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Chapter 34


The moment Asher returned home, he went to Evangelines unit in high spirits. In his hands were a bunch of brochures of heritage sites, tourist spots, and best places to travel, excited to spend this two-month vacation with his darling Evangeline that he couldnt help but whistle with joy while walking.


Raising his hand, he was ready to press the doorbell but halted when his eyes read the words on that piece of paper plastered on the door.


[Im going out of the country.

Dont look for me]


The moment he finished reading it, he picked his phone from his pocket and dialed Evangelines number. When he heard her phone was ringing, he let out a sigh of relief.

His relief soon turned to a frown when he heard the familiar ringing tone inside her unit. Without a second thought, he typed in the passcode and entered her room.


The first thing he noticed . . . how dark and empty it was. Turning on the lights, those furry, adorable, annoying pets, who raced to his feet were nowhere to be seen.




His phone still on his ear, he walked towards that ringing sound and found the culprit causing the only noise in the quiet room on top of a table.




Letting out an annoyed and frustrated curse, he realized Evangeline purposely left her phone, which meant she didnt want anyone to find nor disturb her.


The way his cousin was acting was not like her at all. It only meant maybe . . . shes with that nerd again!


Asher bolted out of the room, slamming the door shut. He dashed towards the parking lot and rode his bicycle to confront Eric once and for all.


He didnt need to search far though, when he noticed a familiar silhouette at the sidewalk.




The scraping tire against the asphalt road made an ear-piercing sound, yet Asher didnt care. He parked his motorcycle and ran towards Eric in unrestrained anger.




Asher grabbed Erics shoulder, forcefully turning him around to face him. Uncaring at the onlookers, he gripped Erics collar while his other hand clenched in a tight fist. He then brought down his anger, determined to beat the asshole until he could no longer walk.


Ill cut all relations with you.”


His fist halted inches from Erics face, blowing some of his hair from the force.


Gnashing his teeth, Asher gradually let go of Erics collar. He then pushed him away while Eric staggered backward before his feet found its balance.


You! Where did you hide Evangeline?! Where is she, you motherfucker! Asher pointed and cursed. His anger and frustration intensified when Eric only reciprocated him with a blank look. His body was appearing . . . lifeless. Like he was talking to a puppet without its puppeteer.

Asher stomped towards Eric and grabbed his jacket with both hands, not a care if he choked him to death. He brought him closer to his face so he could see the burning desire to murder him in his eyes.


Where did you take her, asshole?! Speak or Ill . . . Ill   . . . Ill tear your clothes apart!


Evangeline only said not to hurt him. Tearing his clothes wouldnt hurt him. It would only embarrass him.


Ashers fury and thoughts got disrupted when he had gotten a look at Eric up-close. No matter how he yelled and shook him, the bastards face didnt move one bit from its death-like state. His eyelids were half-closed while his eyes appeared dull and dead, looking particularly at nothing. His body was limp like he was a corpse!


Though the school held Asher by two years, it didnt mean that he was an idiot. He could tell that the man before him was not in the right state of mind. He could tell that something must have happened, reducing him to this cadaver like state.


Does it have something to do why Evangeline left?


Did Evangeline leave this guy thats why hes so lifeless?


Based from Erics direction, he bet he came from Heavens Tower. At the thought, his anger dispersed almost in an instant. And an indescribable sense of happiness and glee spread across his face. Its about time that Evangeline realized how useless and unworthy this guy is!


Asher released Eric and pushed him aside. This time, Eric didnt have any intention to balance himself as he fell on the pavement, completely unfeeling. Like even if the world exploded, he wouldnt give a damn.


Asher sneered, throwing Eric one contemptuous look before he snorted and left.

Two days passed, and Asher was beginning to lose his sanity, trying his hardest to find Evangelines whereabouts. He even utilized his connections and resources to find the woman to no such luck.


We have checked every surveillance camera in every airport in Burberry, be it domestic or international flights. We have scanned seventy percent of the list of passengers who boarded that time, but still no success,” D reported, his voice coarse and a bit low while the bags in his eyes were sagging.


They had been searing for darling Highness Evangeline for two days nonstop!


Ashers gloomy and haggard face turned even more sinister, and his already puffy bloodshot eyes narrowed, zeroing at those words on the bundle of papers on his hand, afraid he would miss even a single name. His hand then irritably scratched the stubbles, which followed the contours of his jaw.


Dont stop searching! If not that day, then search all the lists these past two days!


