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Chapter 27


The invincible, almost palpable culmination of excitement coming from the students was apparent as the last ring of the bell, signaling for the end of class and the start of the long two-month winter vacation, almost blew the roof of Unmei Academys school grounds.

Though some were not excited and dreaded the approaching long vacation like for the woman who was sitting beside Daniel.

Sisley controlled the contortion of her face as not to look so disappointed and heartbroken. Daniels flight to Everland was this exact day. Not a tomorrow, not a later, but this exact time that the school had ended, leaving no room for them to bond before he leaves.

In the past few days, the overloads of projects and exams kept both of them busy. Her only motivation was after all the exam was over, she had some days left to spent with him before he flew to his country. Only to be devastated by the news that he would be leaving right now –– as in –– right now!

Daniel stood from his desk, followed by Sisley and Max. Sisley and Max agreed to send Daniel off from the Richardsons private airport. Daniel even had all his things ready and was just waiting for him inside his plane. Leaving Sisley no room even to help him pack his clothes like any girlfriend would do.

Lets go.” Daniel smiled at the two before his eyes traveled towards Evangelines direction. He hesitated a little before completely walking out of the room. He would only cause her unnecessary trouble if he said goodbye to her. He would do it in secret later when he boarded his plane.

Daniel was busy with all his thoughts about going back to his country that he didnt notice Sisleys face darkened. She shot Evangeline a glare before all of them left the classroom.

Meanwhile, Evangeline ignored her surroundings as she focused all her attention on Eric, who was busy cleaning his things from his desk.

What will you be doing this long vacation, Eric? she started, a small smile on her lips while Eric was all poker face when he replied.


Evangeline didnt mind the short reply as she made herself comfortable on her seat. Turning her body sideward, she propped her tilted head against her hand that was resting on the backrest of her soft leather fur chair.

I have a villa at Lake waters Town. I heard the frozen lake is a popular attraction during Christmas. Or, hot springs in Hokkaido while eating crabs and lobsters is also nice. Though I wanted to see winter in Frizkiel and soaked in its natural made springs. If you want, you can come with me, all expenses paid. Whatd you say, Eri––


Evangelines speech was interrupted when a ringing sound irritated her ears. And her eyes and brain refused to believe that Eric was fishing an actual phone inside his pocket and actually answered it.

Yes, Ill be there. Alright, goodbye.” Eric then pocketed the phone and resumed cleaning his desk without a care –– trying to ignore the woman in front of him with no such luck.

You . . . you have a phone? Evangeline smiled, yet her smile was stiff while the edge of her tone was accusing.

Eric briefly paused and continued what he was doing as he answered a simple, Yes.”

Evangelines stiff smile turned awkward while she pretended to appear nonchalant about it. Thats perfect! Ill let you have my number then.”

At the side, some students had long been gaping stunned at the scene playing in front of their very own eyes while some even stayed and wanted to see what Evangeline was up to.

Briefly glancing at Evangeline, Eric fished for his phone and placed it on the table and said, Okay.”

“. . .”

Evangelines temper was flaring, but she held herself back eventually. She didnt want to get angry at Eric for a very trivial matter.


She grabbed the phone on the table like it was a chore, and personally saved her number, which caused the students jaw to drop while they gaped at the world-changing event before them.


However, what they saw next shock them speechless, and they completely blanked out.


Evangeline, who was casually saving her number, received a message from the phone she was holding.


[Hows the phone I gave you, Eric?]


Evangelines eyes constricted. Her breathing turned labored at the sight of the name on the screen.


Angel Lin!


Evangelines mind completely turned pitch black, feeling her surroundings blurred, and everything moved in dizzying motion. And before she knew it, her hand threw the phone outside the window towards oblivion.


. . .


. . .


Couldnt react, Eric gaped at Evangeline, stunned. Disbelief was written all over his face.


Yet Evangeline, after recovering from her rage, just sweetly smiled and casually said with a hint of mockery.


Sorry, my hand slip. Ill buy you a new one, Eric. The latest model. You dont need that cheap product.”


Erics face faintly darkened, and he tried to blink away the surging irritation he felt. Though his patience was enormous towards Evangeline, this time, however, he could not tolerate her rude behavior.


He cleaned his things in a hurry, placed everything inside his backpack, and stormed out of the room without looking back.


. . .


. . .


Evangelines sharp and fierce eyes gradually moistened. She blinked it away while her anger and fury disappeared like a fire doused with freezing water. Even so, her posture remained unbending and proud. She casually picked her designer handbag and sashayed out of the room, leaving her classmates behind who still couldnt react to what happened.


And before the vacation starts, another rumor began to circulate.


Eric Phelps also reached her limit with Evangeline Heart. Walked out from the unreasonable woman who threw his phone without any reason.


While everyone was busy gossiping and chatting and sharing the news, a lone girl at the side was secretly texting someone on her phone.


[Ms. Lin, the two had left.

Eric was mad when Evangeline

throw his phone away]

In the performing arts building, Angels eyes shone as she read the message on her phone. Her lips quivered in a delightful smirk.


