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Chapter 39

The moment the fog cleared from her brain, Satele found herself in the black street, a street where all shady dealings and black markets ran rampant throughout the night.


If she wanted quick money, this was the right place.


Only, once the adrenaline and insanity disappeared, her knees quake. If not for the images of her mother and brother kept appearing in her head, she had long turned tail and ran away from the place.


She continued walking forward, ignoring all those curious stares she got, particularly everyone around her. She was a new face, and she didnt belong here.  Even so, she continued walking. Her eyes were searching for anything that could help her.


Her stepped halted when big boots and leather shoes barged her way.

Satele frowned, hiding the quivering of her lips and the fear in her eyes when she gazed over and saw two men twice her size. From their rugged faces, stinky alcohol cigarette breaths, and the creepy smile and lustful eyes were enough indications that they were up to no good.


Where are you going, sweetheart?


Dont see you around here before. Are you a student?


They questioned at the same time, and Satele quickly made a sidestep and walked around them, scurrying away in a hurry. However, she found her efforts in vain when the men effortlessly blocked her way once more. And this time, they moved closer towards her.


For a moment, her mind went blank while her body was paralyzed. She glanced at her surroundings only to be reciprocated with avoiding gazes and unsympathetic eyes. Realizing no one was going to help her, her trembling legs took a step back. Though her eyes didnt give anything away, glaring at the two men with threat, hoping they would be intimidated and go away.


Unfortunately, the two responded with a maniacal laugh.


It seems the little girl is lost?


Why dont you let us escort you back home, yeah?


One of them reached out his hairy, stinky muscled arm at her, which caused her brain to be in a frenzied state of panic that she didnt know how to react.




But before the stinky arm had the chance to grab her, a deep gruff voice resounded from behind them.


The two turned, fuming with alcoholic energy to fight.


What did you say, asshole?!


But the barraged of curses and insults didnt continue when the two saw who it was. Their attitude shifted one hundred eighty degrees.


M-Mr.  D!


If Satele didnt encounter the two, she would think that they were not the same men. Their voices turned from one being the kings of the street to a complete kitten mewling for their mother.


She took a glance to know who it was who could scare the two who were like bears in size and was shocked to see it was just a guy probably in his twenties with unusual white hair while tattoos decorated his exposed arms.

Ds face didnt change as he snarled, Scram! Youre blocking the sidewalk!


He didnt have to repeat it twice as the two bears scrambled and disappeared.


Ds piercing scary crimson eyes then caught Sateles, which almost made the latters knees hit the floor. Though he appeared harmless, Satele could feel that the guy was much more dangerous than those two.


Whats a girl doing around these parts? Lost? Dont you know this is the black street that everyone avoided? Are you retarded?


But the moment he spoke, all Satele wanted to do was stuff a cloth in his mouth.


None of your business,” she snappily answered, which caused D to raise a brow.


Lightly shaking his head, D resumed his walk. Whatever, not my problem. Its not like Im the one whos being targeted by the thugs here.”


Fine hairs of her skin rose in chill, and Satele unconsciously shifted her eyes left and right. And like the smoke was clearing in the street, she could now see that she was being watched.




Before she knew it, she chased after D and grabbed his shirt.


Help me.”


D stopped and slowly turned towards her with a why should I kind of face.


Biting her lips, Satele was unable to word out what she wanted to say without feeling humiliated and embarrassed.


D frowned and casually flung her hands away.


Im in a hurry. I dont have time for lost little girls like you. If you dont know the way, then follow me. Ill show you the way out.”


D then resumed walking only to be stopped when he sensed that no one was following him. Turning around, he found the woman in tears.


W-w-what happened?

Despite everyone might say, and despite how scary looking he was, in truth, he was a man who didnt know how to treat a girl –– especially the ones who were crying.


W-W-Why are you crying?! I-I didnt even do anything!


Satele didnt know that her tears were already falling on her cheeks. She wiped it away, but the next second, her cheeks were wet once more.


