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Chapter 40


Mr. Cole, this is the hotel room provided by the establishment to claim your prize. Be advise that you can do whatever you want with her, but after twenty-four hours, she will be set free. You are not allowed to imprison or own her.”


Asher raised his hand in annoyance, and the old man in butler suit slowly bowed and said, Well then, the product is inside. She has been cleaned and prep. If you need anything, press the button. Have a great night, Mr. Cole. I hope we can do more business with you in the future.” And the old man left with his entourage.


Asher remained impassive while he watched the men leave. When they were out of sight, he stared at the solid door and turned the handle. The door opened with an eerie creaking sound, and he walked inside the room. The room was nothing fancy. It was modern and had that comfy feel to it with its warm colors and choice of cozy rugs and furniture complete with ambient romantic lighting.

He didnt notice any of that, though. His eyes were glued to a girl sitting at the edge of the bed, looking at him.


His eyebrows twitched when he saw those subtle quaking of her stiffed shoulders and those tightened fists, clawing the bedsheet. Yet her eyes, such a lovely pair of violet eyes almost black, unyielding and unbreakable.


But not for long.


A grin tugged the corner of his lips. Part of the reason why he was willing to throw away twenty million fucking dollars was not that she was a virgin. It was because of her eyes. The moment he took a glimpse of it, his libido started kicking in full gears.


He couldnt wait to break that unyielding façade of hers.


The room was silent.  Both of them didnt have any intention of talking.


Asher was here to enjoy his twenty million, not to have small talk. He didnt waste any more second and started to strip. He only had a day to break the woman.


More than enough.


His bony fingers removed his mask, which was getting in the way, and casually flung it to the side. And the cheekiness in his eyes and the smirk on his lips were apparent when he heard the surprised gasped from her. A reaction he always got whenever women laid their eyes on his face.


He ignored her and removed his watch and placed it on a table followed by his shoes and socks and vest.


When he only had his shirt and pants on, he observed her whose shaking could cause her to fall out of bed.


An alluring smile formed on his lips. He liked it that she was trembling before him, especially when he was buried deep inside her, shuddering for more. His cock throbbed in anticipation at the thought.


He motioned for her and commanded, Come here.”


“. . .”


His smile stiffened when she remained stationary on the bed while a frown graced her pretty face.


His brows crumpled. He like that un-submissive, unyielding face, but too much and his patience would scrape thin. He couldnt wait to make her submit, pleading for more between his thighs.

Didnt you hear me? I said. Come. Here.” This time, his tone had an edge to it.


Still, she just stared at him, defiance on her lovely face.


Oh no.


He likes that she was not easily affected by his charms and loves the disobedient game she was playing, but he had to remind her who was the boss in this playing field.


Sweetheart, dont forget you already sold your virginity to me for a day. If Im not satisfied with your performance, I can always ask the management to refund you.”


The seriousness on his face lessened when he saw her finally reacting. He continued, this time, his voice laced in threat.


Twenty million isnt a small amount. I have to have my moneys worth. Choose, come here and fuck me, or get the hell out and fuck those pigs and sadist waiting for you outside.”


Satele gasped, and the sheet on the bed wrinkled with the tightening of her fists.  For a moment, she thought she could breathe easy knowing the one who won her was a handsome man. She was still holding to hope that maybe, there was still humanity left in this world, and he would decide to let her go. But clearly, she was being naïve.


Chewing her lip, she stared up at him. For a second, her breath got stuck in her throat, and her heart lost its rhythm when she was rendered immobile by the unspoken promise of pain and pleasure in his dark onyx eyes.


Confidence in his every move. Decisive with his every word. She thought whatever this man was playing –– he never lost his game.


Propelled with the creeping fear when his face gradually changed to one of impatience, she slowly stood to her feet. She didnt know how she managed walking towards him without stumbling here and there with her shaking legs and all.


But there she was, just inches from him. His musky somewhat cinnamon scent mixed with cigar and sweat filled her nostrils, which for a time –– made her calm down.


Until he reached out and squeezed her chin, raising her head to meet his eyes.


Whats your name?

She frowned, avoiding his gaze. I dont think its necessary to know names,” she snappily answered. Unaware of how his touch made her stomach churned in a delightful way.


Asher raised an eyebrow, a wicked grin on his lips.


Then, Ill call you bitch for the rest of the night.”


“. . .”


Satele inwardly curled her lips, her forehead crumpling while her brain was shouting to smack his face until it bleeds.


The tone of her voice was barely audible as she spoke between her gnashing teeth.



The rest of the chapter is mature content and not free.

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