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Chapter 8


Burberry Country


Eric returned home late per usual from his work, and like the past couple of days, his appearance was cadaver like. This week was supposed to be a one week break from shooting, and tomorrow was supposed to be his special day. He planned it for days, wanting to spend it with Evangeline. But she disappeared, taking his mind and heart with her.


A hot stream of air swirled from his lips while dragging his body towards his room. Along the way, he removed his bonnet, scarf, and jacket. He didnt mind the blinking of the telephone on top of the table in the hallway. He was even dreading it . . . didnt want to hear whoever called. Nevertheless, his finger pushed the replay button and entered his room. Tossing his garments to the side, he removed his shirt.


In the middle of changing his clothes, he heard a very familiar eerie voice, and goosebumps crawled all over his skin. Abruptly, he pulled his shirt over his head, almost ripping it off from his body while his feet raced to the speaking phone.


Tossing his shirt on the floor, he focused his attention on that voice, never blinking, afraid it was his mind playing tricks on him brought by constantly thinking of her.


But it was not.


It was real.


“. . . Shes in the country where the land meets the sky.”


Alvaro didnt finish speaking when he bolted inside his room. Grabbing his clothes and things he needed, he shoved it all inside his backpack. All the way, he cursed and clicked his tongue, complaining about why he couldnt move much faster. If possible, he wanted to appear right before her.


He grabbed his passport, some cash, and bolted to exit his apartment without stopping to breathe.


Many people might not know what Alvaro meant. But he knew. He knew where Evangeline was. After all, he practically lived all his life there.


Eric was already far away from his apartment when the phone in the dark silent hallway beep, and the eerie voice spoke once more.


Eric, Evangeline is in Everland . . .”

Evangeline woke up, slobbered by saliva from those adorable puff of furs.


Alright, alright. Im up.” She pushed herself in a sitting position, wiping her palms against her face while her pets jumped on and out of bed, hungry for food.


She stretched her arms, smacking her lips before rubbing her eyes. Only to be awakened when she saw unfamiliar furniture and surroundings.


Oh . . . right. Im at Princes penthouse.


She got out of bed and fixed herself. She did her usual morning routine before fixing everyones breakfast/lunch since it was nearing afternoon. And then she resumed getting her things ready for the climb.


After hours of getting ready to storm the cold and breeze the mountain, she went out from her room and found her pets lying lazily around with protruding stomach.


In the past, she thought of bringing them with her since she couldnt just leave them inside a tent. But now she was living in an actual house, she could let the staff take care of them while she was away. She nodded at herself and dialed the management.


After she got everything in order, she kissed her pets one by one and waved at them goodbye before sauntering out of the room and out of the condominium only to stopped on her tracks when she saw a familiar man, leaning against a car while everyone greeted him with respect.


Frowning, she said, What are you doing here so early in the morning? Crossing her arms, she smirked. The prince really has so much free time, loitering around here.”


Daniel didnt mind Evangelines arrogant tone as he removed his sunglasses and walked towards her.


I own the place, remember? Im checking if youre still hung up on the idea of climbing the mountain which . . .” Daniel trailed off, swiping Evangeline with his eyes before sighing, “. . . youre still hung up on climbing.”


Evangelines hands met her tilting hips while her face didnt hide her irritation. Why are you hell-bent on stopping me? You dont have that right. Its I who is going to climb that mountain, not you.”


Actually, I have that right. Have you forgotten? Im the Prince of this country. Second in line for the throne. Meaning, if you are here in Everland, you are under my rule.”


Evangelines perfect brows creased when she saw Daniel was serious.


What? Are you going to use force on me now?


Daniels lips twitched, yet his face remained serious. Yes, if youre still hell-bent on climbing that mountain, then I have no choice but to deport you back to Burberry.”


Evangeline dryly laughed. Does Everlanders know that their Prince is such a tyrant? Whatll happen to your subjects when youre already this bossy––


Evangelines words trailed when her eyes caught a view of a very familiar silhouette. And for a time, she thought she was dreaming.


Noticing Evangeline turning into a statue, Daniel peered behind his shoulder and saw the silhouette of an approaching man and he breathes. Finally!


Daniels guts never stop twisting when the Cole hadnt arrived. He really didnt want to use force to deport Evangeline. He knew she was petty and knew what was coming for him if he did deport her.


But now . . .


Well, I guess . . . Im no longer needed here.


Daniel walked away to give the two some privacy, continuing to observed from the side as Eric approached Evangeline.


Still dumbstruck, Evangeline couldnt move. Holding her breath, she took in the appearance of the man who was nothing but the relentless subject of her dreams. His disheveled appearance and physique. He lost weight from the last time she saw him, and those sunken eyes decorated with patches of purple hues added to his haggard look. Her eyes traveled to his missy dense hair under a crappy woolen bonnet, down to an ugly looking scar on his left cheek.


He appeared worn out and tired. Black turtle neck shirt wrinkled beneath an expensive-looking brown coat while clouds of dust smudge his pants. Occasionally, a hot stream of air puffed from his mouth, panting while his eyes never left hers.


And she thought . . .


She thought he never looked so handsome.


Evangeline blinked. Lowering her gaze, she scolded herself. Get a grip! Not mentioning about love, he doesnt even like you!


At the memory of what happened in the last week, Evangeline huramp and walked passed Eric, not uttering anything. Pretending they were strangers.


While Eric had other thoughts, now he finally found her, he would be damned if he lost her again.


His hand stretched and held its targets wrist. Not letting go, but also not holding tight, afraid he might leave a bruise.


And as expected, Evangeline reacted violently, pulling her wrist from Erics grasped. At the same time, Daniel didnt know his heart was already pounding hard against his chest the more he watched as the situation took a wrong turn.


Let go! Who are you?! I dont know you––!


Eve, its my birthday today.”


“. . .”


Evangeline was rendered speechless. For a whole minute, her brain was blank, couldnt formulate degrading words. With just his deep voice, all the nasty things she was going to say disappeared, replaced by thoughts that she couldnt possibly say, go die, asshole! on the very day he was born.


Her brain and heart completely shifted, even forgetting the drama last week that landed her in a state of utter heartbroken. All her retorts were replaced by, dont be angry at him. Its his birthday. You cant be angry at him. Its his birthday.’


Aghh . . . She was in a dilemma. She wanted to hurt him as much as he had hurt her . . . but . . . but . . . Its his birthday today!


Evangeline though, wanted to retain some face. She glared at Eric and sneered.


So what?! I dont care if its your birth––!


I want to spend it with you.”


“. . .”


“. . .”


Once more, Evangeline found herself at a loss for words. All hostility and bitterness evaporated in but an instant. Gone! Disappeared! Leaving no trace. Only happiness and pink hearts filled her that even the rays shone upon her turned pink.


Eric was not even looking at her as he said those words. He was looking at his foot like he was nervous or something. His dark hair was like midnight, while his eyes were the moon. Then he looked at her, a small smile on his lips.


Come with me? he said.


And she could only utter, “. . . Okay.”


. . .


. . .


It was a while that Eric and Evangeline left, riding a taxi to who knows where and Daniel was still rooted in his spot. His jaw still hadnt attached itself to its rightful place. Couldnt believe with those simple words, Evangelines anger was seated. If he knew, he would have said it was his birthday every time they argued.


He had to admit, he could learn a thing or two from Eric. And he was surprised that the man appeared innocent with no idea about girls!


Hes obviously a Casanova in heart!

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