Finally, she had something which could make Evangeline squirmed like crazy!


Her smile rose while her eyes glint in devious thoughts. If she could have Eric fall for her, how devastating and jealous would Evangeline be?


Angel couldnt resist a giggle as she fantasized about Evangelines defeated expression.

Daniel, Max, and Sisley were silent the whole ride going to the Richardsons private airport. Jen wasnt with them since she was not particularly close with Daniel and that she excused herself as she had something to do.


They were currently taking Maxs car while Daniel sat at the co-pilot seat, and Sisley was sitting at the back.


Max could feel something was not right between the two. Though he was secretly rejoicing of that fact, he remained silent. Occasionally chatting with the two about random things until they reached the airport.


At the departure area, Max said a few words with Daniel and left the couple to themselves, contented to stand at the side. Pretending he was checking out the place, being careful not to see even a glimpse of the love Sisley was portraying towards the man.


When the two of them were left alone, Sisley flew towards Daniel and hugged her boyfriend in a tight embrace, which Daniel didnt reciprocate much to her dismay.

On the other hand, Daniel was a little lost on what to do. He was having conflicting thoughts at the moment. His hands were clenching and unclenching, raising and falling, wanting to hug her so badly.


However . . . he already made a choice. And that choice didnt include her.


Restraining the urge to embrace her, his hand rested inside his pocket while his other lightly patted her head.


Dont cry . . . its not like we wont see each other again,” he cooed.


His heart couldnt take the agony anymore when he heard her repressed sobs. The palm inside his pocket burned from his fists, scraping his skin from the force he exerted.


Fortunately, after a while, he breathed a sigh of relief when she gradually let him go. But his eyes narrowed when he saw her face –– feeling like barb wires were gripping his heart. The air he breathed turned icy and rigid, piercing his throat, unable to breathe.


Still, he remained emotionless while her puffy red eyes and flushed face kept dominating his view. He had to constantly remind himself it was for her own good. That he was not allowed to show any signs of emotions nor love because, in the end, it was she who would suffer. If he acted cold and indifferent towards her, maybe she would fall out of love, and it would be the best outcome.


However, the question was, will Sisley ever fall out of love for him?


It was tough to act indifferent and cold towards her, especially every time he saw her innocent, pure, and naive face. Guilt consumed him that he unconsciously forgot he should be cold towards her.


When he could no longer breathe, he pretended to clear his throat and slowly released himself from her embrace and walked a few steps to put distance between them. He shifted his gaze when her lips quivered, holding back another sob while the tears in her eyes fell from her cheeks.


Damn it!


Forcing a smile, he said his goodbyes. Wanting to quickly get away from the scene for he was afraid he couldnt control himself any longer and would embrace her tightly and kiss her senseless.


Ill call you.”


Was all he could manage before picking his bag and walked towards the gate, boarding his plane back home.

While everyone was busy with goodbyes and well wishes and greetings, Jen was waiting at Fate Academys gate per usual. This time, her luck had not completely dried out as heaven finally granted her wish of meeting the man who remained elusive to her throughout the years.


Only, instead of approaching him, she found herself daydreaming about him while watching him in a daze.


That flawless bronze skin and eyes which were black as night and sparkled like onyx, urging her to conquer the person within.


She watched him interact with his fellow males. There was something of a warrior in him combined with that ragged intimidating looks, which made her heart reached out to him. He rode his bike and casually started the engine, his actions every bit male and oozing with masculinity.


She bit her lip. How could she start a conversation if he didnt even know her?


At that instant, he turned and caught her eyes. And before she could shift her gaze and pretend to act arrogant, a genuine grin spread across his face, transforming his looks from handsome to divine.


In that instant, heat spread across her body like wildfire. She was thankful that she didnt give up on him.


This was a person she wanted to know and conquer more than she ever did before.


This was a guy who could match her. A guy she could give her heart into loving.


Feeling the boost of confidence from his grin, she smiled and walked towards him.


Only to be stopped when she almost stumbled from the sudden gust of wind that zoomed past her. Frowning, she readied herself to berate the brute only to be left stunned when that brute with unusual long white hair went to Asher, and they began to greet each other with their brotherly code.


Gradually, red, which the color of embarrassment, crept on her face when she realized that Ashers grin wasnt for her but for that newly arrived man with white hair.


Puffing her cheeks, she stormed towards them. This time, she would have him crawling before her feet, asking for her heart!

Only, lady luck was indeed a tease as before she could take a single step, Asher already zoomed passed her, riding his Bentley-bad-boy-motorcycle followed by his entourage.



Jen shouted, but only the smoke from the motorcycle and clouds of dusts returned her call.

Asher didnt even turn around nor pause even for a second as the road continuously vibrated from the sound of their engines.

Stomping her heels in frustration, Jen could only whimper and cry in helplessness.

She waited for an hour for him. Swallowing her pride every time to meet him. And yet, even until months of trying, Asher still didnt know she existed!

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