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Chapter 26


Do you think Im stupid? Or that Im trying to suck up to the production crew or wanted to boost to my fans how natural I am by refusing the help of CGI?


Eric was surprised when Angels low and mellow voice resounded in his ear. Looking left and right, he found the trailer was oddly empty, and he and Angel were the only people left inside.


He didnt answer, unsure if he was the one she was talking to while he continued to get the things ready, which Fey asked of him.


But when she stared at him, eyes waiting for his reply while a smile never left her flawless face –– he paused.


Clearing his throat, he answered, Everyone is different. If you think going out there is what you want, then go for it.”


Angel chuckled. Youre not one for comfort, Eric.” Her eyes then softened while her face turned mellow and sad. Evangeline and I hadnt been on good terms. I hope it doesnt affect the way you treat me because of your friendship with her.”


Eric replied almost in an instant with a face remaining the same, stoic as ever, My personal life and work are separate matters. Rest assured, Miss Lin. Ill work my fullest according to the contract.”


Angel beamed. Just Angel, Eric. Miss Lin is too formal. After all, we are going to be working with each other for years to come, right?


Erics tranquil and unperturbed eyes emitted ripples, yet he remained tight lip and gave out a single nod as an acknowledgment before he resumed his work.

The photoshoot was going smoothly contrary to everyones expectations since the weather was freezing to the point they wore layers and layers of clothing to battle against the cold except for one person who was posing nonstop despite the frigid, chilling wind.


As the photoshoot progressed, as everyone anticipated, they had to take regular breaks in between since even Angel Lin couldnt take the prolonged exposure under the freezing climate –– barefooted!


Inside Angel Lins trailer, the woman who was like a Goddess was having her make up retouch. But even the cakey layers of foundation, blush­-on, and lipstick couldnt hide her pale face and purple lips from the effects of prolonged exposure to the cold.


She was resting on her chair covered in thick layers of comforters while heat packs steadily warmed her fingers. Her foot was soaked in hot water, whereas everyone around her was going to and fro in a panic to get Angel as comfortable and warm as much as possible.


As expected, Angel was shaking to the bones the moment she stepped foot inside her trailer. Fortunately, one more shoot, and it would be all over. Whereas, her manager and personal assistant at the side kept nagging at her.


This is why I told you not to go out there and just use an effect. But no, you prefer harming your body like this! If you got hospitalized because of this, the president would kill me! Not to mention your fans, what about Aldrick? What will he say when he got hold of this? Im the one wholl suffer from his wrath.”


Angel still managed a giggle even though her teeth were shattering, forcing out the letters with difficulty. J-J-J-J-Just . . . d-d-dont get me h-h-hospitalized then . . .”


Huh! Easy for you to say! Look at you now. Youre like a person with epilepsy! Ah! Why dont you ever listen to me?!

At the side, Eric was concentrating at massaging Angels foot in the warm water to get her blood circulating. It was not easy, though. He had to avoid some peeled and cracked skin on her sole. His brows furrowed at the sight of the bleeding cracks against the pale contrast of her smooth white skin.


H-h-how bad is it? Angel asked after a moment, which caused the people inside the trailer to froze.


Eric ignored all the looks thrown at him while he inspected Angels foot. And before he could open his mouth to reply, Angels manager beat him to it.


Oh, my God! Your skin is peeling! Your sole is bleeding!


At the screeching voice of the manager, everyone started to panic. They knew what the consequences if even a hair was damage on Angel Lin. Not to mention the president, Aldrick Loire alone, who owned ten percent of Sparkle Entertainment, was enough to deal with them.


E-e-everyone, c-calm down.” Angel smiled reassuringly at her crew, which made them somewhat comforted.


Glancing at Eric, she said, P-put medicine on the wound and p-patched it up. B-be careful not to let the bandages interfere with the s-shoot.”


At the mention of this, Angels manager roared and began a nagging fit while Eric couldnt help but gaze over at Angel from his kneeling position. Angel Lin was nothing more than an employer to him, but he was still a human who felt sympathy for her, who was so dedicated towards her work even at the expense of her body.


