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Chapter 29


The clock ticked fast as the shoot progress while the producer excused himself that he had a meeting to attend, leaving Evangeline to herself, sitting at the side.


Making herself comfortable, Evangeline took a sip from her cup of tea. Though she appeared bored and uncaring at the happenings around her, her eyes, however, constantly followed Eric, who was, in turn, busy at getting things here and there.


Her attention was then piqued when she heard trouble.

What do you mean, Johnson couldnt make it? The director asked irritably.


Mr. Johnsons manager said he had an accident and wanted to postpone his part until he gets better.”


The directors face turned red from constrained anger. True that the mans part wasnt important as he was but a passing character, not even worth mentioning. But even if he was a passing character, as long as he didnt show up, especially that the entire scene was already set for his role, the whole schedule would change! They had to set up this specific scene once more, which would take an entire half a day to arrange. Not to mention that they would also lose money and time for they were shooting in a hot spring resort at the northern parts of Burberry for the scene.


All the scenes which needed this backdrop should be shot today! He couldnt afford to travel and rent and waste time to set up everything once more for a scene that didnt even last five minutes long.


Change the actor!


At the declaration of this, all the staff froze, yet not entirely surprise.


Then the director added, His role wasnt important, to begin with. Lets use someone around here.” Looking at everyone, he announced, Lets take a thirty-minute break.”


The director then walked towards the person who was in charge of the actors. Find me a replacement before the break is over.”


After he said that, he zoomed to his private room, slamming the door shut, leaving the person in charge of the actors behind, who was grabbing her hair in frustration. Where the hell will I find an actor in this short of time?!


The scene this time was in a hot spring when Reisha was taking a bath. Due to the scheming nobles who wanted her dead so their daughters could have the title of the main wife, they secretly smuggled inside a man –– trying to frame her of having an affair.


Finding a guy to take up the role of the smuggled man was easy. However, finding a man who was handsome and had a body loved by women was incredibly hard!


Ah . . . Why does the smuggled man have to be handsome and sexy? Where will I find that kind of man in thirty minutes? The staff thought, on the verge of crying while running all over the place as she shouted at her subordinates to search.

At the side, Evangelines smile crook upwards, enjoying the troubled looks on everyones faces.


While she was lost in her enjoyment, on the other part of the set, the stylist, Rise, who was responsible for Johnsons costumes and makeup, heard about the problem.


She got out of the room reserved for Johnson, who didnt show up and walked around to help search for a substitute.


Then her eyes sparkled when she saw the back of a man.


As the stylist for the smuggled man, she was knowledgeable than anyone of what type of man fitted the role. She read the script and put into heart the designs for each character, no matter how important nor small.


At this moment, no one could be more perfect than the man before her eyes.


Though the guy was wearing a simple long sleeve shirt and pants, she could tell from his build and posture and from those subtle muscles which formed whenever his shirt got stuck to his body that he was beyond perfect for the role!


Only, she was disappointed when he turned, and her godly image of him shattered before her eyes.


Dark, messy hair and glasses with weak countenance and aura.


Sighing, Rise halted her advance towards him. And as she was about to turn and search again, she found that her eyes kept locking on that nerdy man.


Her eyes never failed her before. Taking a closer look the second time around, she found that his features were . . . not bad . . .


She contemplated. Makeup could change everything! Nodding to herself, she approached him.


Hey, want to star in the movie?

Eric, who was minding his own business of cleaning the things Angel used, halted and turned behind him. He saw a short, skinny woman, whose face was adorned with freckles while her messy red curly hair was lazily tied behind her back.


Excuse me? Eric blinked. He wasnt sure if what he heard was correct.


Rise smiles widened when she noticed that Eric had an unbelievably rare color of eyes.


I said, do you want to star in a movie or want to earn extra cash? Or simply want a moment of fame?


Erics completely immovable dense brows twitched while he answered, No.” Then he resumed his work.


Only, Rise kept pestering him until Angel personally interfered.


Angel wanted to make Evangeline jealous, so she searched for Eric only to find him stuck at the corner.


Eric,” she called, smiling at Rise. And you are, Miss Rise? Is there a problem with my assistant?


Rise was startled when Angel popped out from nowhere. But being a professional who saw many celebrities, she naturally answered, not a bit bothered by the womans beautiful face, Johnson couldnt make it, so the director wanted to search for a substitute. I think this man here would do a great job.”


Angels brow, which was in a perfect arc, gradually rose, yet her friendly smile remained. Really? And she sized Eric up and down.


Then an idea popped inside her head. The scene would be shot in a hot spring where she was naked (though she still has her underwear on), and the smuggled man would also have nothing on but a piece of towel covering his private part. Though there wouldnt be much physical touching involve, the idea of Eric being with her inside the hot spring would surely make Evangelines perfect hair thin out from anger.


At the thought, she cooed, urging Eric to take the job. Eric, I think what Rise said is true. Furthermore, youll earn extra cash with a simple two-minute scene with me.”


Eric, who was disinterested, was still disinterested as he replied, Im not interested. Im sorry. You should look for someone else.”


Rise didnt give up and argued some more, Eric, you dont have to worry about a thing! All you have to do is appear at the scene and then go inside the hot spring when Angel is bathing and attack her! Its very simple! You dont even have to say any lines at all!


Eric, who was disinterested, had now ironed himself to absolutely wouldnt do it. Sorry, I still dont want to do it,” he patiently said once more.


But his protest progressively died down when he heard the womens next words.

Angel had a frown on her lovely face while a troubled-looking smile graced her lips. Eric, please . . . if we dont find anyone to replace Johnson, Im afraid the whole schedule will be affected.”


Nodding, Rise chimed in, Im afraid the director will use our one week break to compensate for the lost time.”


While Angel changed her face in a coquettishly, pleading look. Her eyes a bit misty and rounded and soft while her moist pouty lips quivered in adorable movement. Her tone, pleading, and pleasing. Please, Eric . . . do this for the team . . . for me . . . I promise if you do it, Ill do whatever you ask of me.”


Rise nodded her head like a chicken picking grains but halted upon hearing Angels words. She snapped her head towards her, unable to believe what she heard. If she didnt know the woman, she would think that she was seducing Eric.


The moment Rise said about their one-week break was likely going to be used to compensate for the delay, Erics brows, which were immovable, were now in one line. He had reserved plans for that date for that date was important to him. His mind was overthinking about this dilemma and didnt hear what Angel said next. He nodded his head in time that Angel finished her words.


Alright, Ill do it.”


Bouncing, Rise clapped her hands in eagerness before dragging Eric towards a room to get him ready while Angel was feeling proud, smirking inside. Just as I thought . . . all men are the same.


Just a little pleading from her, and they would do everything she asked without question. Eric was the same as all of them. No men could escape her charms and allure.


Turning to Evangeline, who was sitting comfortably at the side, a triumphant smile appeared on her face.


Evangeline Heart, lets see what youll do the moment you realized that Eric had already fallen for me. Yet again, I stole something from you, and you cant even do anything about it.

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