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Two years ago


Body curled, Sateles knees almost touch her head, like a fetus inside a womb. Course palms covered her face, shoulders trembling in the darkness. She was hurting all over, especially her lower parts, legs numb while all strength was scraped from her limbs.


A reminder of what just transpired.


She was disgusted. Disgusted to the bones, finding she was not disgusted to what the man had done to her. She hated him, hated him for making her feel that way. She couldnt accept the loss. Feeling like she had lost something so precious, and no matter what she did, she could no longer take it back.


Her shoulders shook when silent sobs rocked her body, pushing against the lump in her throat.

But the guy beside her didnt notice the barely audible sound of her misery and loss, snarling as he said, Can you fucking let me rest? Im trying to sleep here.”


Satele bit her lip and didnt move. But the shaking of her shoulders wouldnt stop, and this irritated the man beside her.


Can you stop your shaking already? The bed felt like a vibrato for fucking sake!


The veins on her forehead bulge as she snapped, Easy for you to say! You didnt lose something important to you!


Feeling the oppressive aura behind her, turning dangerous by the second, she curled even more. She wanted to shrink under his eyes that were burning her back.


“. . .”


“. . .”


She heard him sigh after a long pause, probably to keep his irritation at bay. She didnt know why a tear escaped from her eyes. She wiped it and sniffled. Her breath hitched when she suddenly felt hot air fanning her face. Peeking from her palms, her eyes widened when dark onyxes caught her gaze. Her body flared, and her face hid in the comfort of her hands.


If it stops your shaking, think of it this way,” Asher said, voice laced in irritation. You give your virginity to your boyfriend, and then you break up after months, and all you get in turn is thank you, babe.’ Or gift it to your husband and in return you get thank you, hon. Im so touch you remained pure.’ And after a year you got divorce with thank you, and Im sorry its not you its me bullshit. I think auctioning your virginity was a practical idea. Think about it. You got something in return instead of a hollow Im sorry and thank you shit. Twenty million is no small amount.”


Satele scoffed. The lump in her throat was dissolving, and she could breathe a little better. Tilting her head, she met his gaze. She pouted and glared. Its just ten. Half goes to the establishment.”


He rolled his eyes, and she wanted to knock her head when she found the gesture cute.


Twenty million. Ten million. Big deal! The important thing is, you can change your life with that amount of money. And besides, do you think men nowadays care about whether youre a virgin or not? If they want to marry you, theyll marry you. Period. No questions ask.”


She snorted, pretending she was still bitter.

Thinking about the money, the tightness of her head lessened. She could add years to her mothers life. They could finally move out from that crampy rented apartment where it stinks of human sweat. She could finally buy a home! Their very own house in a conducive environment. She could have her brother enrolled in one of the best schools.


At the thought, her eyes softened, and a genuine smile spread across her face. All of her worries and grievances magically disappeared. And she thought. . . she thought. . . this man was right. He was not entirely annoying.


Now sleep,” he said, slumping on the bed. Its understandable that youre not tired since I was the one who did most of the work while you laid there like a dead fish out of water.”


Before she could rebuke him, his bare arms wrapped around her, cocooning her in his embrace.


What are you doing? Let go of me. Youre heavy,” she whined. Her skin tingled with electricity, crawling all over her body. Her spine flinched, toes curling when he inhaled her scent.


Stop struggling and sleep, or Ill kick you out of bed.”


“. . .” She bit her lips and silently cursed him in her mind. Nope, this man is definitely annoying as hell.


Cursing loudly in her head, her body relaxed. Her muscles released all tension while an odd feeling of comfort and warmth made her eyelids dropped little by little. Not before long, she was in a deep sleep, one which remained elusive ever since she and Aldrick broke up.


Agh. . . This man . . . is really . . . anno . . . ying . . .

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  2. You’re such a great author and I do love reading the books you wrote especially Leanna (I kinda read it for a hundred times already) Please kindly update book 3 🥰. I’m so looking forward to what will happen next. Stay safe and GOD BLESS

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