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Chapter 10


Evangeline raised her brow. Skepticism painted her face. But she still stared at what he wanted for her to look. And not even a second that she dinted her eye on the lens, her gasped bounced along the room.


Her view was full of strange colors intermixed together like a painting on a black canvas with no particular forms. Colors intense and out of proportions but harmonious and majestic that it was impossible not to lose in its splendor.


Glancing at the sky, she saw a different view of darkness and twinkling stars. She looked on the lens, and was transported in the universe –– fresh and raw.

What is it? she asked, her smile permanently plastered on her face, sweeter than sugar and honey.


Orion Nebula. Its where the stars are born.” Eric smiled. His eyes were turning softer and softer, melting as he stared at her, who was so excited like a kid first time seeing the galaxy.


His hand stretched, tucking a strand of her hair behind her ear. But the beautiful girl was still staring at the stars, wouldnt spare him a glance. He chuckled and with a low voice, almost like a whisper, he continued.


Orion, the hunter. There are a few versions of the Orion myth. But the one best known is that he is the son of the sea God Neptune and the skilled huntress, Queen Euryale of the Amazons. Inheriting his mothers talents, he became the greatest hunter in the world.”


Scooting closer to her, he leaned as if he wanted to share under one telescope. His breath hot on her cheek, eyes on the starry sky, staring at the stars like he saw what she was seeing.


In the night sky, you can see him ready to attack Taurus the Bull. And see that blue color which stood out from the rest? Thats Rigel, the brightest star in the constellation of Orion.”


She giggled, peering at him as she said, I didnt know you secretly wanted to become an Astronomer, Eric.”


He laughed. Nothing big like that. Its just a hobby of mine.”


He leaned forward, and she held her breath, her heart pounding in her ears.


They were too close!


If she leaned in a little more . . . she and he will be . . .


She lowered her head, warmth enveloping her body when she realized he only leaned to inspect the telescope. She back away to give him space when he reverted to his serious self, tweaking the telescope once more.


Was she interested in what she saw? Was she interested in stars and planets and constellations? Definitely not.


But what she was interested in was him giving out a piece of himself to her. Hearing his soothing and low voice, the slow timbre of his tone. Knowing something personal about him, sharing what he liked to her.


Astronomy was her favorite subject as long as he was the one giving lectures.


Her eyes took the opportunity to study him––scratch that––she couldnt turn her eyes away from him.


Full dark lashes and thin lips that she was having a hard time pulling her gaze away. Slim and lean frame with an almost perfectly symmetrical face. On each side of his straight nose were two bright crystal clear silver irises. His pale skin was just so . . . right.


And he only got better the more she stared.


In appearance, he was nothing special, just another grey-eyed man with glasses and messy hair.


But she knew . . . she knew the devil lurking beneath his harmless disguise.


And she couldnt wait to unmask it.


He was handsome, alright, but inside, he was beautiful. And if she didnt touch him soon, all her nerves would rip her apart!


Oblivious to Evangelines struggles, Eric adjusted the telescope.


A heavy silence descended in the room, thicker than any atmosphere he knew. He opened his lips, breaking the awkward silence.


You know, theres an old legend, a myth I read long ago from an ancient-looking book.” He briefly paused, gathering his thoughts. The universe created beings. One are Cosmos, beings task with rebirth, and the other side are Chaos, creatures filled with nothing but destruction. These entities roam across the universe, the galaxies in search of dying stars. It is said when a Cosmo landed on a dying planet, she would replace the planets core with her own heart, revitalizing and rejuvenating everything. Whereas, if Chaos landed on a dying star, he would eat the planets core, and the star explodes.”


He smiled, low touches of laughter danced in the room. Dont you think that myth is very fascinating––


He stopped when he felt something was not right. He glanced at her only to be left stunned when something soft pressed his lips.


He was surprised, recoiling in shock!


In that instant, his mouth hung with his lips slightly apart, eyes wide as they could stretch.


Upon seeing his expression, Evangelines lips curved downwards while her eyes dropped.


The first time they kissed, she was the one who took advantage of his sleeping state.


The second time, she attacked him forcefully.


And now the third time, she was still the one who initiated and was rejected.


She let out a shaky smile. Her walls of pretense crumbling down, and raw emotions took over. The pain was evident from the creased of her perfect brows. Red tinted her nose and cheeks. Lips never strayed from its downward curved. And slowly, the skin under her mouth wrinkled and quivered.


Tears pooled beneath her eyes, threatening to break free, and before it did, a big warm hand cupped her cheek, raising her face.


And what happened next was a blur.


His cold lips brushed against hers as his hand tugged her closer to him.


She was not even given the fraction of second to know what was happening before he pulled away. Just enough space for their shallow breaths to intertwined in a hot dance.


Her shock turned something entirely as her wide eyes dropped to his moist lips, almost lost behind the rising puffs of their breaths. She was lost in those soft, velvety wonders. And before she leaned to taste it again, a gentle pressure from her chin cause her eyes to move to his.


A little unsteady, they stared at each other while a constant stream of air blurred their parted lips. Hunger and desire glowed in his silver eyes while hers mirrored his.


Unable to contain themselves anymore, they slowly moved in –– and fireworks exploded in their brain when their lips reunited.


Ah . . . The fourth time is the charm.


Her plump, soft lips were competing with his thin slimmer ones, gentle and moving lightly around his –– a little unsure and a lot more inexperienced. Yet soon, both their mouths bonded together in sync and another wave of euphoria percolated their veins.


Intoxicated by the feeling, she pressed her lips that sent both of them back. Sticking her tongue out, a little impatient, she tried to part his lips, which caused him to open his eyes in surprise. Not even a second, he closed his eyes again and kissed her back. Fiercer and passionate. His tongue delved inside her mouth, deeper and deeper, wanting to explore everything.


She kissed him back with the same intensity. Loving how bolts after bolts of electricity shot and spread inside her whenever his tongue mated with hers. In instinct, she sucked his tongue and swallowed his groan of pleasure.


She always sneered in stories about melting in a kiss, ridiculing it with all the logic in the world.


But now . . . she fully understood.


She was melting, literally melting like all her bones were nothing but chocolate under the scorching sun. All she felt was the softness and intoxicating pleasures of becoming one with him.


All holding back was gone, and they gradually slid together on the floor.


Eric lightly brushed his tongue against her slippery ones and slowly pulled back. Glistening threads of saliva hanging between them, evidence of what just transpired.


He wanted to see . . . see what kind of expression was on her face while her hand reached for his cheek. Her hand caressing his face was softer and smoother than a baby.


Her eyes . . . oh, her eyes . . .  It was the purest of amethyst changing colors to one of lavender in the season of fall sculpted to perfection upon her creamy white unblemished face.


Strands of wavy curls tumbled out from her scalp, cascading down her back, spreading out on the floor like the most expensive silk in natural lavender.


Her lips . . . cheery, moist, soft lips that he wanted nothing but chew all day.


She indeed was a beautiful sight to behold!


While the man reflected on Evangelines eyes had a serious expression. His swollen lips were ripe for another round of kissing.


Unable to resist, her fingers traced his lips lightly, an undeniable urge to bite it overcame her mind for a moment. At the thought, the reality they had kissed, a very passionate one at that, sink in. A blush made its way to her cheeks and quickly spread all over her face and neck, and a smile formed on his face.


He lowered himself and hugged her. His body was warm and toned, giving off protection that comforts her. She was hugged before but never like this. It was right that her body sag. Her muscles melted in his embrace.


His voice was low and little coarse while his lips brushed her ear as he spoke.


Im sorry.”

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