, we dont have to worry about food. Ive brought lots, so its okay if we stay here for a bit.”


Eric didnt answer. He picked one can after another and read the label.


Eve . . . these are all foods you need to cook first before eating.”


Evangeline stared at him, tilting her head to the side, and Eric swore a flower just appeared over her head.


Are they not can foods? Arent they supposed to be ready to eat?


Yes, but the ones you picked are those either need a microwave or are heated before consuming.” And it was all expensive! He bet she didnt read the label and picked the most expensive out of the stocks.


Evangelines lips puckered, her lovely brows met in one line.


Its not my fault. No one told me about it! she complained.


“. . .”




Eric couldnt hold it anymore and burst out laughing. For a time, Evangeline found herself mesmerized at the sight. Amused and bewitched at his laughter.


Calming himself, Eric wiped away the tears in his eyes as he patted Evangelines head.


Yes, its not your fault. From now on, well go together to buy groceries.”


Evangeline smiled smugly, chin lifting. If you insist that badly, I guess I have no choice but to accommodate you then.”


Mmm . . .” Erics shoulders trembled, fighting another burst of laughter.


But . . .” Evangeline eyed the can foods. That means we dont have any food.” She didnt want to return to the city. She wanted to spend eternity here with Eric –– if that was possible.


While patting Evangelines head gently, a smile never left Erics lips. Its fine. We can always return here in the future.”


Evangelines gloomy and depressed mood gradually disappeared, and she smiled, more dazzling than the models in the toothpaste commercial.


Oh, alright. The next time we come here, Ill have the place developed so we can have electricity and water. It will be our secret place.”


This place was already special to her. So many memories and first. Their first real kiss and their first night sleeping beside each other. She would be dammed if she couldnt acquire ownership of this land. She would blackmail and threaten Daniel if she had to.


Oblivious to Evangelines thoughts, Eric didnt pay too much attention to what she said. He took her gaze, eyes soft, smile gentle while Evangeline stopped her vile thoughts and plans when Eric leaned towards her.


There was something different. Very different. Every time he gazed at her, there was a softness in his eyes, pupils dilating like they were melting. And his smile, his gentle smile, was irremovable on his face every time he looked at her. His countenance was much softer and very much . . . infatuated.


A creeping blush blossomed on her cheeks, yet she didnt back away. She closed her eyes and waited for their lips to touch.


Ah . . .


His kiss was like the coldest, purest spring, and her parched throat was quenched the moment their lips touched.


He pulled slightly away, his hot breath caressing her face.


Good morning, Eve.”


“. . .”


She suppressed a grin, her haughty brows rose and trembled visibly, fighting a giggle from her more than happy heart.


Good morning, Eric.”

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