However, any voice of protest was swallowed back when he saw her smiling, determination in her eyes. He quietly did what she instructed in time for the start of the last shoot.

Angel, why are you doing this to yourself? I think it is already enough that youre willing to take this project without using special effects. Ill talk with VY magazine and ask––! The manager swallowed her words when Angel shot her a glance.


Standing up, Angel walked towards the exit. Looking at every person, she smiled, emanating confidence and pride which bewitched every people present.


Everyone, Im sorry for the trouble and thank you for the hard work. Its only one more shoot. Dont worry. I got this . . . ,” she removed the comforter from her body, and beamed a confident smile, “. . . because Im a professional.”


She then stormed out of the trailer, not the slightest bit of her previous shivering self was seen as she swayed towards the set like she was not walking on ice but the red carpet. Her whole body radiated with intensity and confidence that everyones eyes were glued to her every movement, unable to look away.


What a charismatic person!


Erics eyes glint with blooming admiration as he watched Angel braved the freezing snow and deadly frozen lake to achieve what she wanted to accomplish while the people around him revered her.


In their eyes, Angel already turned into something else entirely. Some even had tears while some couldnt stop themselves to venerate the woman completely. Angel Lin really deserves her throne. She deserves every bit of success she had now. No one could say otherwise as they saw with their own eyes throughout the years how Angel Lin was towards her work.


While everyone was still in their thoughts, eyes glued on the mesmerizing woman, the photoshoot finally ended. Only now that everyone came back to their senses when the famous photographer of VY shouted.


Alright! Everyone, thank you for the hard work! Its a wrap!


At once, Angels manager and Fey ran towards her direction, comforter, and heat packs in hand.


Eric was surprised too when he found himself running to Angel, holding a warm towel and hot water.

Inside the trailer, everyone was getting ready to go home while Eric was still busy massaging Angels fingers after he finished with her foot.


Fortunately, the photoshoot ended without many retakes, and the wounds on her sole werent bad to the point that they needed to go to the hospital.


Mmnn . . .”


Angel hummed a relaxed tone while sipping her ginger tea, feeling comfortable as she savored the soft, pleasant massages from Erics fingers. This was supposed to be done by her personal assistant, Fey, but she purposely assigned another task to her, secretly forcing Eric to massage her limbs which the crew didnt give it much thought as the nerdy man appeared harmless enough and . . . not much could be said about him except that he was not worth a second glance.


Angel was about to say some words, but it got stuck in her throat when her eyes peered at Eric, who was kneeling at her side, massaging her fingers. She didnt expect that he had such long and thick lashes. It was unnoticeable in front view, but in side view, she could see those thick, dense lashes and those eyes . . .




Before she knew it, she found herself hypnotized at staring at those rare and tantalizing silver irises, not noticing Eric had already stopped massaging her fingers. When their eyes met, she restrained a gasp when she was caught off guard by his deep, silvery pupils that were staring straight at her. Serious and intense that all the cold left her body. And now, she was feeling kind of stuffy and . . . hot.


Whats wrong?

Eric asked with his usual voice, yet Angel didnt know why her heart was beating more than usual at the sound of his soothing voice.


She only noticed now that Eric, though appearing nerdy, had a manly voice. Deep, a little gruff but very clear and soothing to the ears. Like the sound of ancient cello played in a full moon night.


Angel blinked and smiled. Her face was a bit flushed as she cleared her throat and changed the subject.


By the way, Eric. I had this prepared for you.” She didnt know why, but she found her voice sounding a bit coquettishly, which was weird since she only used that kind of tone to those men who were useful to her.


Eric stood and received the paper bag which Fey handed to him. A bit hesitant, he asked, Whats this?


Smiling, Angel answered, Its a phone. Everybodys number is already saved there. Its necessary for communication as my schedule varies from time to time. Oh, and before we forget, kindly give your class schedule to Fey here since sometimes we have a shoot during weekdays as well.”


After Angel answered, she didnt bother with Eric anymore as he and Fey immersed themselves in talking about her schedule.


Gently blowing the steam from her cup, she took a sip, and without knowing, her eyes landed on Erics face from time to time. Wanting to see those silver irises once more.

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