Looking over at him, she saw the genuine concern on his face, which didnt go so well with his scary appearance, and her tears burst out once more.


She already reached her limit!


D didnt know what to do while glancing left and right, feeling all uneasy when Satele continued to cry. He walked near her and reached out but halted midway. Unsure of what to do.


Nevertheless, when he saw that she was lowering her head, hiding her weak state from the public while those tiny fingers kept wiping her eyes, he couldnt help but reach out and gently patted her head.


H-hey, dont cry . . . Dont cry . . .”


He tried to cooed with no success as she only burst out crying, and this time, her shoulders were shaking. He was at a loss on what to do now and started to panic. He thoughtlessly grabbed her hand and pulled her along.


Dont cry. Here, come on. Come with me.”


Satele didnt react, and D secretly thanked all the Gods he knew when she, at least, started to walk. Letting him pulled her along.

You need two million dollars for your mothers heart operation? D almost spat his beer when he heard a very cliché reason why the girl was sauntering aimlessly in the black street.


They were at the restaurant near the heart of the city, a safer place to be. Much safer than the black street.


Staring at her, who was meek as a newborn kitten, like the world was ending, and she already gave up hope to continue living. He shook his head and asked, By what? Selling yourself?


Satele didnt even have the energy to feel embarrassed nor shame as she nodded. Her head was hanging low while her swollen eyes were droopy. Her fingers held her glass of juice, didnt mind it was turning white, and crinkle from the cold.


Sweeping Satele with one look, D muttered, No offense, but no one would pay that kind of amount on you.”


Satele sighed, sounding depressed by the second.


What choice do I have? I have to get the money as soon as possible.” Her lifeless eyes then stared at D. If you know a loan shark, thats also fine.”


D pressed his lips in a tight line before he spoke out in a disapproving tone.


Forget it. Dont ever think of those loan sharks. Theyre called sharks for a reason. They will eat up your life as payment, even chewing your bones.”


Sighing, Sateles eyes turned red once more, which caused D to panic, and he added.


H-hey! D-dont cry here! It will make me look bad.” Though he already appeared bad enough even without doing anything.


Satele wiped away her tears. Her eyes remained red and swollen.


Im willing to be a slave if it could give my mother another year to live.”


“. . .”


“. . .”

Leaning on his chair, D blow air from his mouth, ruffling his hair. He peeked at Satele first before he hesitantly asked.


Are you a virgin?


Sateles swollen eyes stretched out, peering at D beneath her blurry vision.


D wanted to roll his eyes the moment he saw how Satele was looking at him.


If youre a virgin, then, getting two million is easy.”


Hearing this, Sateles brows furrowed, and the judgment in her eyes deepened while she said, a bit hesitant, Y-yes. Im a . . . virgin. I-If you have the money . . . I-Ill . . .”


Shades of red unusually covered Ds face as he barked out, I-Idiot! Thats not what I meant! I dont even have a million in my account.” Im just a confidante and personal guard.


He fished something inside his wallet and casually flung it towards her.


Grabbing the card, Satele read the only words written on it.


[Underground Auction, Centipede]


Confused, she stared at him.


Gulping down his beer, D casually wiped the spilled from his lips with the pad of his thumb before he answered.


Its the only safe place where illegal dealings happened. All customers are famous tycoons, moguls, politicians even nobilities that even the government and authorities turned a blind eye at this place.  All customers identities are kept hidden, adhering to the strictest confidentiality.  If you want quick money, this place might help you. But of course, it depends . . . on what youre giving in return.”


Sateles throat tightened while her gripped on the card stiffened.


Youre saying . . . I should auction . . . my virginity?


D grinned while something sparkled in his eyes. It was so fast that Satele didnt catch what it was.


Yes. Two million is quite a huge sum of money. But for those men and women hiding in the comfort of their masks, its just a spare in their pockets. However, Centipede takes fifty percent of your auctioned price. But with you selling something precious, two million will be a piece of cake.”


“. . .”


