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Chapter 28


Reishas production crew were buzzing in gossips so early in the morning as they go and about setting up for the set.


I heard there is a new investor for the movie.”


Yeah, the director was ecstatic! I heard this person invested a whopping twenty million for the show!


I guess well be eating hot pot for dinner tonight! Ehehehe!


Yet, I dont get it. This person is strange. I heard from the assistant director that she wanted a role in the movie.”




Yeah, and its a very minor role. I dont think its even a role as the characters screen time didnt even reach a minute.”


Huh? Why asked a role like that?


I dont know. Thats why I said it was strange.”





Amidst the gossiping crowds, inside Angel Lins private room, the stylist and the makeup artist were preparing her for the shoot while Eric was busy getting the starlets things ready.


Eric, have you receive my message? Angel asked while the makeup artist put foundation on her face.


Eric stopped what he was doing and turned to Angel. Respectfully bowing, he replied, Im sorry, Miss Lin. I lost the phone.  Please deduct it from my pay.”


Angle beamed and answered, Its fine. If you lost it, its lost. Well get you a new one.”


Erics brows briefly twitched. He remained bowing before straitening his back and answered a simple, Thank you.”


The manager at the side who was busy calling on her phone and Fey, the personal assistant and all other people inside the room paused for a moment. It was rare that Angel would show interest in one of her crew. Usually, she was very fair and treated everyone equally with no favoritism.


They simply dismissed it, for they known beforehand that Eric studied at the same school as Angel. Maybe that was why she was extra nice to him, even to the extent of personally texting him.


Some were jealous at the preferential treatment while some were praising Angel Lin for being down to earth and humble and understanding and kind and all other praises they could think of. Their Goddess truly is an Angel!


While everyone was busy with their thoughts, they heard the directors voice resounded in all parts of the set in time for Angel and all the actors finished preparing, and got out of their designated rooms.


Everyone, please huddle up! The director announced full of smiles with the producer by his side.


Everyone gathered, their faces held shining curiosity.


The producer cleared his throat and said, Im happy to introduce all of you to one of our new investors today. She will be gracing us with her presence in this days shoot.”


Low murmurs resounded while everybody discussed that the new investor was a she. But before they could carry on with their favorite past time of daily gossip, they heard the producer mentioned the womans name.


Everyone, meet Miss Evangeline Heart. I hope that everyone will treat her as one of our family from this day and onwards.”


The crowds low murmurs hushed when their throat itched. Their eyes rolled up and down with mouth gaping when they saw the woman who walked in as the crowd unconsciously parted to make way for her.

She was tall, in fact, the same height as Angel or much more, which already distinguished her apart from the rest. What was more, no one could take their eyes away from her as she excluded an air which was very different from the rest. An elegant air which made one revere her, and at the same time, fierce and cold, which made one intimidated from just looking at her –– which was an odd combination.


She was wearing a long-sleeve above the knee pencil cut dress, lined and decorated with elaborate embroidery, highlighting her plump, bouncing breasts, dainty waist, and those voluptuous hips and ridiculously long slender legs. Her long wavy lavender hair was braided simply, resting at one side of her shoulder while some of her gorgeous hair was freely falling, framing her beautiful face

The onlookers mouth watered, dripping on the side of their lips. Their heart was beating more than usual.


The woman was utterly drop-dead gorgeous!


At the side, Eric was absolutely stunned. His mind couldnt handle the sudden appearance of Evangeline. He tightly closed his eyes, feeling something terrible was going to happen.


While Angel was secretly rejoicing when she finally made Evangeline react to her after so many years of trying.


Amidst every thought battling in the air, Evangeline remained calm and poised while her arrogant and haughty smile stayed plastered on her lips.


The director clapped his hands and shouted, Alright, everyone! Back to work! He then smiled at Evangeline and said with utter respect, Miss Heart, this way, please. Ill introduce you to the cast.”


Evangeline nodded, and they walked towards the line of actors and actresses at the side while the onlookers dispersed and got back to their work in silence. Though their eyes occasionally flew towards those unbelievable lines of gorgeous men and women.


One by one, the director introduced the line of casts to Evangeline while the latter resisted the urge to yawn out of boredom, still keeping her haughty facade. She didnt even once look at Eric even though she was drowning in the urge to do so.


Beside Evangeline, the director could tell that she was getting impatient, and he hurriedly introduced everyone until he arrived at the main actors.


Miss Heart, Mr. Aldrick Loire is not here at the moment. He will be here later in the afternoon. Meanwhile, I would like to introduce you to our main female lead, Miss Angel Lin, portraying as Reisha.”


Evangelines uncaring eyes narrowed, and her smile turned into a smirk while Angels eyes glint a shade darker before completely turning friendly, harboring a gentle smile.


Not hiding her antagonistic vibe, Evangeline sized Angel up and down. Director, I thought Reisha is supposed to be a naïve, innocent, and pure lady. I think Miss Lins scheming and two face nature isnt ideal for the main character at all.”


. . .


. . .

Lowering his head, Eric held his forehead while all others, who heard Evangelines comment, dropped their jaws in disbelief.


The director and producer wiped away the sweat which appeared on their faces. For a moment, the director didnt know how to answer. He was put in a tight spot. His answer would determine his fate. He was no stranger to the relationship between Evangeline Krisnov –– now, Evangeline Heart and Angel Lin. It was no secret. Should he agree to the comment or not? Or remain neutral in this?


Evangeline Heart invested twenty million while the other side had a powerful backing and favored woman of Aldrick Loire, who owned ten percent share of Sparkle entertainment.


However, his hesitation disappeared the moment Angel shot him a glance. What was there to hesitate? Angel Lin had Robert Krisnov and Aldrick Loire on her side while Evangeline Heart was a discarded daughter. And besides, Reisha didnt run out of investors anyway.


Both the director and producer thought this way. Thus, the producer didnt say anything when the director took Angel Lins side. Miss Heart, Miss Lin may appear straightforward and headstrong, but I assure you, no one in this industry can portray Reisha better than she can.”


Is that so? Evangeline smiled, yet her pupils constricted, causing the directors legs to shake.


Angel secretly held a triumphant smile when her eyes met Evangelines while the producer clapped his hands to break the tense, awkward atmosphere.


Miss Heart, why dont we sit right there as we watch the shoot? Im sure you will feel at ease when you see Miss Lin act in front of the camera.”


The corner of Evangelines mouth twitched in a mocking smirk. Oh, Im sure. After all, Miss Lin really knows how to act.”


It appeared like she was complementing Angel Lin. Yet, everyone could hear that Evangeline was mocking their goddess, and this caused the onlookers reverence and admiration for her to gear backward as they secretly began to condemn her.


Angel was rejoicing at the sudden turn of events. Evangeline, this is my turf. Lets see if you can still act all arrogant and haughty here.


Eventually, Evangeline was guided towards the side. Sitting comfortably on a couch, her eyes, from time to time, ran towards the man who was so busy avoiding any eye contact with her, which made her mood worsened.

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