D smacked his lips in a thin line. His brain couldnt help but screamed in agony while his body protested in frustration. They already exhausted themselves to the limit having to search the list of thousands and thousands of passengers that single day. Now, they had to search the records of millions of names from the past two days?


It was the time of winter vacation, so the domestic and international flights were swarming with people. Not to mention Evangeline Heart was not a rare name. She had thousands of people with the same name, and they had to crossed check it one by one.


D could only shed invincible tears and scurried out from Ashers study, afraid his boss would have more demands.


When D left, Asher slumped on his chair, massaging his eyes. He tried to ignore the pounding pain from the protruding veins on his forehead.


He checked everything which could give away Evangelines locations. From any signs of her credit cards to every possible surveillance camera in the airport, down to every list of passengers on that day, be it land, sea, or air.


But no sign of the woman whatsoever!

Closing his eyes tight, the veins which hammered against his skin were about to explode while his fists tightened in extreme unwillingness at the thought of his next move.


Swallowing the rock-like lump in his throat, he dialed his older brothers number.


After a while, a playful musical voice resounded at the other end, which made Ashers already gritting teeth almost chopped at the force he exerted.




“. . .”


Asher, whats up? Alvaro urged, trying hard to hide his ecstasy when Asher called him. It was rare––no! Asher never called him except if it was something urgent which not often happen. In fact, he had forgotten the last time Asher called him. Maybe a year ago? Two years ago?


It must be really important.


While Asher, on the other hand, the phone on his ear visibly quaked while the clenching of his fists repeatedly loosened and tightened again and again.


After a moment, Asher breathed to calm himself. Pushing away the annoying feeling he had towards this demon called older brother, he said, hesitation in his voice.


Evangeline . . . she . . . she disappeared . . .”


“. . .”


“. . .”


What? The playfulness in Alvaros tone vanished, replaced by threat and warning. If this was a prank to get back at him, he was not amused.


Breathing deeply, Asher explained the situation.


“. . .”


“. . .”


After almost like an eternity of silence, Alvaro replied a simple, mmm… of understanding, which made Ashers blood rush in his head all at once. His vision turned black for a moment. Only an invincible thin line held all his reason, and he was so close to smashing his phone.


On the other line, bathing at his brothers agony, Alvaro unhurriedly said, I got it. Ill help search for Evangelines whereabouts. Ill call you if I found something.”


Only did clarity returned in Ashers eyes, and he ended the call. He contemplated whether to tell this to his father and grandfather and dissolved the idea in an instant. He decided to hide it for things would be more complicated if his entire family was involved.


And besides, Evangeline left a note which he verified to be one hundred percent her penmanship and signature, as well as, the customize ink used was hers. At least the thought that she was safe made him at ease.


He decided to call Alexis instead. Though that younger brother of his was lost in the head, appearing unreliable, when it came to computers and gathering information, he was the best among the best he knew.


*sigh . . .


Guess its time for me to take a trip back home.

At the Coles mansion in BlackPine.


Álvaro was juggling between calling on his phone and reading the papers on his table while typing something on his laptop. This was his typical state every time he sat and did business in his office and at home. Multitasking was not a problem for him, for he was doing it since young.


Chuckling, he continued to watch the video footage of the international airport, which Asher emailed him while also looking at the lists of women who were suspected to be Evangeline. Many had their faces and body covered, and Evangelines name didnt appear on the lists of the immigration bureau.


It could only mean that she was still in Burberry . . . , or . . .


Alvaro typed Evangeline Krisnov instead of Heart, and a single name appeared on the screen.


Smirking, he scanned Evangelines photo, and it matched the one the immigration had.


Ahh . . . Asher . . . where did your brain go to? You should have scanned her picture from the start and hack the immigration to match the photo.


In truth, Asher didnt think of it at all! Due to the traffic jam of emotions he was feeling, his brain was affected by pollutions caused by his emotions. And when he saw the name, Evangeline Heart didnt appear on the list of passengers, his already muddled head panic.


Never in the life of Asher would he thought that Evangeline would use her fathers name. In fact, Evangeline detested ever mentioning the name Krisnov.’


She must have not wanted anyone to find her.


Alvaros shoulders shook in constrained tremors when he saw where Evangeline landed.


Ah . . . little girl . . . do you think this kind of tricks will work on me?


He then dialed a number.


I want you to do something for me. Mmm . . . its quite important actually . . . I want it as soonest possible . . . Money is not a problem. You know me . . .”

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