Satele didnt respond. She was already willing to sell her soul to the devil to save her mother. Whats more her useless virginity, which she didnt see any more meaning in reserving for her wedding night for she could no longer be together with the man she loves.


Closing her eyes, she deeply breathed before she stared at those crimson ones.




D grinned.

Inside a grand casino in Blue River, people in red carpet dresses, custom made tailored suits, wearing extravagant designers masks, where gambling, drinking, chatting with everyone while some who were clutching special platinum cards were given special entry down to the lowest floor. A floor where only the elite of the elites could set foot.




In this underground area, more than twenty meters deep from road level, people were dawning on expensive drinks while their perfectly manicured fingers were holding a number.


Asher was sitting on his couch in silence, head prompting against his hand, boredom written all over his face as he watched the happenings in utter indifference.


Remind me, what are we doing here again? he asked, particularly at no one.


A deep gruff voice answered right beside him, Boss, trust me. I think youll love the last item theyre going to action here.”


D grinned mysteriously while Ashers face remained impassive. How rare could it be that such an item would attract his attention, a man who had seen and had it all?


He clicked his tongue in annoyance at the sight of the excited crowds who were like clowns in his eyes when the next auctioned item was introduced. Whats so interesting about a century-old vase? He mused to himself, lazily wiping his eyeballs clean, rolling it against his sockets.


At the side, D wiped away the sweat on his forehead as he loosened the few buttons of his suit. He was, after all, taking a gamble if his boss would take a fancy to that girl. At least, Asher was good looking, and he was confident she wouldnt be used like a plaything if Asher won her. Though he admitted Asher was a brute, especially that mouth of his, he knew he wouldnt hurt a woman without reason.


D sighed. This is all the help I can give you, little girl. The rest is up to you.


Ladies and gentlemen! We have a surprise item for all of you tonight! Our finale for the day! Im sure youre all excited to know what the mystery item we have prepared for you! So without further ado. Everyone, feast your eyes on our highlight for the night!


The curtain rose, and everyones breathe hitched before they murmured in anticipation. Their eyes were glinting in lust and excitement. The last item turned out to be a woman and a young girl at that inside a golden cage with a black collar around her neck, complete with shackled wrist. She was glowing, draped in a creamy, silky dress that hung around her curves while teasingly peaking some skin enough to make one salivate.


The dress and the lighting made her skin pale, almost milky, and blushing while her long silky hair cascaded to her waist, black as night and perfectly straight. Her small pouty red lips were juicy while her eyes were droopy and glazy.


The onlookers couldnt take their gazes away from her! Some were already counting how much money they would spend, didnt care if they overspent just to get her. And adding liquor to their burning desires, the auctioneers next words sent everyone in a frenzy of contained murmurs. Thick familiar air circled the room almost palpable –– lust!


This young girl is at the tender age of eighteen! Pure, healthy, and untamed and definitely a virgin! The bid starts at one million!


Two million!


Two point five!



The bid continued to rise and rise, but D only felt his nerves were twisting by the seconds. His hands on his knees were bouncing up and down as he tapped his foot, glancing every two to three seconds at Asher beside him. However, he couldnt discern what kind of emotions he was making beneath that mask, which hid his features.


Thus far, Asher hadnt the slightest bit move his number. He was still immobile on his seat like he became a statue.


D tightly closed his eyes when he heard that going once, going twice from the auctioneers lips. It was like a hammer pounding against his heart.


Ah . . . Little girl . . . You have shitty luck . . .


The auctioneer brought down his hammer, deciding the final winner.


Twenty million!


The hammer stopped midway at the sudden voice, which reverberated in everyones ears.


D slowly opened one eye and noticed everyone was looking at his direction. For a moment, he didnt know what was going on. He then peered at Asher beside him, who was raising his number, still the epitome of boredom on his chair.


The auctioneer wiped away the bead of sweat on his forehead as he recovered and announced.


Twenty million going once, going twice––!




Sold to number forty-seven!

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